I have good evidence that Cenk Uygur has to publicly deny the Armenian genocide.

I finally found some good  evidence showing that someone like Cenk Uygur cannot publicly say the Armenian genocide happened. Professor Halil Berktay of Istanbul’s Sabanci University has said  that there was an Armenian genocide. He’s gone through a lot for saying it. This article online on the website Asbarez dated August 30, 2016 titled, “After Coup Attempt, Turkish Scholar Boldly Speak on Armenian genocide”:  http://asbarez.com/154471/after-coup-attempt-turkish-scholar-boldly-speaks-on-armenian-genocide/   Here’s part of the article: “Berktay, a liberal Turkish scholar, told El Pais that he has repeatedly recognized the Armenian Genocide ever since 2002. He described the genocide as “the near-complete extermination and annihilation of Ottoman Armenians.” acknowledged that for his honest views on the Armenian Genocide, “especially before 2002, and even afterwards (though no longer by the government), there has been a huge amount  of informal, extra-legal pressure, blackmail, threats or other forms of psychological terror brought to bear on people like me, which I and others have all had to face.” I wish he went into more details about what he has gone through.


I needed to see this  evidence, which I found on Google(FINALLY). Now I see that that Young Turks employee back in October on Twitter  was on the level with me. He’s the one who told that Cenk would be banned from entering Turkey if he said the Armenian genocide happened or if he was allowed into Turkey then the Turkish govt would have him arrested on a bullshit  charge(Cenk is technically still a citizen of Turkey). Erdogan has thrown fits  with many people  in the media/reporters in many countries for offending him and him saying they were lying or whatever. HE would go crazy on Cenk if Cenk said the Armenian genocide happened. HE would definitely throw a public fit about it. The  Turkish government has been harsh on their own journalists and someone told me that the journalists who have been arrested said things far more tame than saying the Armenian genocide happened. The TYT employee or the TYT fan on Twitter also  told me back at that time in October on a Twitter thread that Cenk’s family in Turkey would be harassed if Cenk said the Armenian genocide happened. Another separate TYT employee said on another social media site in private that Cenk’s family would get hurt if Cenk said the Armenian genocide happened ( I think he meant his family in Turkey). I’m sure these people who would hurt or harass Cenk’s family must be Turkish nationalists. So Cenk is really in a bind and he has to keep his mouth shut if he truly does believe the Armenian genocide happened.


I  guess it’s possible that Cenk doesn’t believe the Armenian genocide happened. Yet he could never say it happened anyways. I think people just have to give this guy a break due to these circumstances. No one would  want Cenk to go through  blackmail, threats or other forms of psychological terror. No one would want Cenk’s family hurt or harassed in Turkey (and maybe in the States too, cause there are Turkish Nationalists in the States I believe). It’s just  not worth the risk for Cenk. I think more people need to know this and get off Cenk’s back for this one.


4 thoughts on “I have good evidence that Cenk Uygur has to publicly deny the Armenian genocide.

  1. Cenk needs to stop mothing off rubbish- PERIOD I dont how the show insults people’s intelligence or how Ana Kasparian says women are shit if they support Donald Trump. What sort of journalism is that? And dont forget Jimmy Doyal SPAT in Alex Jones’ face… Lovely mob of thugs Cenk has collected for hs YT career… Great role-models (NOT)! for the youth of today. And the truth is the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is . While i understand the predicament he is in it does not mean he can lie about it. Silence is as good as lying.

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    1. I understand completely. I’ve wrestled with his Armenian genocide denial for a few yrs now (when I first heard about it and saw the evidence). I saw a window in time in Turkey when all Turkish people who said the Armenian genocide happened didn’t face much repercussion or any really and Cenk still denied it. ? Yet he recently said it happened in his odd/awkward Cenk Uygur way:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfbKCesXZTA

      Cenk’s team of weirdos/hypocrites are too much. Ana the Armenian is the biggest turncoat/traitor around. Almost three yrs ago and again over 2 yrs ago she said nothing when she was told/shown proof on Twitter of Cenk’s support of a Turkish American organization, which denies the Armenian genocide. It seems obvious that that organization and another just like it that Cenk has supported must have funded TYT. You’d think a social justice warrior like Ana who claims to stand up for all people would stand up for her own, yet nahh! Wow… ??? Ana is a crazed woman who only cares about herself and her precious career at TYT. Of course she spat on women who voted for Trump, cause they didn’t follow her ideology. I guess she expects all women to not be conservative. She’s acted like a haughty high-strung Queen bitch for yrs. Ana’s journalism is a JOKE and it’s sad that she teaches journalism at a local university (can you imagine her as a teacher? Yikes!). She once wrote an article for RAW Story about how she makes her hubby a sandwich every morning. Huh? LOL! Her ‘journalism’ also includes her commentary about how she loves her orgasm out of the way in the morning and how she loves loves loves SEX and violent porno!

      Jimmy Dore should have had the law go after him for spitting on Alex JOne’s face. HE just spat with impunity. The weird thing is is that it calmed down Cenk’s rage in a flash. If JOne’s cameraman spat onto Jimmy then TYT would have thrown a fit and thrown the book at that guy! It’s too much! They’d say “Look at how crazy conservatives are! They’re thugs!!’ They’d go on and on and on about that for YEARS. Plus Jimmy is nuts to essentially say all cops are bad. He is weird how he talks down to people as it looks like he has his panties in a twist. The dude is MR. SUPERIOR/KNOW IT ALL. He also looks like an ugly old lounge lizard. He’s just so scuzzy. HE’s full of himself and he’s just a weird guy. He’s boasted about how he’s fucked hundreds of women due to being on the road and obviously due to cocaine and booze (I don’t think that many sober women wanted to get with Jimmy Dore).

      CEnk the sexist pig who claims he’s a lib/progressive! The man who ran over Ana by not allowing her to speak that much, interrupted her the most, put her down the most and laughed in her face the most at a stretch on TYT. He held her back and let JOhn Iadarolla do the first hour before her, cause you know men are just better! Cenk has made the women at TYT uncomfortable. OH lord, all the crazy sexist shit Cenk has said on his show over the yrs til recently is very very very long and he cant blame that shit on being a conservative (eye roll). Cenk, the man who stands up to racism and ignored one of his black employee’s complaints that the black employee dealt with a racist supervisor in NYC. I guess Cenk liked/likes that particular supervisor and that’s why he ignored his black employee complaining about racism (Cenk can ignore anything actually when he just doesn’t want to deal, which is a great trait for a BOSS). Cenk will have a lawsuit slapped on him/his corporation for the racism (whoops!). Cenk who is so progressive, yet made sure to incorporate his corporation in Delaware, so he doesn’t have to pay a corporate income tax. Cenk should win an award for being the biggest hypocrite around.


    1. You’re welcome and thank you! Cenk has been getting fucked and exposed even more all over the place. The dumb ass is going to have a lawsuit slapped on him/his corporation for racism and wrongful termination. The dude is a crazy mo fo. Cenk isn’t in his ivory tower anymore like he was. 🙂


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