Ana Kasparian is a piece of work and has a big ego.

UPDATED January 13th 2018 (Originally this was written back in August 5, 2015) And big NEWS FLASHES is at the end of this piece!

Ana doesn’t mind The Young Turks  name and Cenk being an Armenian genocide denier and the show ignoring the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide. ??

It’s stunning how Ana Kasparian who’s an Armenian American chose to work for a show called “The Young Turks.” The  Young Turks in history committed the Armenian genocide and did other atrocities to the Armenians, which directly effected her family (the Greeks and Assyrians were killed by The Young Turks too). Many years ago maybe back in 2008 or 2009 I remember hearing Ana say how her own mother was disgusted by the name and I don’t think her mother has ever gotten over the name of that show/network (of course back then I had no idea what she was talking about).  How does anyone knowing the history of the name, which deeply effected one’s own family turn off that part of one’s brain, heart, and soul? It really is amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it. It would be like a Jewish woman working for a show called “The Nazis.” She has said she was skeptical of the name when she first heard about the show. She’s never explained how she got over such a deplorable name. She just did somehow (finding out about the cool definitions of the name and career advancement!).  Her cognitive dissonance is truly powerful.  I’ve talked to some Armenian Americans and they’ve basically all said to me that Ana proved she’d do ANYTHING to advance in her career. Many other Armenian Americans told me that Ana sold her soul to work on a show with that name. This is especially weird, since Cenk is Turkish and he must know how offensive the name is to Armenians and most Turks deny the Armenian genocide. Um… ?????????? One man on Twitter asked her how she can work on a show named The Young Turks  and the exchange is below:

  1. Ana, do you feel any guilt being part of a “news” show that shares its name with a group who slaughtered your ancestors?

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    Luckiest girl in the world.

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    Ana’s boss Cenk Uygur who’s a Turkish American is a  public Armenian genocide denier.  Her boss Cenk, is  meek about it and not yelling it from the roof tops with a cocky attitude like he was  in his University days and  through out the 90s and up to 2003 or 2005 (I’m not sure of the exact date). After that time and for years later, I think he went onto say that what happened was that the Armenians were massacred and he never said the Armenian genocide happened. He pretty much stuck to what he said before, but he wasn’t so detailed and was more quiet about it.

    On April 24th 2015 on the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide Ana had to go out of her way on her own Youtube channel while on vacation to talk about that big news worthy anniversary, since the The Young Turks  couldn’t have her on Skype to talk about it. Here’s the video: . I guess she understood some mysterious reason or reasons why this had to be hush hush at The Young Turks. ?? It was a rather big news story at the time (especially for a SJW type of show. ???). Cenk wasn’t on The Young Turks  and I think he was on a business trip. Cenk and Ana on The Young Turks  in early April of 2015 talked about the Kardashian sisters going to Armenia and they conveniently left out how the sisters were planning on going to the Armenian genocide memorial: When Kim Kardashian met President Obama at the White House Corespondance Dinner TYT  left out Kim asking the president to try to make the U.S govt. recognize the Armenian genocide. Hmmm…. ?

    Now, I have a video of Ana flipping out about how people are morons if they’re upset by name The Young Turks. It starts at 41:08-42:24: That was rather telling. She’s in the bubble where people laugh about people being upset by the name. Hmm.. ?



      Ana’s back and forth email with an Armenian woman named Alana Kalanian from 2012…



Actually  I just saw a back and forth email conversation on Alana Kalanian’s blog from March 2012  In this back and forth email  Ana said she  loves her boss and said Cenk has talked about the massacres, which happened to the Armenians on the show (god knows when this happened. Apparently the word genocide could not be said. And maybe this happened on a post game/private show).  Ana said to this woman, Alana that she should be proud of how hard she worked and got a good career (how dare she be criticized!). Alana was stunned by how self-centered Ana was and how Ana couldn’t even say that Cenk  believes there was an Armenian genocide. Alana told Ana that she too worked hard  and also has a successful career, but what does that have to do with Cenk being an Armenian genocide denier? Apparently Ana only likes to be praised and not criticized (Queen Ana was rearing her head even back then). Ana has wanted the Armenians to praise her and love her and worship her like some Armenian American goddess. ???



In March & Nobember of 2015 Ana had a public discussion with an Armenian American, Kate Nahapetian who’s a director for  the Armenian National Committee of America.


Kate Nahapetian is the Government Affairs Director of the Armenian National Committee of America who had a discussion with Ana on Twitter back in March 30th 2015, April 3rd 2015, and in November 24th 2015. Ana tweeted why she works for a Turk and linked her Facebook post on March 30th 2015 and this is her Facebook post on the same day and this is the link:  Here’s a snippet from this post: “These people haven’t even taken the time to watch the show, research what the name means, or even hear my take on the genocide. When your community celebrates Kim Kardashian, but criticizes a career-oriented, educated, woman who speaks out against injustice regularly, it’s infuriating. Not all Armenians are close-mined. We have a ton of Armenian fans. But there are A LOT of extremely dumb and uncultured people running their mouths. I’m obviously tired of it.”


Poor poor Ana has been so ‘attacked’/’hated on’ by so many uncultured and extremely dumb Armenians.  I understand why Ana was upset by that email from that particular Armenian woman saying something so horrible, which she talked about on Facebook. Yet there’s more to it as we all know. I’m guessing that Armenian woman was frustrated by the fact that so many Turks don’t believe the Armenian genocide happened like Cenk has publicly shown or she must have known about Cenk’s long public Armenian genocide denial. As Cenk also chose the name The Young Turks for his show and network. How are Armenians not supposed to be upset with Ana? ??????????????? How are they not supposed to be upset by the name The Young Turks especially, since Cenk is a public Armenian genocide denier? ???????????????????????


