Cenk Uygur is crazy.

Updated May 28th 2018


Cenk Uygur is one of the craziest personalities that I’ve ever seen. He probably has the largest ego that I’ve ever seen too. I think he has knocked people over with the size of his ego alone. He just has a very large personality. He’s bombastic and can be belligerent. I’ve seen him bully people by talking non-stop and not letting people speak if they don’t agree with him. Cenk is a typical loud mouth asshole/dick and he’s damn proud about that! He has said that he loves being a dick(no joke). He even told one MRA activist Karen Straughan that he was interviewing on The Young Turks  that she should make him a ham sandwich and of course he wouldn’t let her talk, cause she wasn’t agreeing with him. Here’s a snippet of that interview in this video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tP7ad36dlE He could have been calm and just let her make her points, but he didn’t want to do that. I think he was kind of annoyed that she knew more about that history than he did(I understand that Karen Straughan is extremely sexist towards women and she’s upset that women got the right to vote, yet Cenk still should have been professional towards her and he shouldn’t have lost his cool.).


He named his son Prometheus Maximus, which is an odd and outlandish name to choose and only someone with a large ego would decide and proclaim this name for that matter. Cenk explains why he chose the name Prometheus in this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hdzMEsDypU  In this video he essentially said that he wanted his future son to be somebody! His wife was not involved in naming their son. I hope she’s not mainly a submissive wife, but with his large ego maybe she just gives into him often (I have heard that she does stand up to Cenk, yet maybe she isn’t like that all the time). In old school Turkish and Muslim culture only the father names his kids, yet Turkish men and women in Turkey and elsewhere who are progressive both choose a name for their child(as Cenk has claimed to be a liberal /progressive. ?).


The only other person in the spotlight I can think of with a larger ego or the same size ego that I know of is Donald Trump. I talked to a person online who saw Cenk at an event and she was stunned to see how self-centered he was. She said Cenk only cares about Cenk. She thought he seemed very much like an egomaniac and he needed so much attention, obviously. One woman who volunteered for Wolf-Pac said Cenk was at a meeting of theirs and he just sat there acting like Ron Burgandy from the movie “Anchorman.” Cenk also acts like Zeus, which may also explain why he named his son Prometheus Maximus . LOL!


Cenk  is so crazy that he thought a man in Indonesia who had warts all over his body, which made him look like a tree proved evolution. ??? This man was in pain and was suffering greatly and Cenk thought it was all fun! ?? Here’s the video :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6G-tpPRhOw


Uygur wrote on his facebook page back in August of 2015 about how awesome he is and how he’s a great basketball player even though people are surprised he can play so well, because of his massive weight. Also he said how awesome his show and network are and how great his health is despite being so overweight. The man loves patting himself on the back a lot and praising himself. It’s so over the top OF COURSE!!!!! I think his mantra is “I AM AWESOME!!”

He acts like the best man on the planet like he’s a peacock spreading his feathers. He’s got a lot of pazazz, craziness, passion and hubris. Here’s a video showing Cenk being crazy, passionate, and having a big ego.:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSOPotVrang He acts like he’s Gods gift to the world. I’m sure he can’t help having a large ego, but it’s just strange and amusing. I think he was born with a big ego (maybe he was spoiled too)  and it’s only gotten even larger, since his show/network The Young Turks has gotten more popular.



I saw his documentary Mad as Hell and that was something. His longtime childhood friends and recent friends said Cenk was/still is belligerent and he believes what he  believes and everyone else be damned as he laughs in peoples’ faces. They basically threw him under the bus saying that he’s essentially a belligerent/bombastic asshole. They said people either love Cenk or can’t stand him. Steve Oh his longtime friend who works at TYT  didn’t know what to make of Cenk at first when he saw him as a kid, since Cenk was all about  his way or no way kind of guy. Steve kept clear of Cenk for some time as a kid and then came around to him. Cenk’s own father named him the Turkish word for battle or meaning to battle (this was the perfect name choice).

Cenk had a little show called The Young Turk Show on a public  cable access channel in Virginia in the mid 90s. He was belligerent and arrogant on that little dinky show.  People called into The Young Turk show and gave him a piece of their minds. Most butted heads with him and were annoyed with him (this is when he was a big Republican and really hated president Clinton and loved President George H.W. Bush/Poppy Bush and he truly showed his caveman sexist ways). Others liked his style and Cenk loved what he was doing. He realized being an asshole corporate lawyer was not for him and walked away from that as his father was angry, shocked, hurt and disgusted.  Cenk’s father thought his son was crazy for yrs due to his son walking away from being a lawyer. Cenk was about him him him and wanted his dad’s financial support. ?? Well, I don’t think that happened really or maybe his dad helped him a little bit eventually after the fact. Not many people throw away a law degree so quickly.


Somehow he made it onto a local Miami Florida T.V. news network in the late 90s to 2000 and he didn’t do that well talking about this and that (plus he was always sweating). People were stunned by his loud mouth etc. He even sexually harassed Connie Chung in the late 90s. While he briefly interviewed Chung on the street at an event he said she was sexy in an obnoxious and playful way (poor Chung). He said something like  George W Bush stole the election fair and square in 2000. ???????!!!!!!!


His former co-host Jill Pike on The Young Turks radio show on Sirius and on Youtube left in 2007 because, he didn’t think she was smart enough to talk about news in politics.  I think he blatantly said Jill is too stupid to talk about politics. I’m pretty sure he said that to her face too. He deemed that she can only handle the light and fluffy newsy news and didn’t give her much of a chance.  He was just being his crazy old school sexist self it seemed or appeared. That’s why she left the show due to Cenk not letting her talk about political news stories/news in politics. He is just such an obnoxious and strange character.


The documentary just shows his drive and large ego.  He rallies the people on his show with  football coach speeches and says The Young Turks show is the best and is number one!!! He basically acts like his show is a football team(his private show after the main show is called “The Post game show!”). It showed how he and his hosts put it out there that The Young Turks is the best news and commentary show on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The Young Turks gets so many stories wrong that the show has turned into Fox news left and at times has turned into The Onion news show (unintentionally of course). They just have their slant and at times don’t bother to really research stories deeply. Of course Cenk and his co-hosts cannot admit they’re wrong/his show is wrong. I don’t think he has admitted to fully being wrong.   A few times Cenk has admitted to being partially wrong and then he has a good excuse or reason for it and he’ll say he’s still mainly right anyways.   He thinks he’s been right about all foreign policy and would have given more weapons to the rebels in Syria, which as we know now would have given more weapons to Isis…  He’s been for all wars except for Vietnam and Iraq, which looks crazy, since the military could have had special forces to get Bin Laden without needing a war. He just has this front of being right and strong and that he’s never wrong EVER and TYT fans buy it.


Cenk Uygur said the judge in South Carolina at the Dylan Roof trial said he told people to forgive Dylan Roof for killing their loved ones and said how crazy that was for the judge to say. Cenk’s co-host Ben Mankiewicz  said that judge never told anyone in the court room to forgive Dylan Roof. Cenk wouldn’t shut up for a moment and said the judge told those people to forgive Dylan Roof and would not back down! Ben was trying to fight back somewhat and then shut up and looked  down as he wasn’t looking happy. That little exchange just didn’t make it onto a video on TYT(and yes the judge never told anyone to forgive Dylan Roof). Cenk can be so forceful! Actually that exchange got caught by a Youtuber named Atheism-Is-Unstoppable and the title of the video is Cenk Uygur Doubles Down on his Racism And Lies. I’ll show it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1GFafzTQMk (Sorry, that this Youtube channel doesn’t exist anymore, yet the above is correct and maybe this is floating around on another channel of AIU’s).


