Cenk Uygur who’s the star of The Young Turks youtube show has an Armenian Genocide Controversy.

Updated February 5th, 2017 (Original date was in July 9th 2015). There’s news flashes at the bottom of the page!


                Cenk wrote two times in the 90s how there was no Armenian genocide .


Cenk Uygur who is a popular host of The Young Turks youtube show has some controversy. In 1991 Cenk Uygur wrote in his college paper The Daily Pennsylvanian an article titled, “Historical Fact or Falsehood?”  He wrote how there was no Armenian genocide.  Here’s two links to the same article: http://penn.veridiansoftware.com/cgi-bin/pennsylvania?a=d&d=tdp19911122-01.2.24 and http://www.webcitation.org/68YqvmgSY He said  American scholars couldn’t see any such evidence of a genocide.  He said the U.S president Wilson used propaganda to make the Turks look bad during WWI(saying there was an Armenian genocide created by the Turkish people). He also said that The Armenians have made it all up to get land and money from the Turkish govt.


In a letter responding to Salon in 1999 he wrote again saying there was no Armenian genocide and how a Salon article got it all wrong: http://www.salon.com/1999/06/16/punk_2/


Cenk wrote again that there was no Armenia genocide on his The Young Turks website he had up from 1999-2003.


On Cenk’s  website The Young Turks from 1999-2003 he had this post/writing, which he explained that there was no Armenian genocide and what really happened was a civil war: https://web.archive.org/web/20020907100730/http://www.youngturk.com/newpage15.htm


I Imagine he took this writing off of his website due to so many complaints after a year or more of  being on Sirius radio.  I guess it wasn’t good for business. It was probably seen as too political and too upsetting. He never apologized for this writing though. I guess he thought he could sweep that under the rug and enough people didn’t see it and he can move on/the show can move on.



                     An excerpt from the History Channel about the Armenian Genocide.



Here’s an article about the Armenian genocide by The History Channel: http://www.history.com/topics/armenian-genocide   Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“On April 24, 1915, the Armenian genocide began. That day, the Turkish government arrested and executed several hundred Armenian intellectuals. After that, ordinary Armenians were turned out of their homes and sent on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert without food or water. Frequently, the marchers were stripped naked and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead. People who stopped to rest were shot. At the same time, the Young Turks created a “Special Organization,” which in turn organized “killing squads” or “butcher battalions” to carry out, as one officer put it, “the liquidation of the Christian elements.” These killing squads were often made up of murderers and other ex-convicts. They drowned people in rivers, threw them off cliffs, crucified them and burned them alive. In short order, the Turkish countryside was littered with Armenian corpses.”

More information about The Young Turks causing the Armenian genocide is at this link:http://www.armenian-genocide.org/young_turks.html


                  Armenians protested Cenk Uygur in California in 2012.


In 2012 in San Diego California at a public political event The Armenian community were protesting Cenk Uygur, who was talking at the event. They were protesting him for what he wrote back in the 90s (his article in his university paper and his letter to Salon) and for the name of his show: http://asbarez.com/101017/armenians-protest-uygur-talk-at-democratic-convention/   He never apologized for what he wrote and said their families went through a tremendous amount of pain and mentioned a ‘historical situation’ Here’s a video showing it :.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzNhpD7U4-g  Why  couldn’t he have said, “I’m so sorry for what I wrote. I was all wrong. What happened was the Armenian genocide.” ??  For some odd reason he could not say the words Armenian genocide. ?? And he could not even acknowledge what he wrote to apologize. ?  He also said the name of his show was not to offend the Armenian community. The Young Turks is the name of the political party who committed the Armenian genocide and Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier. Cenk chose that name way back when when he was a very adamant/brazen Armenian genocide denier and that makes the name far worse.  Cenk promised to work with the Armenians to resolve this issue at a future time and never has.  Why did he make them an empty promise? Cenk was acting like a polished politician.



                                                                The name The Young Turks.


The Young Turk(s) name/term has more than one meaning such as;  A young Turk

a. young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party.
b. young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.
c.a member of a revolutionary party in the Ottoman Empire who carried out the revolution of 1908 and deposed the sultan Abdul Hamid II.
d. a young person eager for radical change to the established order.
e. The Young Turks were the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. The Young Turk Movement emerged in reaction to the absolutist rule of Sultan Abdul-Hamid (Abdulhamit) II (1876-1909). With the 1878 suspension of the Ottoman Constitution, reform-minded Ottomans resorted to organizing overseas or underground.


Those progressive definitions comes from the original Young Turks who overthrew the Sultan and put in progressive changes, which I’m sure Cenk Uygur knows that history very well. The second wave of The Young Turks did the Armenian genocide. The Greeks and Assyrians were massacred/went through an ethnic cleansing by The Young Turks also and some people call what  happened to the Greeks and Assyrians were also genocides.