This was Kate’s response on this Twitter page/thread: Kate Nahapetian on Twitter: “.@AnaKasparian Abhorrent speech ag u. Also abhorrent-@cenkuygur denying genocide & naming show aft mass murderers.” Kate said The Young Turks in history did do the Armenian genocide and that makes the name a deplorable/offensive name to have for a show/network. Kate said Cenk has been and still is (never stopped being one) a public Armenian genocide denier  and that/this is abhorrent. Ana said Cenk wrote that (article in his university paper and in a letter to so long ago. Kate asked Ana for a citation on whether Cenk has recanted his stance on the Armenian genocide. Ana never responded to that, because she had no evidence.  Kate also said Cenk has supported a Turkish American organization called Assembly of Turkish American Associations, which the leader vehemently denies the Armenian genocide, the people in the organization have to deny it or just deny it and the organization does all it can to make sure the Armenian genocide is not taught and they put pressure on the U.S government to officially deny the Armenian genocide. ( that was back in 2012) Here’s the Twitter page/thread showing Kate’s tweet about it on April 3rd, 2015: Of course Ana didn’t respond and that shut her down immediately and she stopped communicating with Kate (what could Ana say?). Ana was acting so superior with Kate and was rather intense and snotty. I like that Kate shut her down. Kate was very down to earth and was firm and to the point (she wasn’t emotional, mean or acting superior). This conversation got heated again on Nov 24th 2015 on Twitter and here’s the Twitter page/thread w/ more people too: Ana couldn’t give  straight answers, which said it all.


I think Ana would defend a show and network named The Nazis if she was Jewish working on this said show for a longtime holocaust denier who supports holocaust denying organizations.  Well she’d do so in this scenario if not enough people knew about the holocaust. Am I right? I think I am. Ana has no integrity at all as  she thinks she’s some moral superior Queen fighting for social justice. Her  hypocrisy is breath taking.


At a public event back in December 2016 or January 2017 Ana admitted to someone in private that she doesn’t like the name The Young Turks. Ana was ‘so strong’ and ‘righteous’ by calling  Armenians (and others morons) extremely dumb, and uncultured to not like this name/be offended by  name The Young Turks and yet she isn’t extremely dumb and uncultured. Wow…..!!!! ???????????? Of course there is a loophole, cause Ana is Queen Ana. ??? Ana told this person that she’s tried to get Cenk to change the name of the show and network and he has refused to do so.



                                     Ana thinks she’s better than Kim Kardashian

Ana has said often enough that the Armenian community shouldn’t be so thrilled and happy about Kim Kardashian. I think Ana has said Kim is skanky/slutty. Ana has essentially said that they should respect and love her for her accomplishments and by working so hard and by being on a show standing up for social justice etc ( I know I’ve said this before and I think she’d wanted the Armenians to give her a gold prize for working so hard and by being so successful).  She’s basically said that everyone on the planet should respect her for working so hard. She stands up for social justice supposedly while she puts down her own people (Amazingly insane and hypocritical).???!  Ana had to ignore the story of Kim Kardashian and her sisters going to the Armenian genocide memorial on The Young Turks show that she works on. ?? Here is a video of Ana and Cenk on The Young Turks putting down  Kim Kardashian and her sisters on April 9th 2015 (yes I showed this before):   Kim took out a full page in the New York Times in September of 2016 to express her opposition to an advert in the Wall Street Journal earlier in the year of 2016: I don’t think Ana (or anyone on The Young Turks) talked about that story on the Young Turks. Kim Kardashian has talked to President Barack Obama about how the Armenian genocide should be recognized by the United States and of course The Young Turks did not talk about that (sorry to repeat myself). Kim has done more by respecting and standing up for the Armenian community than Ana ever has or will. Again, Ana has called her own people uncultured and dumb for being upset by the name The Young Turks and said that she and everyone at TYT laugh at them (and others who are upset by the name). Ana thinks Armenians and everyone else should just bow their heads and accept Cenk for being a public Armenian genocide denier, while having a deplorable name for his show & network, which offends Armenians especially and accept that Cenk  went onto to support two Turkish American organizations, which make sure the Armenian genocide isn’t taught anywhere (ATAA and TCA).  Ana would blow a gasket if she was a normal Armenian (as in not work for TYT) and Kim Kardashian was supporting a man who has such public disdain for Armenians, denies the Armenian genocide and supports Turkish American organizations, which deny the Armenian genocide. ??? Yet the plot  thickens with Kim Kardashians and her sister, cause someone told me that the Kardashians have done business and I think currently do business with Turkey (Good god), so maybe Kim and Ana are in a tie at the moment (It just looks bad to to business with a country where the govt denies the Armenian genocide to the extreme, which makes so many other countries deny it). In this video titled, “Two hypocritical peas in a pod (Sean Hannity and Cenk Uygur)” by The Youtuber hellsunicorn  at 10:57 is where he talks about how Cenk and Ana were pretty much making fun of Armenians, got facts wrong,  and didn’t say alleged or accused to describe the defendants in this video and the video had to be taken down. This video upset the Armenians very much. Even Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have said such things.

 It appears that  Cenk has tricked Ana for years or Ana was saving her own face and Cenk’s. ??

Now it appears that Cenk has tricked Ana for years for supposedly agreeing with her in PRIVATE that the Armenian genocide happened (God, knows when this happened or if this really happened). Actually I read on Reddit awhile ago that one guy remembered Ana saying on a post game show from way back like when she was still new to TYT that she was infuriated with Cenk and so many Turks, since they don’t believe in the Armenian genocide.  I’ve read somewhere that Ana wrote that she’d never work for an Armenian genocide denier (Cenk is a public Armenian genocide denier). Ana could have said that she’d never work for an Armenian genocide denier to save her OWN face and to save Cenk’s face and to have people get off of her back and Cenk’s back. Ana has interacted with people on this controversy while Cenk has avoided it 99.9% of the time. Ana has either lied for Cenk or has been in willful ignorance for Cenk over the years, yet it looks like she’s helped lie for him. She even said this below, which made no sense:



The above comment was bizarre. ??? She did a weird cover for Cenk or she showed her own wishful thinking. ???


