Proof of Ana’s tweets

Ana K says lowlife morons.

Ana lying!


2 thoughts on “Proof of Ana’s tweets

  1. Ana’s a fraud and a sellout for throwing her own community under the bus to push further her so-called career and to please his fat f*ck boss Cenk Uygur.


    1. She said she’s a proud sell out. She’d do anything for her career. She doesnt care that her choice has upset the Armenian community. For her to say that Armenians and other people are morons and lowlife morons for being upset with the name was so twisted. Then her saying how she and everyone at TYT laughs at those people was just arrogant and nasty. TYT is supposed to be a progressive show that cares about people, but not quite. Cenk could have changed the name of his show in 2002 when he got so many complaints about the name! He was too stubborn and probably back then and a bit later didnt believe in the Armenian genocide, so he really saw nothing wrong with the name. I find it weird that these people just dont care about Armenians and others (INCLUDING ANA, WHICH IS THE MOST FUCKED UP!). Ana is just self-centered. If she was Jewish she’d work on a show called The Nazis and work for a public holocaust denier who then later said he couldnt talk about the topic of the holocaust, cause he’s not a scholar. She’d be fine if her boss supported 2 organizations, which made sure the holocaust wasnt taught in the States and Canada. Ana is about Ana and that’s it!


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