It’s terrible to have a show’s and network’s name be a name of the political party who caused a genocide of the Armenians while Cenk is a public Armenian genocide denier (despite the progressive and rebel definition(s)).  Cenk knew the name offends/upsets Armenians (for an obvious reason!). That would be like a holocaust denier naming his show and network the Nazis and saying, “Nazis has more than one definition. Our definition just means strict and the Jews  have got to get over the name already (as this holocaust denier supports  holocaust denying organizations).”


Cenk chose the name originally for his public cable access show in the mid 9os called The Young Turk show while being a conservative, so the progressive definition didn’t fit at all. He chose the name again the Young Turks for his website in 1999 and for his Sirius radio show in 2002 and on and on. Cenk has said that the Armenians have got to get over the name already and the definition is great, cause of it’s rebel and progressive definition(s). He’s basically said the Armenians are stupid to not get this. They’re supposed to ignore that he’s an Armenian genocide denier while choosing and having the name The Young Turks for his show and network. They’re even supposed to ignore how Cenk went on to support Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and make sure it’s not taught anywhere. Could you imagine a holocaust denier who supported holocaust denying organizations naming his show and network the Nazis? Even if he said “Nazis just means strict.”??  I don’t think that would fly very well at all.  The name the Young Turks should have been ruined forever when The Young Turks in history killed 3 million people in a genocide and ethnic cleansing of other ethnicities.


        On the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide The Young Turks did nothing.
On his show The Young Turks had no segment on the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide on April 24th 2015 (on a Friday when they do a show). Ana Kasparian who’s an Armenian American, the main co-host  went out of her way while on vacation on her own Youtube channel to talk about such a historic anniversary, which effected her family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFBxKhADoYU  Some Youtubers made some videos about this controversy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMyfgEOoSxg   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rginnJlPlGM  Does anyone suspect why the largest online news show in the world ignored such an anniversary? This is a progressive show, which stands up for social justice etc. Cenk did promise the Armenians to resolve this issue and this would have done a lot to resolve it. The Armenian genocide was the first modern genocide of the 20th century and had an impact on Hitler for doing the Holocaust.  I guess The Young Turks that day had more pressing bullshit stories to talk about to fill in the time. I believe Cenk was on a business trip that week, so he wasn’t there (how convenient).
                                          Cenk said something interesting in 2007
 Now the weird thing is Cenk Uygur wrote in 2007 and re-posted it again in 2011 in The Huffington Post  and said the president of Iran Ahmadinejad denies the holocaust and who cares that he doesn’t believe if the holocaust happened and it shouldn’t be relevant. Also other leaders of countries deny genocides their governments committed; like  the leader of Turkey denies the Armenian genocide. There’s many leaders who deny genocides and who cares. He said some leaders of the world don’t agree with whomever’s and our version of history.  They (media and certain politicians) used Ahmadinejad’s holocaust denial as propaganda to make this/him the new boogy man and use this propaganda to make the leader of Iran look horrible and want to  inspire U.S citizens to go to war with  Iran (adding more fuel to some supposed fire to get people’s emotions turned on). Cenk said how the U.S shouldn’t invade Iran for that reason, and with that logic the U.S would have to invade all these other countries including Turkey. Again he was saying people/leaders have their version of history and so what and we shouldn’t invade them for a reason like that (Turkey denies the Armenian genocide and it shouldn’t matter to the Armenians may have been Cenk’s point too… ? ).  Here’s the proof of what he also said in this video  from The Young Turks titled “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Set To Speak In NY in 2007“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCEhTmR1uE0 and here is The Huffington Post article from 2007 and re-posted in 2011: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cenk-uygur/ahmadinejad-the-new-booge_b_65735.html  He never admitted he too didn’t believe in an Armenian genocide on his show and in The Huffington Post and say how wrong he was to believe that. One person who commented on Godless Spellchecker’s blogCenk Uygur still won’t acknowledge the Armenian genocide” http://www.gspellchecker.com/2016/04/cenk-uygur-still-wont-acknowledge-the-armenian-genocide/
by the ‘name’ of Jeebus said, “He does not actually acknowledge the genocide in the article or the companion video, he merely states that Turkey denies it and that countries have “different versions of history” as part of an argument that Iran denying the holocaust is not a danger.”
                                 Something interesting from 2008
I found this question from March 2008, which was  sent to The Young Turks which was once on TYT website https://ancawr.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/tyt-uygur-statements-on-armenian-genocide.pdf asking him for an explanation regarding the Armenian genocide and how Cenk Uygur has admiration for Samantha Power who was an advocate for the Armenian genocide recognition (she became the U.S Ambassador to the U.N and he could have liked her for  multiple reasons).
             Ana said something interesting in 2009 in a comment to the Armenian Weekly.