Cenk did trick Ana back in April of 2013 on a post game show. He was talking about an Armenian American at his university who was the leader of the Armenian group or council. Cenk was saying how the Armenian didn’t want to talk to him at all when Cenk wanted to and  Ana was  like that’s ridiculous, yet Cenk left out a lot of  information. Cenk forgot to mention how he disrupted/threw an absolute fit at a funding meeting for the student activities council  at his university, cause he wanted the Armenian student group/council to not be funded the following  year, because they were putting ads in the University paper saying the Armenian genocide happened/The Armenian genocide anniversary is coming up and that they were  too political in general. There’s no way Ana could have known this and Cenk loved tricking her, cause he had such a shit eating grin on his face. 

It sure looked like that Cenk acting like a fucking asshole is why that Armenian didn’t want to talk to Cenk. When Cenk didn’t get his way he eventually decided to research like crazy and write an article about 7 months later saying there was no Armenian genocide in his university newspaper. Why on earth did Cenk leave out his fit at that meeting, so Ana was in the dark? She surely knew about the article he wrote back then. On this post game show in April of 2013 Cenk may have been tricking Ana as he couldn’t  say the Armenian genocide happened, yet they both said, “What happened”and they danced  around the topic of the Armenian genocide and they both agreed  to a compromise on this topic. It’s not easy to know what was really going on, since Cenk likes to trick people so much : It looks like Cenk was getting funding from organizations, which deny the Armenian genocide at the time and I’m sure his whole family didn’t (and doesn’t now) believe the Armenian genocide happened. This video by the Youtuber Glink : titled, ” Ana Kasparian Is Not A True Armenian – TYT’s Genocide Denial” makes good points about the TYT post game video from April of 2013 and Glink obviously talks about how Ana isn’t a true Armenian,  Cenk is a piece of shit in his eyes, and the Armenian genocide etc.


Cenk lost a moderator gig in 2006 due to how Armenians protested him & low and behold Ana got hired in 2007. 


In 2006 Cenk was supposed to be a moderator on a show, but he lost the gig due to so many Armenians protesting  him due to the name of his show I believe and I think due to his Armenian genocide denial (I’m sorry that  I don’t know enough details at this time). I’m sure Cenk was not pleased. Those damn Armenians ruined it for Cenk (those big thorns in his side).


Cenk must have been shocked and pleased a year later when a young Armenian American woman wanted to work for/on his show called The Young Turks. His mind must have been blown, since he and the Armenian community have not gotten along for so many years. He must have thought this was a gift from heaven so to speak, since having an Armenian on his show would be good public relations. Ana could be his shield and he could point at her, so to speak and say, “I like/love Armenians!” Cenk has done this for years and has convinced a good many that he indeed likes/loves Armenians (as he keeps the deplorable name of his show/network, laughs at Armenians behind their backs, has supported two Turkish American organizations, which do all they can to make sure the Armenian genocide isn’t taught and is a public Armenian genocide denier). I guess  Ana thought a particular job at The Young Turks would be a quick boost for her career and  she most likely didn’t know Cenk was a public Armenian genocide denier at the time ( I guess an Armenian told her later. ?). Cenk must have sold  Ana that the name The Young Turks has nothing to do with the historical situation that started in 1915 in Anatolia and told her about the progressive and rebel definition(s) of the name. Plus Ana said years later she researched what the name meant (the progressive and rebel definitions). I guess she went to a dictionary website and found out that The Young Turks means rebel.  Ana just didn’t care when she found out that he’s a public Armenian genocide denier or she looked the other way or tricked herself.



                          Ana and Cenk have had a weird marriage of convenience.



They’ve had a weird ‘marriage of convenience’ as he wins by having her on his show and she’s very good public relations for him as I said before. And a very young woman at the time wins by getting experience, fame, career advancement etc.  They really thought that a Turkish American man and an Armenian American woman working on a show called The Young Turks was a fantastic break through (unfucking believable how delusional they were!)! It would have been a fantastic break through if Cenk wasn’t a public Armenian genocide denier/ publicly said the Armenian genocide happened, and didn’t have the name The Young Turks for his show and network  and he stopped and apologized for supporting Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide. Will any of that happen? I think not.


I don’t know if Ana could even imagine that Cenk has tricked her for all of these years. I don’t think she knew Cenk supported such organizations, which deny her peoples’ genocide.  It seemed like Ana was shocked when she was told about this on Twitter. Or she was shocked that woman knew. It looks like  she doesn’t care at all that Cenk publicly denies her people’s genocide, since she’s just wanted to get ahead in her career and she’s fine with Cenk saying massacres happened to the Armenians and not saying the Armenian genocide happened (close enough, I guess). I think she’s been fine with Cenk’s idea of a compromise on the topic of the Armenian genocide and that certain people saying massacres happened to the Armenians is good enough and everyone should move on. Ana has definitely tried to save her face and Cenk’s face by hinting that he has changed, since he wrote that stuff in the 90s. I don’t think she ever knew that Cenk had his Armenian genocide denial on his The Young Turks website from 1999-2003 or 2005.