Cenk’s show has gotten so many stories wrong that it’s rather well known. He just never cares to fix this problem or just doesn’t see it, cause he thinks he’s always right. He does have a certain mind set and slant and looks at reality with certain lenses and if the reality doesn’t quite fit he’ll alter it. The show is just so bad that the hosts have forgotten at times and will most likely still forget far often enough to say major details of stories and even have forgotten/ will forget to say, which town a story happened in a state(TYT brags about how they don’t need a teleprompter, yet they do just for the details). Here’s an example of Ana talking about a story and not saying, which town in Massachusetts it happened in(she’s done this hiccup, since she started back in 2007): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-cKgy6R5IA Why he’s okay with such sloppiness just seems like he’s lazy and crazy. Cenk and his hosts act like they are always right no matter what and have their strong fronts. I guess I could write a 10 page blog about all of the stories they’ve gotten wrong. Here’s video proof of TYT getting stories wrong  by the Youtuber, Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist and New World order and the video is titled The Young Turks are dishonest part 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3R1iloeQIPs    Here’s another video of his titled The Young Turks are dishonest part 2 :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JjzznBg0z4  Now obviously The Young Turks must have taken down Paranoid Conspiracy Theorists and New World order’s Youtube channel for copyright violations, which is sad, since he was doing such a good job exposing them. I think Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist and New World order got busted, cause he never commented on his videos, yet on certain videos he did show words, yet i guess on too many there was no commentary of any kind. ?? He was great and it’s sad that his channel got terminated.


Cenk misquoted  Sam Harris and won’t back down from those misquotes or what looks like slander. Sam Harris has said Muslim extremists and has said a vast majority of Muslims have pernicious beliefs  and Cenk will say, Sam said ALL Muslims. Sam has said he’d never do a  nuclear first strike on the Muslim world and Cenk has said the opposite. The Youtuber Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist and New world order caught Cenk in his video The Young Turks are dishonest Part 5  (i wish his videos were not taken down)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RufNP0f3sPc  Another video by The Noble Savage has showed Cenk getting Sam Harris and Bill Maher wrong in October 2014. The title of the video is The Young Turks vs Sam Harris -The Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GSobo5sk4s   Cenk has said Muslim girls and women in Indonesia, India, and Bangladesh are equal to the Muslim men and boys and have no problems (it looks like he has believed everything Reza Aslan has said on these matters. Reza Aslan has been caught lying a lot. Here’s a video which explains it all by Keyboard Warrior titled But What About Moderate ‘Indonesia’? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9h0cq9uAAo). Professor Gad Saad made a funny video titled The Aslan-Uygur 5000 (The Saad Truth_ 54):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibmJTWy81do [I’m putting it out there that I think Sam Harris has turned too far to the right, which is disturbing and I think Gad Saad is too far to the right and it’s fine if people don’t agree with me. I think they were mainly more moderate back in 2015]


Cenk Uygur was crazy and beyond ignorant when he talked about Raif Badawi’s flogging in Saudi Arabia. He even said “I feel like I’ve seen harder spankings on Grey’s anatomy. I think there are some guys in this country who’d sign up for that.”  He is so crazy and sick in the head, that it’s stunning.  His co-host John was lighthearted about it too and even said, “Lets say it didn’t hurt at all…”. Appollexis who’s a youtuber made a video called Cenk is a dumb ass and the video explains how Saudi floggings are painful and dangerous and Raif can die from the floggings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z955o0uuP1M I’m sure Raif Badawi would have found Cenk’s take ‘really funny’ (if Raif Badawi’s family saw this then they’d be so hurt and disgusted and angry). Why his employees and interns weren’t able to  go to Google to find out what Saudi floggings are like was baffling. ???? How can a news show not do that research. ??? Their laziness and ignorance and stupidity was so shocking. Cenk got heat for what he said on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cenkuygur/status/611233079684825088 Maybe AJ+ who was partnered with The Young Turks at the time didn’t want the Saudi Arabian government to look  bad and maybe that’s why TYT had such a bizarre slant and claimed ignorance (and of course Cenk had to throw in a sexual joke for the fun of it. ????????????).


Cenk bullshitted and said a white Christian man in Kansas tried to bomb an abortion clinic. That of course was found to not be true even when Cenk talked about this story. The 20 yr old young man wasn’t some crazy Christian and no one even knew he was Christian (Cenk just pulled that one out of his ass). The young man had stuff in his bag (he had stuff in his bag, cause he was in the process of moving) like forks and knives and it was proven the small fire crackers or fire cracker powder in a pill bottle with the cap on it  with a fuse sticking out was not going to be lit and even if it was it wouldn’t have caused much damage if any (another report said this pill bottle was taped up in a box). The young man was cooperative after going through the metal detectors of this clinic. He was trying to get a job there. Of course Cenk was jumping up and down about how that kid got away with being a terrorist and how if a Muslim did the same thing they’d have thrown the book at  him and be considered a terrorist.   The Youtuber, Autopsy 87 made a video about this titled The Turks Get Busted : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJzDx8cM0ms


Cenk also thinks Islamic radical groups in the U.S are not considered to be on the right. How one comes up with that conclusion is bizarre or shows bias. Radical Islamists are as right as right can be.  Cenk couldn’t even say that Black Separatist groups are part of the hate groups list in the U.S.   All of this happened when Cenk was on MSNBC. Atheism-is-Unstoppable caught that in this video titled Cenk Uygur Refuses To Read His Own Graphic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2thmuBNaHg Now this video may be floating around on another channel  of this Youtuber (he’s had many channels).


Cenk and his co-hosts got Charles Krauthammer’s quote all wrong, which Paranoid conspiracy theorist anti New World Order caught. The title of the video is The Young Turks are dishonest. Part one (again this pains me his videos are gone): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_n82DzORm_Q Cenk has jumped off the deep end into crazy waters.  I’m guessing Cenk acts like a SULTAN/KING/EMPEROR/CEASAR at The Young Turks headquarters. He seems to be surrounded by yes men and yes women who bow down to the emperor with no clothes, since he does whatever he pleases on his show and no one is trying to stop him from looking foolish. Cenk did a video for his TYT Show channel, which is not his main channel and he made a rare correction on getting Krauthammer’s quote wrong (he didnt seem happy having to do that. Maybe a lawsuit was threatened and he had no choice) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg6aT2WDBLs


One of the best Youtubers who shows TYT’s lies, hypocrisy, bias etc is Hard Bastard. Here’s a few videos of his you can look at:https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hard+bastard+the+young+turks He’s done an excellent job showing TYT’s bullshit.




Dave Rubin who was on the Young Turks show and Network for some time; publicly tweeted Cenk back in July of 2015 about how Cenk has slandered Sam Harris and even Charles Krauthammer (of all people) and how that wasn’t right of him to take those actions. Rubin wanted Cenk to help transform Islam for many Muslims/have a more positive effect on Muslims who want their religion to be more moderate and progressive. Dave was trying to wake him up. Cenk stonewalled his tweets, cause CENK IS SO STRONG!! Dave Rubin basically said he left the show, cause of how Cenk was running the show and he didn’t like how the angle of the show has changed recently (in 2014 and 2015 slandering Sam Harris especially). Cenk and Dave  still played basketball once a week and their relationship must have  been somewhat strained (this stopped in September of 2015 I believe due to an injury Dave had and then it never resumed). Cenk’s craziness has even gotten in the way with his friendship with Dave Rubin. When Cenk’s own friend can’t even get through to him then something is very off.  Dave Rubin has no idea what’s happened to Cenk. Dave Rubin is truly baffled. Since November of 2015 Dave Rubin and Cenk Uygur are not friends anymore, since they had a big blow up on Twitter that month and yr. Cenk was acting ridiculous. I think this is where he also said he’s the best ex-Muslim on earth. This blow up is a long story. One can look it up on Twitter. It was entertaining.  I should look up that info and put it on here later. [Also I’m just putting it out there that I don’t like Dave Rubin anymore, since he turned into such a right-wing prick. He wasn’t a right-wing prick in 2015, obviously]


I don’t think Cenk is capable of seeing any real valid criticism. I’m sure all of the videos by Youtubers pointing out Cenk and his show getting stories wrong have mainly been ignored and the rest have probably been laughed at by Cenk and his co-hosts and everyone at The Young Turks. Even his co-host Ana Kasparian has called valid criticism as being ‘hated on’ and she has ‘laughed’  about all of the criticism on Twitter, but I digress (She acts like a Stepford wife/Queen of The Young Turks).