The above  shows  Cenk is still a public Armenian genocide denier (even if he is meek about it than before). As of April 22, 2016 he wrote a Rescinding Statement (rescind definition: revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement. He seemed to choose the wrong word on purpose),which ‘took back’what he wrote in his university paper in 1991 and in a letter to Salon in 1999, yet he said he can’t talk about the TOPIC of the Armenian genocide, because he’s not a scholar of history,  which was an interesting cop out and he also called it an ‘issue’. He just couldn’t say, “I take back what I write and yes the Armenian genocide did happen.” A holocaust denier who had who had his denial publicly in writing who rescinded the writing, called the holocaust an issue and say he doesn’t know enough about the topic of the holocaust just wouldn’t fly.   In August of 2016 on a libertarian Youtube talk show;  Cenk voiced that he wants to leave everything to the Rescinding Statement he made in April 22, 2016 on his website. There’s more info about Cenk’s genocide denial and Ana’s involvement on this blog The Genocidal Turks:


Ana seems okay with Cenk being a public Armenian genocide denier. Or she wears blinders and tricks herself/tells herself that Cenk isn’t a private Armenian genocide denier/in private he says the Armenian genocide happened. He may have tricked her saying that he privately believes it to keep her on his show. I mean who really knows. Cenk has shown that he loves tricking people and getting a power trip from it and I think tricking an Armenian would be the ultimate power trip for Cenk (that’s just my 2 cents). He may have tricked the rest of his employees & co-workers too. Who really knows.


Why would Cenk publicly support  (it looks like he currently supports them)  two Turkish American organizations, which do all they can to make sure the Armenian genocide isn’t taught if he truly believes it happened? That makes no sense it all and Ana can’t spin it. I know these Turkish American organizations do more than just deny the Armenian genocide etc, but still… Ana has defended Cenk publicly and essentially has said he’s not an Armenian genocide denier in tricky ways/clever ways. I’m guessing Cenk laughs and feels great that Ana has called her people uncultured and dumb and other  people morons to be upset by the name the Young Turks (The Armenians have been the most upset  for the longest amount of time) and she said that she and everyone at TYT laugh at these people! Ana for the first few years understood why Armenians were upset by the name and said it was confusing. She later did a complete 180. Cenk must have laughed and laugh that he influenced an Armenian to change so much about this matter. I don’t think Ana felt such animosity towards Armenians until she worked on The Young Turks. I think Cenk won the most out of this ‘marriage of convenience’ as Ana looks terrible despite her fame and success on The Young Turks.  Again, Cenk looks like the type who’d trick someone, especially when he’d get so much out of it and he’s had such a long history of having disdain for the Armenians and dismissing them too. And Ana is too stubborn of a person to ever believe someone she likes would ever trick her (yet again maybe she’s fine with Cenk being a public and true Armenian genocide denier). Again I don’t know if Ana knew that Cenk publicly supported such organizations that deny her people’s genocide until she was told on Twitter in the year of  2015.



                 Ana said back in July 20th, 2015 that she doesn’t consider herself culturally Armenian (American).

At 1:33-2:04 in the video below, Ana said, “I know what it’s like to be part of a cultural group that your born into, but you unfortunately don’t identify with, okay.  I know what it’s like to identify more with a different cultural group. ….. Look  I’m Armenian and I don’t identify with a lot of Armenians out there…. I just  have my own interests, my own identity, My own everything.” From what I know Ana has been culturally Mexican American, since at least her Middle School years. She was a Chola from Middle School to High School at least. Now I have no idea why she doesn’t culturally identify as being  Armenian/Armenian American, yet she was surrounded by a lot of Mexican Americans and Cholas obviously ( I doubt she was in a tough gang of Cholas though. I think she just dressed like them). Maybe her Armenian parents from the old country of Armenia were/are too old fashioned. Who knows. I’ve heard Armenians are culturally/socially very conservative in general, yet many Mexican Americans are culturally and socially conservative. ?? She apparently just likes Mexican American/Hispanic culture better. I don’t know if she got into trouble saying this, because culturally appropriating other peoples’ culture, was seen as a big no no back in 2015 according to some SJWs. Ana did have a big Armenian wedding though, so she’s not fully against being culturally Armenian or she only was having fun being culturally Armenian on her wedding day. It’s interesting that Ana who’s Armenian doesn’t consider herself culturally Armenian I guess 99.9% of the time and Cenk has basically pointed at Ana saying, “I love Armenians!”Wow… No wonder why Ana has had no problem throwing her own people under the bus and laughing at Armenians for so long. I guess she is an Aunt Jemima/Uncle Tom Armenian after all.  Cenk laughs at the Uncle Toms on Fox news and yet…. ?????



                          Controversies and other stupid bullshit at The Young Turks.


Why must she think it’s okay for her boss to slander a certain person when it comes to a certain subject, which has been Sam Harris.(The Young Turks vs Sam Harris – The Evidence:  She teaches a journalism class at CSUN for God’s sake. She obviously believes Cenk, hook line and sinker without question (98% of the time). I know she admires him and adores him. She’s blinded by love as they say. She’s in Cenk’s big fat bubble.


Her boss, has been sexist and I have no idea how she dealt with that, since he wouldn’t let her talk about news in politics for yrs.  Now when TYT was in the Current T.V studio Cenk interrupted her the most, put her down the most, laughed in her face the most and jerked her chain the most. He wasn’t like that to that extreme with any other co-host, but her (he was never like that with his male co-hosts to such a crazy extreme). She had to sneak in political news stories on her dippy light news segment/hour. I guess Cenk thought Ana couldn’t handle news in politics, because she’s a woman even though she got her masters in Political Science (he must have thought the University she attended was a joke).  Cenk put Ana  through a lot of shit to be honest and really made her pay her dues so to speak.  He was like the annoying older brother on steroids.


Her boss was lighthearted about a Saudi man named Raif Badawi who was flogged and thought it looked like a light spanking after he and John Iadarolla watched a secret video which filmed Raif’s flogging. No research was needed on that story for some reason. ?? Badawi has scars on his body which he’ll have for life due to his floggings, they are obviously very painful and he can die from the floggings. This video explains what Cenk and John got wrong in this video: Cenk is a Dumbass. #FreeRaif: I’m sure these things must have bothered her somewhat, but I doubt it, cause her cognitive dissonance kicks into overdrive apparently, because she LOVES her job at TYT. She’s all about her career, so she can ignore a lot of negative things. Or she’s blinded by love and arrogance.


The show has turned into the left version of Fox news or the Colbert Report in reverse. They certainly have their slants/narratives/truthiness too much of the time and reality can be damned. Her boss is very obnoxious, arrogant, self-centered, bombastic, stubborn, pig headed and overly emotional. The Young Turks  sold out to Fusion/Univision and wore blinders and cheer leaded for Hillary Clinton (they ignored a lot of Hillary’s faults and how the election got stolen from Bernie).  The Young Turks even went after a true progressive, Tim Black: They went after other progressives too such as H.A Goodman and Niko House.


The big problem with The Young Turks  is that they’re known to get many stories wrong. This has been a big problem for the The Young Turks, but their arrogance makes them not see it. And or they have their bias(biases)/narrative quotas to fill(what their big donors want them to say. $$$$$$$$$$$$$).  They brag that they get all of the stories right and that they are the best in the media (what a damn joke!).  Ana wants to be associated with this, which looks rather strange of her, yet she’s in the TYT bubble and I guess no one can pop it.  She and the rest of her co-workers and boss seem like an odd bunch to get so many stories wrong and can’t admit they got stories wrong.  Their smugness (which is out of this world) and blinders are strange and they have to stick to their narrative regardless. There seems to be countless Youtubers these days LOVING pointing out The Young Turks getting stories wrong, being so biased, having their heads so far up their own asses and being stupid.


Ana has in the past and I guess recently has forgotten often enough to say, which town in a state a story happened in (  This isn’t that much of a controversy, but it is a stupid hiccup of Ana’s and she’s had this odd hiccup, since she’s started. I don’t know why her boss lets her get away with this odd  hiccup. ? It certainly isn’t professional. I don’t think other outlets/networks would tolerate such a hiccup. Yet maybe in recent times she doesn’t do this anymore.


She brags that TYT doesn’t use a teleprompter, but apparently they need one badly to remember details of stories. They at least need to look at their notes more or have all the details in their notes. The show she works on has been looking like a satire too much of the time and looks like a long  SNL skit. From looking at The Young Turks Youtube comments; about 50% (or it seems) of the The Young Turks  audience watches The Young Turks  to laugh at (including plenty of people on the left who used to be fans of TYT).  When The Young Turks act like the best in the media and get so many  stories so wrong is just bizarre. It’s really funny actually.


The Young Turks have shown their misandry over the yrs ,which for some odd reason has been fine for a supposed liberal and progressive show: They just think it’s funny when a man gets hurt by a woman. Or they think when a woman rapes a man it’s bizarre or it isn’t rape or it’s just really funny, cause the man was just so weak and pathetic.


Ana has talked about her sex life quite often on the show as well as her boss Cenk Uygur (others have too on TYT). She has talked about rubbing her pearl a lot and how she needs an orgasm every morning and likes to  get it out  of the way. She talks about how she loves sex ( I don’t know how I found this, but here’s more proof of Ana talking about sex and sexuality I think on post game shows mainly : ) They’ve all loved talking about their sex lives. They know sex sells. They talk about sexual matters/news often enough. I think they ripped off the Howard Stern show somewhat. Hey, it’s fine I guess, since sex is the joy of life and a big part of life in general. It’s just weird for a newsy show to talk about it so much. She’s talked about how she loves porn that shows a porn actress choking on a porn actor’s penis  and other violent scenes of women getting raped (she’s so edgy! This is the woman who never was interested in watching porn until Cenk’s influence most likely). She’s said she loves being dominated in the bedroom. She’s also said she loves aggressive sex (well that certainly happens with a Latin lover.).



                                    Ana acts like the smartest person on earth.


Ana has said she worked so hard when she was in her school yrs and especially during high school.  During her Junior and Senior years she took college/university level classes so she’d  have two yrs of college/university under her belt.  She had such a drive and was very focused. She said she was a nerd and always had her nose in the books. She went to CSUN, which has a reputation of being like a community college (as in anyone can get in). I think she chose that university, because it was very affordable and she didn’t want to be tied down with a lot of university debt. I don’t think anyone should brag that they went to a ‘community college’ for 4 or 5 yrs, since she also got her Masters there too.  She acts like she went to Brandeis University though. Again, she puffs out her chest and essentially says how smart she is often enough and that she worked so HARD.  It’s funny how she’ll deflect saying that instead of directly answering certain questions (like with Alana). She seems to want to be praised for working so hard and for being so smart. She seems rather full of herself and seems to look down her nose at certain people.  She can act rather superior/Queen like at times, which is rather unfortunate. Here’s Ana saying, “I’m fucking better than you!

I’m Better Than You, Much Better!



 Ana has been violent & has no regrets & yet says she’s anti-violent.


She’s had a controversy when she said she drop kicked a 14 or 15 or 16 yr old young/underage man/teen in a park,  cause he at first smacked her ass while he was riding a bicycle. She was 19 yrs old  at the time, I think. What the teenage young man did was wrong and was a crime, but she seemed to have gone too far. He bicycled around the park and was near her again and it looked like he was going to do it again or do whatever else.  She said how she tripped him off of his bike when he got near her again and while he was on the ground she could not stop kicking him as hard as she could in his ribs. She said she was in a fit of rage and lost control and even when he begged her to stop she couldn’t stop. When she was done kicking him and knew he was so hurt, she just walked away and didn’t look back. Here’s the video where she explains it back in 2008:  She did change her story around over time. This looked and still looks rather pathetic of her to change her story (shes first talked about it in 2008 and then again a few yrs later maybe in 2012 and then again changing her story around in March of 2015). Here’s Ana’a recent version: Ana’s recent version of this event is she said that she was walking before dusk or something like that. She had no choice, but to kick that young man non-stop, And that she ran as fast as she could out of the park. She was obviously trying to make herself look better and look to be in more danger and more of a victim.   Again she teaches a journalism class.  She said she has no regrets for a second for going too far with that teenage young man (not an adult).  I understand she felt the need to defend and protect herself, but she did seem to go way too far. I bet she wouldn’t care if she broke that young man’s ribs and caused other internal injuries. And she has no problem with lying to people to make herself look better. ???