He loves food, sex and porno equally. I’ve never seen a man love these pleasures of life as much as he does. When he describes eating a sub and gyro and grilled cheese and drinking a peanut butter milk shake it’s like he’s describing the best foreplay, lay, sex and orgasms. Everyone loves food, but this guy REALLY LOVES FOOD. I guess Cenk has really loved food so much that he talked about it for I guess 20 minutes on his show, cause it’s part of a show title:

The Bet, Cenk’s Love Of Food, Rich Assholes & NFL Drama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uweQE9EAFXE

That man must make love to food with groans of pleasure constantly. He loves food so much that he’s gotten fatter over the yrs. I guess his weight has gone up and down a bit in the past, but it’s mainly stayed on the higher side and he’s gotten fatter and fatter over the years and he is very obese now(May of 2018). He obviously has a real problem with this. Luckily his health seems to be okay. He should lay off the food addiction and especially the peanut butter milkshake addiction, cause down the road these addictions can cause health problems. He has such a passion for food and milkshakes though, so I guess he cant curtail his intake. Allegedly he loves his $25 grilled cheese sandwiches, oy… I guess he doesn’t care that his wife probably wants a much leaner husband, but oh well. He probably thinks he looks awesome anyways even though he is overweight and is considered medically obese. He probably looks in the mirror, winks and says, “I look awesome.”


I assumed Cenk was having sex since he was 15 or 16 yrs old. I was very stunned to learn that he didn’t have sex til he was 21 yra old. In this video called TYT Postgame/Cenk gets his due, Ana blurts out at 3:35 that Cenk didn’t do it til he was 21 yrs old: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkcHGOtpnE0 That is just so sad and pathetic. In this video from Ana Kasparian’s channel titled Admitting Biggest Regrets While Drunk, starting at 2:06 and ending at 2:47 is where Cenk talks about not being confident around women and wishes when he was younger that he had more confidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rXihs3kJeI In this video called ‘Fantasy Slut League’ Uncovered in High School, Cenk says at  3:23  how he tried to pressure girls to have sex with him & it didn’t work, SHOCKER!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9emN9kPIRpo  It’s rather disgusting that Cenk tried to pressure women to have sex with him. God knows what he did. ? One guy online said to me that Cenk went to prostitutes and I’m guessing  he went to a prostitute for his first time. This is what Cenk looked like back when he was 21 yrs old: http://penn.veridiansoftware.com/cgi-bin/pennsylvania?a=d&d=tdp19911122-01.2.24  By the virginal and dorky look on his face and being so chubby I think he went to a prostitute.  I’d bet on it.


Cassandra Fairbanks who’s known to find the dirt found out that Cenk has told everyone at TYT and he has told other people that his fantasy still even today is for him to to go back in time to his high school in New Jersey in the 80s,  yet he stays his current age and the women in the high school in New Jersey are back to their ages of 15-18 and the hot teachers are at their ages in the late 80s. These young women and the hot teachers are just waiting there to have sex with Cenk. He described how all this sex would  be like “a hot knife through butter” Wow.. that’s a really screwed up fantasy of Cenk’s. ????? Cassandra Fairbanks also found out that Cenk said he will NEVER forgive the cheerleaders at his high school for not having sex with him, wow…. Yeah, Cenk does think he is Zeus…


Someone told me when he was a member of TYT he heard Cenk talking about how he went to prostitutes(yes, plural) on a post game show (SHOCKER!!).  God knows how many women he had to pay to have sex with him and how many willingly had sex with him (BARF!!) due to his trickery.  I found Cenk’s old “The Young Turk” to then “The Young Turks” blog showing his blog posts (from someone else) on the Wayback machine, which were on The Young Turk and The Young Turks website from 1999- 2005. He essentially bragged about tricking women into having sex with him and gave the tricking a good shot. Cenk got busted for his sexism on this old blog showing the blog posts of his by many publications in December of 2017 and he had to publicly apologize for it and Justice Democrats were about to can him for it and denounced what he wrote and he left Justice Democrats, because of it. Justice Democrats ignored the countless examples of Cenk’s sexism on his show from 2002-2017. This particular link which shows his blog post proved how Cenk was a real crazy slut one night and a lucky crazy slut at that: https://web.archive.org/web/20020822111530/http://www.youngturk.com/the.htm There’s another blog post I looked at on his crazy TYT blog and he said he was the boss man/dictator about the rules of dating. If women he dated didnt do the right things at the right time then they were DONE. He wanted to have sex with every good looking woman on earth (a bit outlandish, but a dream he had….). I haven’t looked at all of his writings on there, yet apparently he truly was quite the horn dog and his big ego was showing. He even said on this blog back in the day that he’s the type of guy who’d go on his rooftop naked during a thunderstorm. WTF?


He still is a horn dog and he’s probably bored with his wife. I don’t know how he can stay faithful to his wife to be honest, yet he said in a random speech on a  TYT video awhile ago I think in 2017 that he’d never cheat on his wife, cause he would never hurt her like that. It seemed like when Bill Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Now Cenk may have done this speech to cover his cheating ass and trick his wife and others or he may have been absolutely genuine. He knows his wife does not allow him to be with other women (what a bummer for Cenk).


He seems like the type of guy who needs sex twice a day and if he doesn’t have that sex at that amount he’s probably going to punch his fist at a wall due to frustration. The man talks about sex a lot on his show. A Youtuber Seeing Red Yet? has a video titled THE YOUNG TURKS & CENK UYGUR EXPOSED, which shows how the show has loved talking about sex etc:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFvAW7vGJk8  He seems like he’s constantly horny or plays the part.  He acts like a sex maniac. Hell, he even has talked about how he enjoyed doing the Chinese basket trick (this involves a sex swing. Cenk had to be on the floor as the woman spun on top of him, cause his weight would have most likely broken a sex swing. LOL!). The manly man said he’d have sex with women and if the sex was good then he’d start a relationship. He said he’d pick up women anywhere (including Taco Bell). He also said he was a dick to all of  his girlfriends to prove he was the alpha male.  Cenk also did say he’d wear a panda suit if it meant having sex, so yes he’d do anything for sex. Funny enough a Youtuber Minibari73 made a video titled Cenk Sexy Panda Dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaU6L6sW05E (sorry this video/channel doesn’t exist anymore, yet it showed animation of Cenk dancing in a panda suit).


I hope his bedroom is sound proof, since he must wake up the dead when he’s in the act of pleasure/love making/foreplay, sex, intercourse, and having orgasms as he’s being a Turkish delight. The faces he must make during sex and when he’s about to orgasm and when he orgasms must be really funny as hell. His wife and ex-girlfriends and ex-fuckfriends must have a lot of stories about him in the bed, Yowza! CENK IS A VERY PASSIONATE MAN!!! You can imagine that Cenk and his wife must play dress up during sexy fun time as she wears a high school cheerleader uniform/costume and Cenk  wears his football uniform/costume to live out his high school fantasy (his wife must have many wigs. LOL!).  His wife probably plays teacher as he plays a 15 yr old high school student. I guess he also wears a Sultan costume and his wife wears a concubine costume (they must have many costumes in their closets), so  he can live out his Sultan fantasy. Since Cenk made his sexual comment after watching Raif Badawi’s flogging  shows he must love being whipped and spanked, so his wife must do that for him. I’m guessing Cenk and his wife bring out the sex swing, so they can do the Chinese basket trick.


Cenk was bummed out that he only had sex with 29 women. He also said back in 2007 when he got a little bit famous that women wanted to be with him. He said he already had the love of his life, so there was no way he was able to have more women (WHAT A MASSIVE BUMMER!! WAHH!!!!!!). His dream of women lining up to have sex with him and having sex with him just wasn’t able to come into fruition (poor Cenky wenky).


Cenk says he’s a porno aficionado.  Cenk has been looking at porno magazines, since he was 12 yrs old and  somehow he first saw porno videos as a young teenager(he’s been addicted to porn for a very long time). He and others in his office enjoy watching porn for ‘research’, so it’s not the normal office environment. He’s talked about different types of porn from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s to today. He should just write a book or blog about it already or have a porno review channel/show on his network at this point. One time Cenk interviewed a longtime female porno star/actress Nina Hartley.  She said something like she’d gladly jerk off Cenk in the closet near by and he really wished that could happen, but it couldn’t 😦 .  It seemed like he had trouble keeping his dick down while he was interviewing Hartley. It seemed like he should have been a porn star, since he loves attention, hot women and sex(he has hinted that his dick is BIG). He would have made a fantastic porn star (a real ham porn star!”LOOK AT ME I’M HAVING SEX!!!”), but oh well (a loss to humanity. ). Cenk would have been a great porn director (he’d have loved coming to work with his great ideas and would have been in HEAVEN)!