She also blurted out in June of 2015 that she used to beat the shit out of her younger brother and would bribe him to not tell their parents (she apparently didn’t like being a latch key kid having  to watch her younger brother). At the age of 28 or almost 29 she had no remorse for doing that. Even Cenk slipped out saying, “That’s crazy.”   She looked to be very immature for a 28 yr old/almost 29 yr old woman, but no one is perfect. I doubt there’s going to be a segment about sibling abuse anytime soon on The Young Turks. Sibling abuse happens a lot more than parental abuse.  I bet her younger brother has some horrible stories to tell. It seems obvious that high strung Ana must have been a wicked older sister at other times in other ways.


Ana said in June of 2015 that if her boyfriend ever got a happy ending after a massage then she’d KILL HIM!!! She looked like a possessed crazy woman when she said this. I see that she loved her boyfriend so much that she’d get in a jealous rage if any woman touched him, but saying that was a wee bit over the top and bizarre.


I think for quite some time Ana has been on her high horse for being anti-violent, yet still thought/think’s it was okay to beat the shit out of her younger brother and to this day has no regrets for kicking a teenage kid in his ribs as hard as she did even when he begged her to stop. It looks she wouldn’t care if that kid/young man had to go to the hospital. It seems like she has no regret for any psychological damage she did to her younger brother. And she saw it as completely normal to say she’d kill her boyfriend on air on The Young Turks  (let’s hope her man/who became her hubby won’t do anything stupid. Yikes!).



                                                 Ana can be a moody woman.


Ana used to be nice, down to earth and even keeled for the most part  even though I think she was trying real hard to be honest (as in it didn’t look like her natural way of being at times). She admitted recently in 2017 that she is a salty bitch and said that she felt like she had  ‘be nice’ on the show  and that wasn’t the real her.  Gradually from maybe two yrs ago and last yr and even now Ana has turned into a female version of Cenk to an extent and yet with her own attributes (he is her mentor and he is like an older brother). She’s intense, highly opinionated, short tempered, thinned skinned, catty, bombastic, obnoxious, bitchy, cunty, smug/arrogant and judgmental.   When she gets very upset her voice becomes very shrill and it does hurt one’s ears. She can freak out about things that she shouldn’t get so upset about.  She gets way more flak for being moody on air than Cenk does. People have been commenting on how she’s turned into such a raging cunt. People are still stunned by how she’s changed so much over the years. She’s not apologetic either.  Ana loves being who she is and not having to hide and pretend anymore. She’s  admitted to having a  Type A personality, which explains her short temper and being thinned skinned.  She seems to have narcissistic traits too and you don’t want to get a narcissist in a bad mood and a narcissist thinks she’s/he’s right no matter what and cant handle criticism and gets angry at people easily.


                                               Ana wants to do positive things yet..


I watched Ana on Joe Rogan’s podcast (I think it was the December 2013 one, yet I could be wrong, since she did two of them) and she said she wants to do so many positive things in the world. I’m going to be repeating myself here and there;  she’s working on a show with a deplorable name; a name of a genocidal regime/party, which effected her own people and family, her boss is a public Armenian genocide denier and supports Turkish American organizations, which deny her people’s genocide (they try to make sure it’s not taught anywhere and they put pressure on the U.S government to officially deny the Armenian genocide). She’s helping to erase what the Young Turks did in history, since now people will associate the name with a zany progressive newsy show and news/newsy network instead of a genocidal regime/party.  Ana thinks she’s helping to reduce the animosity between Turks and Armenians by being on The Young Turks, which is rather ridiculous and twisted.  She’s not even standing up for her own people. Ana has harshly put down her own people and has been snotty towards them(how is that being positive?).  Again, the show/network she works at is where they get many stories wrong, which isn’t positive (?????)  Ana is very stuck up, biased and is narrow minded, which isn’t positive. She’s been nasty to all of her critics, which isn’t very positive. Her boss has proven to be sexist, crazy, obnoxious, sexist, can ignore reality, is overly emotional, can’t admit he’s wrong, is biased and arrogant.  The Young Turks laugh at Armenians for being upset by the name of the show and network, which is very bizarre for a liberal/progressive show/network as they’ve acted like they care about all people. ??? TYT talks about many  TMZ like stories, which is very low brow and not bringing much of a positive influence into the world. Now that’s fine I guess and everyone likes entertainment, but is it bringing a positive influence to humanity? She has said often enough that she hates doing those stories and yet continues to work on The Young Turks. ??


                                                Ana at the office.

I found out from three little birdies about the The Young Turks office out of the blue (two from a third or fourth  hand account, and the other claimed to be an ex-TYT intern.  I wasn’t hunting for this info either. It just came to me, which was weird. ? Maybe all of it is true or maybe part of it is true, so take it for what it’s worth. Ana swears at the office like crazy (shocker!!!). She acts like the royal queen of the entire corporation. She’s demanded to have her own parking space right next to Cenk’s by the door, because she wants to race into work quicker. For her lunch she has to have her diet shake made by interns (supposedly this diet shake has given  her bad gas at times and she’s cleared a room here and there). She teases the young interns about her pussy, which sounds rather shocking (I have no idea if that is really true, but that sounds hilarious and crazy. She’s been open with sex on TYT, so this probably is true. After watching a few minutes of this video makes it seem like she has said how great her pussy is at TYT and how she’s a sex kitten at times. Maybe. ? : She teases the interns and says to them, ” If you do something for me I’ll show you a little bit of my panties.” She thinks she’s god’s gift to the world, like she’s a sex goddess. I guess she just loves being a flirt. Ana’s husband was told to stay away once ( I don’t think he’s hung out an entire day there, but maybe he has), because he was jealous and his temper flared up due to an intern  flirting with Ana.  Security told him to leave  (I’m guessing this was for a few days). Ana has to have flowers every day on her desk like a movie star (as in someone has to do this for her). There’s a couch in her office and she has to lay on it and think. She’s basically a Prima donna. Ana is a control freak and has a Type A personality (as I said before she’s  admitted to this). She has to work out either before she comes to work or right after work.  She is obsessed with looking good, being at a certain thin weight, and being in shape (she is very thin these days).  She says she hates make-up and says she has to have it on her face for the show ( I don’t buy that, since another female TYT host never wears make-up). ?? Ana seems to be a real girly girl or is to an extent.   It’s obvious that she takes part in the porno watching, which happens at the office and I know about this, because Ana said on a TYT video from yrs ago said that everyone at TYT watches porn (it’s not the typical office). Another man who claims to be an ex-TYT intern said Ana was constantly looking at her face (she apparently loves her altered face). I guess she saw herself as an ugly duckling and now sees herself as a beautiful swan. I’m guessing she is nice to all of her co-workers, boss,  the workers/underlings, and interns at the show and gets along with them well for the most part,  yet I’m sure her Type A/ high strung personality/thinned skinned personality has probably made everyone  want to run away from her at times.