Now, Cenk’s moodiness is something else. No woman in the media could ever get away with being as moody/emotional as he can be (actually Ana has turned into the female version of Cenk to a point, but she’s way  more intense and snippy than Cenk and she isn’t really ever close to being funny and she doesn’t make over the top crazy faces.). His emotions essentially run the spectrum (except no crying and showing weakness). Of course that’s called ‘being passionate.’  This grown man acts like a bull in a china shop and he has had ‘bratty alpha male’ temper tantrums. This man should have been an actor. He can explode like a volcano and act like a raging bull. He’s a very hot blooded man. His emotions are bursting out all over the place. The man is rarely dull. Again, he won’t ever shed a real tear and isn’t weak. He can be so angry/upset and happy through the roof with joy etc.   He acts like he’s PMSing to the 10th degree every single day!! He can make his crazy faces to the extreme like he’s on some kind of bad drug or is literally going insane. Cenk hamming it up and doing  his crazy faces has gotten worse and he started to do his crazy faces to the extreme in the summer of 2014. It’s just strange. He thinks he’s hilarious when he does that and he isn’t. When he makes his crazy faces he just looks like a fucked up clown. One time in 2014  Cenk was doing his crazy faces and he made sure the cameramen caught every angle or side of Cenk’s crazy face, which was a wee bit over the top and stupid. ???? Again, no woman in the media could ever ever get away with the over the top emotions, crazy faces and antics. I wonder if he really is crazy. Actually I think his moodiness is at the level of a 12 yr old or 13 yr old boy going through puberty. I don’t think Cenk will ever grow up.




I found out from a little birdie out of no where about some of the lowdown or skinny about The Young Turks office (now this is a third or fourth hand account, so take it for what it’s worth). Allegedly, at times Cenk gets dropped off and picked up by a limo (this one might seemed far fetched, yet Cenk has dreamed of living large for yrs and he is loaded). Cenk walks into the office like he is the King or Sultan (He is the CEO). He gets adulated as soon as he walks through the door (he NEEDS this praise).  An intern has his favorite breakfast burrito and drink of whichever sort (possibly a peanut butter milkshake)  and hands it all to him. Cenk can’t be bothered with getting his own food and drinks. The burrito and all food and drinks have to be PERFECT. If his food and drinks aren’t perfect then he pushes whatever away and then the intern needs to fix this problem immediately by warming the meal up or getting another burrito or whatever as soon as possible etc. Cenk is just very picky with his food and drinks.


He has a lot of interns at his office, which is smart of him, since he doesn’t have to pay interns ;). They look up stories to talk about online and they write up the scripts or notes for the hosts. Cenk decides, which stories to discuss and his co-hosts help with these decisions and how they’ll talk about the stories. Cenk acts like he’s never wrong/infallible at the office. He’s a true Alpha male. He really doesn’t tolerate criticism. These interns do a lot of other unpaid work at TYT.


For lunch Cenk has his favorite sub or gyro or grilled cheese sandwich and two of his favorite peanut butter milkshakes (Yow!). Again the sub or gyro or grilled cheese sandwich and milkshake have to be perfect or the intern has to quickly fix this food and or milkshake problem (the intern or interns must be busy with this).  I forgot to mention earlier that Cenk is very messy when he eats and drinks. He doesn’t clean up after himself, so he’ll leave milkshake cups, straws, plastic utensils, paper plates, wrappers, napkins etc all over the place and an intern has to throw all of this garbage away. He obviously eats and drinks like he’s PMSing to the extreme every day.  He always has a large bottle of Tums on his desk to help him with his heartburn and stomach aches. He farts a lot and has no shame  at all. ??? This man is too stupid or is too much of an addict to change his diet, apparently. The least he should do is try some Gas-X and or enzymes to help his stomach out to not be so offensive at the office, yet we know that Cenk is crazy so… Cenk probably thinks while he’s farting on his chair in front of his desk and or farting around the office and studio that he’s being hilarious and showing his ALPHA MALENESS. A man cant be more of an alpha male than that! “Anyone wanna pull my finger?!!! LOLOL!!!” ?????????????????????


At times Cenk can be high-strung when dogs are in the office, because he cannot stand dog hair on his clothes and if that happens then he’ll blow up (plus he’s just not into dogs period). Cenk never grew up with pets, so this is probably true and actually Muslims don’t like dogs and he grew up Muslim(I know this is a random factoid).


I also know from Cenk himself by watching one of his videos years ago; is that he and his workers LOVE watching porno at the office (I obviously wrote this before) . I don’t know if Cenk has to run to the bathroom, if you know what I mean. I am guessing they all migrate to one computer and look on together and laugh and or get hot and bothered. I’m sure all of them just love watching porn on their own computers (they all may be watching too much porn instead of researching stories). Cenk knows how to have a fun office. I think Cenk got Ana turned onto porn when originally she never cared to watch it.


Cenk and his team do two rehearsals before the show starts. They do this to make sure the segments and show are timed correctly, which makes sense. They make sure they have all of their information correct and slants correct too I imagine during these rehearsals.




I’ve been told that Turkish culture is very sexist, so that’s what Cenk was obviously brought up in. I’m sure he was praised for being the SON in the family. I’m guessing he saw his dad being sexist. It’s just the old school Turkish way to be. He grew up in Turkey til he was 8 yrs old and saw the sexist stuff as normal. He acts like he’s the best probably just due to being a MAN alone. Oh well…


His sexism is just so strange when he claims to be a liberal/ progressive.  Again he bragged that he used to try to pressure women to have sex with him and to think about how he did those tactics are disturbing. Did he say he was going to have blue balls? Did he throw  temper tantrums? How exactly does a man pressure a woman to have sex with him? Guilt trips? Whining?  Manipulations? Hmm..? Here’s the video proof again; at 3:23 in this video Cenk says he used to try to pressure women to have sex with him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9emN9kPIRpo

In this video: Ana Discussing A Personal Email Cenk Sent HER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRIHuu3cJB4&index=127&list=PLTpcK80irdQhZdXsIxOrJr5bxQ7bzpeg-

Cenk has an exchange with Hannah Cranston on April 19, 2016 about why it’s okay to take advantage of women and it starts at 29 secs and ends at 32 secs:

“Why is it okay to take advantage of girls?”-Hannah Cranston

“Because we’re going to get laid.” -Cenk Uygur

Yes, Cenk has always been a horn dog and has just loved keeping it real so real that he just had to admit as a liberal/progressive that it’s totally okay for men to take advantage of women to get sex.


Cenk had to brag about how is ass is like gold, his legs are like gold and his you know what is like gold! This was back on April 9, 2017. The video is titled: The Great TYT Bubble Butt Debate of 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghQOiQ7QpLQ&index=56   Cenk has sure loved bragging about himself. He’s hinted at how big his dick is next to Ana for yrs and yrs on the show. He’s loved  telling the world that his dick is really big 😉 Cenk’s lower half is so amazing according to him that he should do a speedo calendar.


He thinks a woman cannot really sexually harass a man in the way a man can sexually harass a woman for the most part. He considers those actions as compliments to a man by a woman. I guess he would have been fine if he had a female boss sexually harass him (as long as she was good looking. He probably wishes the new woman TYT president would do so, yet she wouldn’t do that, since she’s very against sexual harassment. 😦   Cenk probably still fantasizes about it though) and would have thought, “This is fun! I’m hot!!” Here’s some TYT video proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJlJYysWPnE


His belief of a woman abusing and raping a man is generally met with guffaws and at least one time was met with disbelief. TYT commented on a story about a  woman who was a ‘sex kitten’/had an ‘insatiable need for sex’ when in actuality she abused, drugged, sexually assaulted and raped her husband. Here’s The Young Turks video of of their take on it back in 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6S8ZmjzJE0 He talked about Russian women raping men years ago and he was perplexed why hot women would want to rape  men when they could have gotten  men easily. He couldn’t see them as sick psychopaths or sociopaths. He was still rather lighthearted and was thinking men being raped by women should enjoy it and move on with their lives. ??!!! Here’s a video of him talking about a Russian woman who raped 10 men in a TYT video from back in the day:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvaS7E6Koeo  He thought or maybe still thinks if a 24yr old woman seduces a 15 yr old boy that that is the best day in a boy’s life and it isn’t that much of a crime. Here’s a TYT video, which shows Cenk’s double standard:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STMFv5TeVgA  He’s like this with basically all statutory rape cases as long as it is the male who is under age and not the female and if it’s a woman doing the statutory rape to an underage man/older boy (14 yrs old the youngest, I think), especially if the woman is Hot. I have a feeling if Cenk’s son Prom/Prometheus in the future has sex at 15 with his hot teacher then Cenk will give Prom a cigar and a pat on Prom’s  back.