  Ana voiced her frustration about how Cenk held her back in her career due to him being a sexist dick, apparently.


Now Ana admitted to this and I’ll show you what she said: Here’s an excerpt of what Ana said: “…I’m gonna keep it real. Look, TYT has come a super long way since I started working here. But there were issues (sexism)— there were issues in the beginning. Okay, like John [Idarolla] hosting the first hour before I hosted the first hour, and then why was that? Like that was some bulls—-, right?” Ana talks aout this again in this video

Ana Kasparian On Hosting The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur

Published on Jan 15, 2017 So yes Cenk held her back and she just sucked it up and dealt with it. God knows what Cenk told her behind the scenes. He probably laughed in her face and behind her back the whole time.


                            Ana Kasparian & Elisabeth Hasselbeck have similarities.


Ana has a very shrill voice at times when she gets very excited/passionate and annoyed and has hurt my ears and many peoples’ ears at times (yes, as  I’ve said before). People say she can sound like a yowling cat who’s tail has been stepped on. She doesn’t think she’s doing anything wrong when she speaks in a shrill voice at times and wakes up the dead. Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a shrill speaking voice too when I heard her on The View back in the day (her voice  made my cat run out of the room). Ana has so many similarities with Elisabeth Hasselbeck that it’s strange actually. Ana did anything to win and make it in her career, which is similar to Elisabeth (Ana has been very driven and so was Elisabeth). Elisabeth played  head games with  people on Survivor and The View without a conscience and Ana sold out being on a show with that deplorable name and working for an Armenian genocide denier etc and had and has no conscience about all of it (she ignores her boss’s public support of hardcore organizations that deny her people’s genocide and she’s treated her own people like shit). They both have stirred up controversy for ratings. Elisabeth wore short skirts/dresses to show off her sexuality and Ana talked/talks about sex often and how she’s loved/she loves rubbing her pearl etc. They both have clutched their pearls over ridiculous bullshit.  They both have been high strung for the most part and can be very intense. They’re both paper thin.  They both have been Queenlike and do not like to be criticized at all and have been extremely livid for being criticized. Elisabeth did exactly what she was told to do by her main producer Bill Geddy and Ana does what she’s told to do by Cenk Uygur (they’ve both bowed their heads).  Elisabeth wore too much  make-up and Ana wears too much of it. Elisabeth was very self-righteous and so is Ana (I wonder if Ana watched Elisabeth and took notes). Elisabeth acted like she was never wrong and Ana does the same. On another note, I’m glad Elisabeth Hasselbeck quit Fox news ( I guess she didn’t like the sexual harassment from Roger Ailes). Ana can’t be as brave as Elisabeth or really she loves her easy ass job at TYT.



                                    Ana’s changing face over the years.


One of the weirdest things about Ana Kasparian is how she’s changed her face over the yrs. She used to be anti-cosmetic/anti-plastic surgery. She said that it was a waste of money and that it was stupid to get plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery and that people should work on their inner selves instead,  so it’s weird that she wound up embracing it.  I know she’s gotten at least one nose job, which she admits to, but it looks like she’s maybe gotten two nose jobs. Ana talks about how she wanted her nose to look ‘white’ At 3:27 in this video,  “Cenk on Ana’s nose job” by the Youtube channel Chad Brennan:  It looks like she’s had the upper  part of her face done/where her eyebrows are, her eyes and her lower forehead and I guess her lower face, oh hell it looks like her whole face has been worked on. Her face does look longer than what it used to look, yet being very thin changes one’s face too obviously.   Here’s some examples off her changing face below:

This one isn’t that ‘appropriate’, but it shows the changes of her face over the yrs:

I’m just stunned by how her face has changed so much in four  yrs of time. I don’t think I’ve seen any other person in the newsy/commentary media change his or her face this much so quickly.   I just find it so bizarre and I hope she stops with the plastic surgery/cosmetic surgery and curtails going to the dermatologist. I don’t think she wants to end up like Joan Rivers or Michael Jackson. She has said she has a fear of getting old. It seems like she’s done everything to look like a Hispanic super model. She pretty much looks like a Spanish Anime character. Actually now she is a blonde (oh boy! Oh my!). A lot of people don’t like her new hair color. I guess her nose job(s) and other facial work and  just being very thin has worked for her , cause some website in January of 2017 voted her the sexiest news host or something like that (I think she was in heaven).


Ana wants to stay at The Young Turks despite her saying she’s been offered more money elsewhere.