On a lighter note the manly man has never done housework in his life including when he lived on his own by himself. Even when he barely made money he never did that lowly womanly work (That was crazy!). He even hired a maid once a month to clean and do laundry even when he didn’t have much money for it. He’d buy  new shirts and pants instead of doing laundry. ???????????????  I think it’s safe to say that Cenk never changed his kids’ diapers, yet i was wrong he did help out and changed a few, yet it wasn’t enough according to his wife (OF COURSE!!!!!)..


Yes, he named BOTH of his children. His daughter’s name is Joy Helena (his youngest), which is a more normal name compared to his son’s name Prometheus Maximus. I guess his wife’s input wasn’t needed.  I have no idea if Cenk’s wife is whipped, a doormat or what for half of the time or what. ? Cenk must be the boss man in his relationship with his wife, yet I have heard that she does stand up to Cenk and gives it to Cenk and she doesn’t take his shit and she calls him out instantly at times (I hope this is all true or is still true). You’d think since Cenk is a progressive/liberal that he and his wife would have decided on the names of their children, but of course not!!! She’s from Taiwan and maybe in Taiwanese culture the father only names the kids like in old  school Turkish and Muslim culture(in Northern Chinese culture the mother decides the names for her kids and the kids obviously take their dad’s last name), so maybe Cenk only naming the kids was normal for her (I doubt it and it’s still not progressive).


And when Ana Kasparian first started working on the show she wasn’t allowed to talk about politics at all even though she got a B.S. in Journalism at the age of  20  (Ana started working at The Young Turks at the age of 20). She got her Masters in Political Science at the age of 22 or 23 I think. I think it took  three or four years for Cenk to allow her to talk about the non-TMZ stories and the like, which she never cared to talk about. I guess he thought she wasn’t able to handle talking about more important stories and news in politics, because of her vagina. She stuck through it, persevered, and clawed her way to talk about news in politics and that took about maybe 7 or 8 yrs or longer (John Iadarolla got to do the first news hour before her even though she had been at TYT for 4 yrs longer than John). She even would sneak in political twists to stories when she was only on the second hour, which did include more news stories and not just light and fluffy TMZ like stories. I noticed when TYT  was in the Current T.V studio that Cenk would also interrupt Ana the most, dismiss her the most/put her down the most at rapid speed and laugh in her face the most (Wow…. She had the patience of Saint! I bet she wished she was able to jump over the desk and slap him in the face).  I don’t know why Cenk was like this with only Ana, but it looked like good old fashioned sexism and maybe it was due to her being Armenian too.  Cenk also said on a post game show in April of 2013 that he would have hit on Ana if he and she were the same age and were at the same university. Yes, he obviously had and probably still has a fantasy of having sex with Ana after she got her nose job. Before Ana had the work done on her face when she was still  kinda new at TYT back in 2007 he said she was nuts to think she was attractive, wow (yeah, I wonder why Ana has gotten a nose job or two and has had other work done on her face. Hmm…. ).




Okay the craziness and hypocrisy of all of Cenk’s craziness and hypocrisies is maybe the name of his show and network  The Young Turks(and  being an Armenian genocide denier and supporting organizations, which deny the Armenian genocide as he claims to be a liberal/progressive). The Young Turks is the same name as the genocidal  party, which did the Armenian genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Greeks and Assyrians.  His show has gotten countless phone calls, emails, Tweets, Youtube comments etc of complaints about the name of his show and network, since probably 2002. His crew  gave and still give these people the same b.s response of the progressive/rebel definition(s) and they mean no offense. That progressive definition comes from The Young Turks in history who overthrew the Sultan and put in progressive changes. Later on The Young Turks in history committed the Armenian genocide. When Cenk first came up with the name The Young Turk in the mid 90s on his public cable access show, he knew that name offends the Armenian community and he was a conservative back then and he was a staunch and public Armenian genocide denier. He may have been rubbing it in the Armenians’ faces by choosing that name (like standing up to them).  He has never really cared that people have complained about the name of the show and then network. He  has just laughed it off. Him choosing that name as a public and cocky Armenian genocide denier as he had his Armenian genocide denial on his TYT blog/TYT website from 2000-2003  is all rather sickening and disrespectful and showed his disdain for Armenians. Then when Armenians complained and complain now about the name, The Young Turks and others essentially say how stupid the Armenians are to be offended/upset by the name, cause The Young Turks has more than one definition! It’s very disturbing how all of this has essentially been okay to have disdain and show such disrespect to Armenians and others as Cenk chose that name as a public Armenian genocide denier as he supported and may still support Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide(these organizations ATAA and TCA pressure the U.S govt to keep denying the Armenian genocide and they do all they can to make sure the Armenian genocide isn’t taught anywhere). Cenk supported TCA as late as October of 2017.


Back in 2012 Armenians protested Cenk at a public political event in San Diego California for the name of his show and network and for being a very public Armenian genocide denier in an article he wrote in his University paper in November of 1991 and a letter  he wrote to Salon in the 1999:http://asbarez.com/101017/armenians-protest-uygur-talk-at-democratic-convention/   https://anca.org/press-release/silent-protest-in-san-diego/   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzNhpD7U4-g He gave them the same b.s. progressive definition response and how the name has nothing to do with a certain  ‘historical situation.’ He never acknowledged what he wrote. He did say what happened was painful at least. I guess that’s as  close to an apology he could do, sort of. He just can’t see that the name of his show and network is deplorable. He just doesn’t get it. It’s amazing how thick in the head he is and how he is so stubborn  about this and it’s not much of a surprise.  Many of the Armenians turned their backs on him and some left the room. It’s just a strange name for a liberal/ progressive show and network to have when Cenk is a public Armenian genocide denier(definitely still was one then without even saying words “Armenian genocide.”).  He just doesn’t seem to like and respect the Armenian community at all as a whole.


This show is not supposed to be about punching down and is supposed to be about standing up for what is right. They’ve been very upset about the name of the football team named “The Red Skins.”  Atheism-is-Unstoppable did a video about The Young Turks hypocrisy being upset about the Redskins football team’s name while looking the other way about their controversial name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VX3xJ9dljaY Now maybe he has this video somewhere on one of his other channels.


Cenk has done the Armenian genocide denying game over the years and publicly supported Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide.

My other blog post explains all of this: https://someinconvenientfacts.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/cenk-uygurs-armenian-genocide-controversy-3/ Yeah, he’s had a very long saga with this starting in 1991. He wrote twice in the 90s that the Armenian genocide  never happened at all. He also had on his The Young Turks blog/website from 2000-2003 that there was no Armenian genocide and what really happened was a civil war and this is a good compromise :https://web.archive.org/web/20020720193442/http://www.youngturk.com/newpage15.htm  He couldn’t say the words Armenian genocide to actual Armenians staring at him in a room in 2012 and instead called it a historical situation. Other times he’s called what happened were massacres and a slaughter-fest.

Cenk Uygur has been supporting the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) and they vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and don’t want it taught anywhere. Here’s a link that is striking:  http://www.mndaily.com/2011/03/30/judge-dismissed-blacklist-case-against-uHere .  Here’s another link:(http://armenianweekly.com/2011/01/10/critical-thinking-or-genocide-denial-tca-vs-u-of-minn/) Here’s a link showing Cenk’s support: http://www.tc-america.org/news-events/events/tca-turkish-american-youth-leadership-congress-concludes-930.htm.  In 2014 Cenk publicly supported TCA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7slE7LXSiTc  From what I can gather as to date it still looks like Cenk supports TCA.  Cenk has also supported and I believe still supports (I’m not 100% certain) the  Assembly of Turkish Americans Associates (ATAA), which also vehemently denies the Armenian genocide and they do all they can to make sure it’s not taught anywhere. ATAA’s belief is that the Armenian genocide did not happen: http://www.ataa.org/reference/difference-fein.html .  A link to Cenk’s support: http://www.ataa.org/nlc2012/.  Cenk made a video in support of ATAA:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS9Jrb5riP4.  

There’s so much more info about Cenk’s long history of Armenian genocide denial and more at The Genocidal Turks blog: https://thegenocidalturks.wordpress.com/cenk-denied-the-genocide/


Cenk’s half-assed Rescinding Statement from April 2016.

Cenk did write a half-assed Rescinding Statement in April of 2016 and said he Rescinds  his genocide denying article  in 1991 and his Armenian genocide denying letter to Salon in 1999 and that it caused people pain and he wished he didn’t do that. He said this subject is an issue. ? He said he’s not a scholar of history, so he can’t comment on the TOPIC of the Armenian genocide(he just doesn’t know enough about it. Did it happen or didn’t it ?who knows?). He just wanted to leave it at that. Now he tricked most people with this half-assed Rescinding Statement and he wrote it like a true lawyer/tricky dicky. I hope more people wake up to the fact that they were tricked by Cenk.



Cenk mentioned the Armenian genocide in a few of his videos, yet he still used clever lawyer language as he went onto support TCA again! 

In Sept of 2017 and November of 2017 Cenk mentioned the Armenian genocide in videos, which were not titled “Cenk talks about the Armenian genocide” or something like that. The Youtube video titled, “Cenk Uygur’s genocide denial problem” by Nuance Bro dated May 30th 2018 catches Cenk’s lawyer trick from Sept of 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlBWXRygwgg Cenk mentioned how Armenians were forced out of Anatolia. He didnt mention how many died slowly and were killed quickly. Cenk left a lot out.  In February of 2018 Cenk said he doesn’t deny the Armenian genocide and again he snuck that in on a video not titled “Cenk talks about the Armenian genocide”, yet a smart man caught his exact quotes and this is what this man wrote,  “”Quoting Cenk” I did write an article about it when I was in college. I retracted that article I don’t deny it.” -Cenk Uygur “He didn’t deny that he wrote articles that is all. He chose his words very carefully to sound as if he doesn’t deny the Armenian genocide, but he absolutely does not “.  In October of 2017 he supported TCA again. ???????????????????????????? So far he’s mainly gotten away with all of this. I think his main fans would be okay with him being a holocaust denier who supported a holocaust denying organization (just kidding).


  Okay on a lighter note, Cenk is one of the clowns of the earth that he talks about all the damn time. And I wonder  how often Ben has had to hold Cenk back from punching people in his out of control alpha male/alpha male lobster clownish meltdowns. ??? Why can’t he have control over his emotions (cause he’s crazy?)? Cenk makes his clown faces and has his clown eye brows. He’s big and fat like a clown/has a clownish body (sorry, I don’t mean to fat shame). Cenk thought he was so funny/like a clown that he could have been a professional comedian. Oy… A professional comedian who would have said, “I’m fucking awesome and let me tell you how stupid Armenians are and how I tricked women into bed.” The video below is Cenk’s infamous out of control meltdowns as he turned into the Incredible Hulk.


This one is a doozy from his old blog from back in the day:Case II: Red-Faced Redskins was on Cenk’s website The Young Turks in Sept 2002 it looks like. To be fair he did apologize for his entire blog in December of 2017 when he got caught by many people and journalists. He did delete the blog, i think in 2005.



Case II: Red-Faced Redskins https://web.archive.org/web/20020908173451/http://www.youngturk.com/newpage2.htm

Lawyers for 34 Indian tribes filed suit on Tuesday against several tobacco companies for deliberately targeting Indian teens.  They want $5 billion dollars (said ala Dr.Evil with pinkie in front of mouth)!

C’mon!  These Redskins show up everywhere there’s a buck to be made these days (by the way, I actually think Redskin is a rare ethnic term that actually is offensive, I’m only using it now because they’ve made me angry).  Figuring out the gambling gambit was genius on their part, and I completely agree with them there.  Hey, if the white man got to screw you for all these years (which they most definitively did), then it’s great ironic justice that you rob him blind with these casinos that’s on every reservation now.

But this tobacco suit is clearly another matter.  Who are you trying to kid?   Indians were smoking tobacco before the white man ever got here, let alone built these cigarette companies.  Ever heard of the peace pipe?

Now, you’re going to try to convince me that these Indian kids would not have smoked if it weren’t for the big bad tobacco corporations.  Bullshit.  They saw the peace pipe buried up your ass long before they ever saw a cigarette ad.

It’s incredibly obvious that these tribes are trying to milk the companies for money the way the states did.  It makes it no less shameless.

And here is another news flash:  The tobacco companies try to get everybody to smoke — that’s their job!  They go after kids?  You don’t say.  OF COURSE, they go after kids, that’s their future customers.  It’s your job as a parent to teach your kids right, so they are not overly influenced by every ad they see.

If we are not going to ban these companies, we should not stop them from trying to pedal their wares.  Obviously, they should use marketing within prescribed bounds, as they do now.  But I am entirely unconvinced that marketing to teenagers in the past, when they were allowed to, is an evil that the companies should now pay billions for.

And there is no way you’re going to convince me that they had some sort of animus against Indian kids in particular, and targeted them for more marketing because they were Indian.  By the way, even if they did, I wouldn’t care.  They are in the business of trying to sell these god-damn cigarettes.  I think it’s stupid to blame them for that.

The only thing that might be more stupid is smoking itself.  But that’s a personal choice.  Maybe that’s what angers me more, that all these dumb-asses kill themselves by smoking, and then they get angry at the cigarette companies when they have no one but themselves to blame.

However, in this case, the Indians aren’t even angry at the companies.  They know it’s their own fault, they’re just suing them for the money.  I appreciate the fact that they are not delusional, but I do not appreciate their avarice.  Stick to the casinos, and leave the malicious greed to the white man.”


All I’m going to say again is that Cenk is a crazy character. I don’t think there’s been anyone on the left as belligerent, bombastic, moody, acting so strong, being so smug, is so biased, is so hard headed, has an ego the size of Texas, still has some of his conservative traits and is as crazy as Cenk. He’s one of a kind. To be fair I don’t think he and his show get all of the stories they comment on wrong. I wish he could improve and not be so crazy and not support TCA and ATAA and say he was wrong to support TCA and ATAA  and say in a video titled, ” I, Cenk don’t deny the Armenian genocide anymore,”  but I won’t hold my breath.


15 thoughts on “Cenk Uygur is crazy.

  1. Your articles are really great, I’m glad to see someone putting all this stuff together. In a way, the TYT crew almost seems cult like to me, especially considering the fact that they dismiss all constructive criticism out of hand. Many TYT fans also seem to think that Cenk can do and say no wrong as evidenced by countless comments on their videos.

    As you know, there’s another mine of evidence that some may not be aware of. TYTNetwork puts out this show called “Old School” which is for members only. However, the complete podcast of every episode can be found for FREE on iTunes. There’s one episode in particular that’s interesting. On the podcast page, scroll down to # 40 “The Young Turks Show June, 30 2003 Hour 2”. Beginning at mark 18:20 an interesting and revealing exchange begins. The exchange ends at 19:54, but not before Cenk makes some racist insinuations about Asians and Iraqis (and imitates a stereotypical Asian accent). Even though this episode is from a long time ago, anyone who has watched the show regularly in recent years knows well that Cenk still makes questionable comments regarding racial stereotypes. He also still seems to judge people based on their race as well. In this regard, Cenk doesn’t seem to have changed much in the last 12 years.

    There are many other interesting tidbits to be found in episodes of “Old School”.



    1. I’m glad you like what I wrote. I appreciate it very much. It’s true that TYT fans LOVE Cenk, the hosts and the show and cannot see anything bad with him or his co-hosts. It’s something and is very strange. Their fans can’t see reality. It is like a cult. I found it funny that Ana has called constructive criticism as being “hated on”. ?? They just live in their warped bubble and they’ve become so popular so I guess the constructive criticisms doesn’t even matter to them anyways.

      I’ll have to check out iTunes when I can. I saw a video of Cenk being racist and I was like “what the hell?!” The video I guess was from 2009 (I just happened to see it). He said he married a short Chinese woman and when they have a son he is going to be a ping pong player. ?? So he was cracking jokes that of course his kid is going to be a runt and a dork. Good lord… I have no idea how his wife can stand him to be honest. He’s gotten away with a lot for being a ‘liberal/progressive’. His ego is way too huge and he’s just too bombastic.