She has said she’s been offered more money, but apparently loves The Young Turks. God, knows which networks offered Ana jobs/positions for more money. We’ll never know… What company or which companies would even want to hire Ana Kasparian now or in recent months?  Maybe they wanted her when TYT was in the Current T.V studio when she was even keeled and played nicey nice. In recent years and now shows herself to be a raging cunt who loves swearing, being belligerent and acting like a haughty Queen. Again she’s turned into the female Cenk to an extent.  She stuck on a show with so many controversies and problems, which makes her look terrible, unprofessional and very biased. She looks like she can’t stand her own people, because of Cenk. The show does poorly researched stories often enough, they’re considered the fox news of the left and they talk about stupid newsy stories too much (I know I am repeating myself). She’s said many  times, “What am I doing with my life talking about these stories?”  Her last straw to leave The Young Turks should have been finding out that Cenk publicly supported and must still support organizations, which deny her people’s genocide. So why on earth does she stay? There is something just not quite right with her. ?? If I was her, I’d have gotten  the hell out of there as fast as I could and walk away from the madness, b.s., and controversies. She loves the show/network so much and is very loyal. Maybe she is a ‘Stepford wife’ or has ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ or is under Cenk’s spell or really thinks she’s on the winning team and can’t work anywhere better. Well I’m sure no news network would want her now, cause she’s shown herself to be such a raging out of  control cunt far too often.



                                               Ana loves to give it, but cannot take it.


Ana is an interesting character. She criticizes people for a living and loves giving it to people. She says she likes constructive criticism and that she doesn’t know everything in the world and how that makes her to be a better person. When one has to throw in that she’s a better person looks kind of suspicious and odd and telling. She has shown for years that she does have a rather big ego and she loves her ego stroked. She loves being praised  more so than real constructive criticism regardless of what she says.  When people ask her and or criticize her about the name of the show/network she works on and Cenk’s Armenian genocide denying controversy and other criticism she just stonewalls or she’ll end up blocking people on Twitter and Facebook.  She’s even blocked people if they criticize her boss Cenk Uygur for other reasons too, which even Dave Rubin questioned about in the past. She loves her boss and job to the 10th degree, but I find it odd that she can’t handle any real criticism.  Actually I saw her saying to certain people on Twitter back in the summer of 2015 that these people are “hating on” her and TYT (for valid criticism). She’s  strange.  Her ‘best’ deflection of criticism is calling people morons, trolls and saying she and TYT are being hated on.


More and more people are learning about the historical Young Turks who committed the Armenian genocide and are disgusted that she chose to work on a show and network with that name, because she’s an Armenian. More and more people are also disgusted with  her for working for a public Armenian genocide denier. People will be upset when they know Ana’s boss publicly supported Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and these organizations make sure it’s not taught anywhere. These organizations also make sure the U.S government officially denies the Armenian genocide. As we know she’s sick of all of the criticism (poor baby).  She is very bothered by all of this. She’s in the public eye and when she does wrong then people are going to say something and that’s how it works. Again, many people in the Armenian community have been appalled by her, but she doesn’t care or she gets annoyed.  In her mind she can do no wrong it appears. I find it interesting that she cannot answer her most valid constructive criticism. No one is perfect but, she has shown herself to be a piece of work and has a big ego.



I found this TheLipTV video from back in March 14, 2013 where Ana was being interviewed. She said that she chose to work on a show called The Young Turks, because she wanted to piss off the Armenian community. She was just kidding! She looked up what Turk meant and found out it means rebel (she couldn’t say Young Turk. Interesting)! And she liked that! I have the video here starting at 4:39:  I like that she was kidding herself. No one can beat her thought process. She obviously got over the name, because she loved the show and that she could move up in her career much faster.

More info on the Turkish American organizations that   Cenk Uygur has been publicly supporting. Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) vehemently denies the Armenian genocide and do all they can to make sure it’s not  taught anywhere. Here’s a link, which is striking:’s Here’s link showing Cenk’s support:  Cenk’s most recent support of TCA in October of 2014: Cenk supports the  Assembly of Turkish Americans Associates (ATAA), which also vehemently denies the Armenian genocide and they do all they can to make sure it’s not taught anywhere. A link ATAA’s belief that the Armenian genocide did not happen: .  A link to Cenk’s support:  Cenk made a video in support of ATAA:

I got information from Lalo Dagach on his  Unsafe Speech website and the title of the article is Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, And the denial of the Armenian genocide. 

He found a gem. I’ll repeat it here for you. “Here is a statement from Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America and what he has to say about Cenk Uygur and the show’s name: ”

Denying a genocide, belittling its survivors, and then naming your political show after its perpetrators should be troubling not only to Armenian Americans but anyone concerned about human rights. Cenk Uygur not only did just this, but after hearing numerous concerns about the name of his show, went on to support two [0102] of the most virulent Armenian Genocide denying organizations (ATAAand TCA) in the country, both of which have, as primary objectives, denying the Armenian Genocide and preventing its teaching.

I’ll give you a link to Lalo’s excellent article here:

I’m not sure if Ana is aware of all of these organizations Cenk supports or if she’s okay with it all or just doesn’t care or looks the other way. I’d imagine Aram Hamparian is not too pleased with her.  I find that odd, since she said on her own Youtube channel that she wants her people’s genocide recognized:  So why on earth does she work for a man who’s tied to Turkish American organizations,  which deny the Armenian genocide and do not want it taught???? Now Ana is about Ana, so I guess she thinks all of the above is fine, since no one knows about this  controversy really.  She thinks or knows she can skate by as she enjoys her wonderful career and won’t be criticized for being two-faced. 

In April of 2016 Cenk Uygur rescinded what he said about how there was  no Armenian genocide in college in 1991 and in Salon in 1999:  Ana of course had to Tweet it out, since Cenk just couldn’t for whatever the reason(s).  Of course Cenk can’t talk about the TOPIC of the Armenian genocide, because he’s not a scholar. ??? Nice excuse. ?? Ana understands, cause he’s not a scholar (no problem).

As of April 26th 2016 Ana is calling people lowlife morons who are upset by the name The Young

Turks. Ana K says lowlife morons.

Ana, Cenk, and Jimmy Dore flipping out on Alex Jones at the RNC.