    2. I started to watch TYT in the late spring of 2016. I watched the show for all 2 hours live on You Tube. Ever since the election of Donnie Tiny Hands Trump. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian have slowing been having more and more and more insane rants. I dislike rants when the news is being presented! It is not professional to say the least! Call me old fashioned, but that the way i feel! I was brought up with “Uncle Walter” Walter Cronkite when i was little. And continued to watch Walter until he retired in 1981. The news was professional in those days to be sure! I excepted the same behavior from Cenk and Ana. But it was not to be. I have to admit that i did enjoy when Cenk and Anna would put Trump down in a fun way. But that did not happen often enough for me. The last straw came for me when about 2 months ago (late Oct or early Nov 2017) Cenk Uygur said “Chris Rock, can suck my dick”! I was outraged my Cenk’s statement!! And so was Anna! Now i don’t like Chris Rock running for the Senate. I think the man is despicable in his own right! But still that was not professional of Cenk to say what he said! I gave Cenk one more chance to prove himself yet again. Then 2 weeks ago, or thereabouts, Cenk went on a rage about Trump. I thought who is more a madman here? Trump or Cenk Uygur? I asked myself.Also i can stand how Cenk runs all over John Iadarola every chance he gets. And John just sits there and takes it!! Why??? I like John! But he should quit rather than put with Cenk! So after about 2 weeks ago and 18 months of watching TYT for 2 hours M-F. I decided to call it quits and unsubscribe from TYT! Mostly for good. But this comment does end here. I would like a consumers movement to get started to get rid of Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian! If there are those who feel like i do that TYT can be great. Without Cenk and Ana. Let please let me know and reply to my comment! In the meantime i have Jimmy Dore, RT, Democracy Now, Tim Black, and The Real News Network, to get my news. I also must say to the person who put together this website. I agree with you 110% what you said about Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian! Those two must go, period!! Merry Christmas to all! And to all a goo night!
      Springfield Progressive! 🙂


    3. I have been watching TYT since the late spring of 2016. I took me 18-19 months since that time to finally unsubscribe from TYT on You Tube. Because exactly of the words you write on this web-site. I agree with everything said in regards to Cenk and Ana 110%!! The last straw came when Cenk went such an insane rant a earlier this month( Dec, 2017) that i found myself for the 1st time yelling at my Computer Screen for Pete sakes.!! Which never ever happen to me before! Having panic attacks and depression. I decided right then and there watching Cenk and to lesser extent Ana rant their way to an early grave, was not worth my mental health, just to get the news! I can watch Democracy Now, RT, Ring of Fire, Jimmy Dore, Tim Black, or The Real News Network instead! And i implore all of you reading this to the same. If we all gather together and vent our anger Cenk and Anna have caused us.Then who knows perhaps we can all pressure TYT to get rid of Cenk and Ana. And make TYT the news channel, it should be. WITHOUT CENK UYGUR and ANA


      1. I’m glad you unsubscribed to TYT! Thanks! I’m glad you found better outlets to watch. Cenk is the CEO of TYT so he is never leaving and he loves Ana and she loves TYT so she’s never leaving. TYt is a mess of a show and network in my opinion. They aren’t true liberals and progressives. They’re just sheep dogs for the Democrats. Cenk sold out big time from those big wig investors, which gave him $20 million dollars. Cenk says one thing and does another and he tends to get away with it a lot, which is annoying as hell. More and more people are seeing through TYT yet there’s still too many brainwashed fans. Sigh…


  2. Some people are bombastic and egotistic, I won’t argue with you on that. But the question is, which you don’t seem to address, is…is he right on the issues? That’s the real question. If he’s wrong, or lying, or spreading misinformation, that’s one thing, but if he’s egotistic and right, what’s the problem? That clip you linked to where Cenk tells that men’s rights activist was taken WAAAAAAY out of context. BAsically, you lied. Watch the whole 30 minute video to see what he is saying. Or you can just call me a cultist and dismiss me out of hand, being ignorant is your choice. But other than sounding egotistic to you, what other beef do have with him? What do you expect people to be like when they argue their position… are they supposed to be meek and apologetic? I don’t get it. When I argue my points, I believe i’m right, otherwise, why would I be arguing them?

    Here, watch the video: https://youtu.be/r7kqqywey7g?t=21m49s

    I marked it for you, the context, which you left out is that Cenk was arguing with a woman who said women suffregettes didn’t deserve the vote and cenk was saying that it’s crazy to expect men to just give the women the vote. He told her to thank the womens rights movement.

    “Give me a thank you for women’s rights groups for giving women the right to vote.” because the woman he was interviewing said women suffrugettes didn’t deserve the right to vote and that men would have given them the right eventually.

    Or do you not listen?


    1. There are times Cenk is right on the issues and politics and there are times he is wrong and he wont admit to being wrong and that is annoying. His whole show cant admit to being wrong or they rarely admit it. They just act like they’re nearly infallible. I think he and his show do poor research at times and he and they have their biases. They dont seem to want to fix this poor researching problem. Cenk may have intentionally lied about certain people here and there or most likely he was just biased and blinded.

      I saw the whole video of Cenk interviewing or talking with Karen Straughan. I just showed how he was unprofessional to flip out on her. She didn’t flip out on him once. I don’t like Karen Straughan, but Cenk should have let her give her points/let her speak. He was too much of a hot head and then he threw in his sexist remark saying, “Go make me a ham sandwich!” He’s the most unprofessional and immature liberal/progressive out there. Yet he gets away with so much.

      I don’t like Cenk’s disregard and disrespect for the Armenians. He acts like he and his show care about everyone, but they don’t. He and his show laugh at Armenians and others upset by the name of the show, which I find bizarre. I don’t like Cenk getting stories wrong and never or rarely admitting to getting those stories wrong. I don’t like him being blinded by his bias/biases. I don’t like how he can act like an emotional looney tune. He should have control over his emotions at his age. He’s way too immature. He can be way too aggressive. I don’t like how he’s been sexist in his past and present. I don’t like how he acts like a know it all. He’s too grandiose. He generally has to make himself look good no matter what and he needs to eat more humble pie.

      How he acted with Alex Jones was so insane. If Ben wasn’t holding him back then it looked like Cenk was going to throw punches at Alex. Cenk never even mentioned how Jimmy Dore spat into Alex’s face and Alex’s cameraman’s face. TYT have been against people spitting on others and yet are okay with what Jimmy did. ??? Cenk, Ana, and Jimmy were so nuts in that debacle and the other TYT hosts were calm, cool and collect. It was fun seeing Alex pop TYT’s bubble, but Alex did go way too far on them. Yet they shouldn’t have reacted in such crazy/bad extreme behaviors.


  3. also he and the crew are major hypocrites.
    they keep talking against fat shaming while ana was fat shaming alex
    they keep talking against bullying and they start to bully trump by starting cyberbully hashtag campaigns instead of using arguments. it also makes them look stupid to call a presidential candidate billionaire a “loser”.


    1. Thanks for those videos! I’m glad they both progressed over time, yet it would have been nice if they admitted to being wrong in the past on that subject. TYT rarely admits to being wrong. TYT just puffs out their chests and acts infallible. And TYT are known for getting so many stories wrong (factually). They don’t even care to fix that problem. ??? And their personal commentary on stories can be all wrong and or mainly wrong.

      I guess TYT acting infallible has worked, since plenty of TYT fans think they’re never wrong or barely wrong or just give them passes. ?? It’s like TYT fans wear rose colored glasses. I’ve tried to show the wrongs of TYT to their fans and it’s essentially impossible to get through to them.

      The Young Turks even had no shame about how they acted towards Alex Jones. Cenk and Ana have said spitting is the worst thing to do to someone and said it’s assault, yet they were all okay apparently, with Jimmy doing it. ??? Jimmy even got a show for private members on TYT after the fact. ?? I’ve never seen liberals/progressives act so crazy and low as Cenk, Ana and Jimmy did towards Alex Jones. And of course TYTs were fine with it all. ???

      And I don’t like Cenk being an Armenian genocide denier. It’s odd how Cenk can get away with that. No problem. ??? I think their name is deplorable and in the least disrespectful. Ana puts down her own Armenian community, which is really nasty, crazy and low. ??? Ana said she and everyone at TYT laughs at those morons who are upset with the name (The Armenians have been upset with the name since 2002). Ana doesn’t seem to care that Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier. ???

      These ‘liberals’/TYT hosts who laughed about a man being raped by his wife in India was crazy. They just didn’t believe that woman raped her husband. They acted like Fox News hosts. ??? I was like, “Wow…some liberals.” And they were light hearted and laughing about that story I think 2 yrs ago.

      The show really is crazy. They’re not wrong about everything, but when they are they really are. It’s just weird when they are overly sensitive about certain subjects/stories and are biased. And then can be so callous and biased. TYT were basically for people of color to discriminate against white people (they were specific in not wanting white roommates). ?? TYT may have been for segregation in some schools or classes ( I think it was classes), cause some people of color wanted the segregation. ??? When the Cologne molestation and rapes happened on New years; Jimmy had to bring up the Catholic church molesting and raping kids (that had nothing to do with the story. WTH?). TYT is just a bizarre and crazy show. I am guessing a rather big percent of viewers just watch the show to laugh at them.


  4. Cenk’s biggest issue is that he has a big ego? Since when did having an ego become a sin? The larger a person’s ego, the more successful they are in life: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/234496

    You’d need to have a huge ego to take on the entire rigged system, alt-right trolls, and the massive amount of internet trolls all at the same time. I came to this article expecting facts or a diagnosis from a psychologist, instead what I got was a guy in an armchair diagnosing Cenk with crazy

    “The Young Turks gets so many stories wrong that the show has turned into Fox news left ”

    That is your quote, and that is where you completely lost me. I was expecting a higher minded breakdown of where he went wrong, instead I found a simple-minded point of view of black and white thinking. TYT is TYT, and Fox News is Fox News. There is no comparison. Hitler is literally Hitler.

    I came here with an open mind, and found myself unconvinced, I left this comment hoping you’ll rethink the next time you critique something, use the actual show and facts, not one or two examples of them accidentally getting something wrong OR comparing them to fox news. I want to see systemic corruption at TYT, not an armchair psychologist saying “Dave Rubin left, so something MUST be wrong!” . . . you’re not convincing anyone to come to your side, you’re preaching to the choir and regurgitating strawmans for the alt-right to eat up


    1. This is a rather light hearted piece for the most part and I provided evidence of Cenk being a crazy character etc. He makes his crazy faces and he thinks he is a comic genius(a few yrs ago he directed his cameraman to show crazy faces he made at EVERY angle. Wow… COMEDIC FAIL!). He is rather animated to the 10th degree. He is very very emotional and he seems to have a hormonal imbalance, but maybe that’s just the way he is. He is definitely a hot head. He rarely can admit to being wrong, so he can’t see reality a lot of the time (I think that’s definitely a sign of being crazy right there). He acts like the best man and he has actually said that he’s the best ex-Muslim on earth. He’s never explained why he and only he is the best ex-Muslim on earth and I guess you must agree with that one. He will refuse to listen to reason. He is extremely stubborn. He drives people crazy when he is being stubborn and he refuses to see their points of view and he dismisses them and THE END. He has said bigoted like remarks and very sexist remarks and that’s all okay for some reason. ? It seems like Cenk can get away with a lot and I guess he has that cult of personality and that’s why so many people can’t see his wrongs/faults and being crazy.

      He’s a news man and if he sees news, which doesn’t fit his world view /narrative then he’ll spin that news and do so, which is ridiculous, but typical for many in the news field (it’s unfortunate though). So why Cenk says his network and show only provide the truth is just wrong. They provide truthiness and bias. Plenty have said that TYT is the Fox news of the left. There’s so many videos on Youtube, which have broken down Cenk and his show getting stories wrong and they’re much more detailed and show you how certain stories they told were wrong and were extremely biased (and they’ve shown TYT’s hypocrisy many times). Here’s just one Youtuber who’s shown TYT getting stories wrong and showing how biased they are: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYmqiv_DNFYFkn8fvvJujmA/videos There’s so many more than this guy and he used to love TYT. This is a good video about how TYT has gone down hill over the yrs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXyiUi5fPWc Here’s another good video about TYT being ideologues etc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MAK6h4fSMc&t=4s. This is how Cenk wants to run his show and network (he does give Jimmy Dore and Steve Oh lee way to be fair). There’s so many ex-TYT fans these days and they’ve been stunned at how bad TYT has turned out to be (to see so many bad changes). Cenk just isn’t getting ‘attacked’ by the right and the alt right.

      Maybe I’ll do another blog post and show like 20-25 or more Youtube videos showing Cenk and his show getting so many stories wrong with my commentary. I could just do a blog like that probably every week. If you can’t see Cenk’s show and network getting stories wrong then I doubt anyone could/can prove it to you. I think Cenk is a crazy character and many others do (I’m not the only one). On another note, you have to admit Ana has changed a lot and she sure seems more high strung and has a shorter fuse and some have and may call her crazy.


  5. This is unbelievably bad writing. Please stop blogging and find a different hobby. Spewing hate without evidence only strengthens Cenk’s legitimacy. I’ve seen Cenk’s own coworkers tear him down better than this trash.

    Then in your comment above, your ‘evidence’ that he is crazy is him being goofy on camera, making faces and having a little lighthearted fun? What are you, 12? Even amateurs can smear better than that, let alone professionals who know such childish nonsense only makes him look better, not worse.

    Why? How can you make him look better by attacking him with so much text? When people read this article, their minds are open to negativity to Cenk. You’ve already got most agreeing the moment they click. But your writing is so bad, your evidence so lacking, your argument so backwards, it makes people think, “Well, if this is his enemy, he must not be so bad. If this is their best takedown, he must be doing great.”

    You help TYT by making their enemies look like complete dumbasses and 12 year old children spouting nonsense.


    1. I did provide a lot of evidence of Cenk Uygur’s craziness (he’s over the top and says crazy shit every single day). Are you blind to evidence? This was/is a lighthearted blog post and yet I did provide evidence of Cenk being nutty. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist.

      He was crazy to name his son Prometheus Maximus, which showed his narcissism, craziness, and arrogance. You must admit that name is outlandish and on the crazy side for names. Don’t you think it’s odd that his wife wasn’t involved with naming both of their children? Explain how this stuff wasn’t crazy. Defend Cenk’s name choice, please.

      Don’t you think it was crazy or odd for Cenk to make fun of his future son, since he thought his future son will be a dork and a runt for being half-Chinese? Wasn’t he kind of a bigot or a racist to say such shit? Why was that not crazy? Please explain.

      Are you okay with Cenk laughing at men being raped by women? Was that not crazy? Please explain.

      Many Youtubers prove how crazy Cenk is every single day by showing evidence. He is a crazy and smug man. How can anyone not see this stuff? He was crazy enough to choose the worst name for his show and network when he was and is an Armenian genocide denier. He has no respect for the Armenian community, which is crazy for a liberal to do. He acts like he’s way above the pesky piss ant Armenians. Please explain why it’s okay for Cenk to disregard and have such disrespect for an entire ethnic group?

      He thought a Saudi man being flogged looked like a light spanking without doing any research on Saudi floggings, but I guess you’re okay with that, since Cenk can do no wrong and is so ‘god like’, right (HE AND JOHN REALLY ACTED LIKE FUCKINIG 12 YR OLDS IN THAT VIDEO!!!)? Again this Saudi man can die from his floggings and floggings are painful. Cenk acts like his show is the best show on earth when his show is notorious for doing piss poor research. Isn’t it rather crazy for someone to say he has the best show on earth and does such poor research? Why is Cenk’s show’s piss poor research okay?

      Cenk can’t deal with reality much of the time as he runs a news network, which is hilarious and is crazy. He is very biased and he is extremely stubborn and he generally can’t admit he’s wrong. He is crazy. Jesus… He also shows signs of narcissism like not being able to admit he’s wrong. He has an extremely large ego, which is over the top and crazy like. I see that you basically can’t see the wrongs of Cenk Uygur even if they’re pointed out to you. Answer my questions, please and defend Cenk Uygur more. Also go back and read my blog post and go line by line proving the evidence I showed was all wrong. I know you can do it.

      Liked by 1 person

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