ana said in 2009

 Cenk may have said he was wrong about the Armenian genocide on his post game show.
 I’ve seen two people online say  Cenk did admit on a post game show yrs ago, which was/is private and one had/has to pay to join to see post game shows(be a member)  that he did say he was wrong in how he believed there was no Armenian genocide. If this did really happen then  how convenient of him to say all of that on a private post game show. Why couldn’t he say that publicly on one of his normal TYT videos? Why is all of this a secret?  Or were TYT employees making this up to make Cenk look good? That could likely be the case. Someone online told me Ana  said she’d never work for an Armenian genocide denier ( she may have said that to make herself and Cenk look good.).
 This is one TYT video from I believe originally aired I think April 23rd of 2013 from a post game show, which shows Cenk talking about how the Armenians at his university were upset at him and he left out how he tried to  defund the Armenian club, so Ana was clueless.  He was upset with the Armenians for having an ad or ads saying the Armenian genocide happened in the University paper.  Later on they were upset about  the infamous article he wrote saying there was no Armenian genocide:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptFiiQk5k1Y out:https://thegenocidalturks.wordpress.com/cenk-denied-the-genocide/#Cenk_and_Armenian_Club It’s weird how  Cenk tricked Ana so much when he retold this story. ?? Why did he have to leave so much out?   Now it looked like Cenk  hinted  that the Armenian genocide happened without actually saying it. Yet one can look at this as he obviously doesn’t say the Armenian genocide happened, but understood the Armenians being upset with him anyways. A compromise was mentioned in this video, but how can there be a compromise on a genocide? Ana was saying the Armenians are upset that she works for a Turk, but I think they’re really upset that she works for a Turk who is a public Armenian genocide denier and 93% of Turks  deny the Armenian genocide, so there is the generalization that Turks deny the Armenian genocide. Ana and Cenk were really dancing around this topic. Ana mentioned that they can’t get into specifics, cause that would get them into trouble. What trouble was she talking about? Cenk and Ana just wanted the Turks and Armenians to move  on from this, yet how can that have happened when the Armenian genocide isn’t recognized and so many Turks don’t believe in that genocide?  And again how can there be a compromise on the Armenian genocide? Did they both think that certain people saying the Armenians were massacred was  good enough and close to saying genocide? I have no idea. Ana did say to another Armenian in an email in 2012 that Cenk and her have talked about the massacres that happened to the Armenians and it looked like back then Ana was fine with Cenk saying massacres and not the Armenian genocide.
 A cat had Cenk’s ‘tongue’ while he was on Reddit in 2013
Cenk says he’s so open and honest and when he was on Reddit in 2013 people did ask him about the Armenian genocide and the name of his show and he didn’t respond once to any of those questions:http://www.reddit.com/r/iama/comments/1e94kj/  All he did was stonewall those questions. I don’t understand why he feels the need to stonewall them? I find it an odd political tactic. It can only mean he’s just trying to shut the topic down.
RationalWiki.org has more recent scoop about Cenk’s Armenian genocide shiftiness.

Rationalwiki.org has good information about Cenk Uygur’s and Ana Kasparians’s and The Young Turks shiftiness about the Armenian genoicde: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/The_Young_Turks  I have an excerpt from them which says,

Armenian Genocide shiftiness

“Cenk Uygur, who is Turkish-American, has flirted with Armenian Genocide denial in 1991[17] and 1999,[18] something that the Armenian-American community protested over as recently as 2012.[19][20][21]Which isn’t that damn surprising considering he named the show after the the Turkish regime which orchestrated the ethnic cleansing of 1.5 million Armenians in WWI. Cenk claims that the show’s title is from the dictionary definition meaning “young progressives looking to overthrow an established system,” though he did not directly address his past writings.[22]

In 2009, Cenk and his co-host Ana Kasparian (Armenian-American herself) appeared side by side on RT discussing Turkish-Armenian reconciliation, with Kasparian expressing support for the idea that Turkey should reconsider the genocide.[23] Kasparian later defended Cenk on Twitter, saying “that op-ed is from 11 years ago” and that “people change their political opinions all the time.”[24]

In 2007 and 2011, Cenk has compared Erdoğan‘s denial of the Armenian Genocide with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s denial of the Holocaust.[25][26]

During a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (2013), Cenk opted not to answer the most upvoted question in the thread, namely his opinion on the tangibility of an Armenian Genocide.[27]

In 2015, on the 100th anniversary of the atrocity, The Young Turks once again refused to broach the Armenian Genocide. They chose instead to talk about such pertinent topics as “Popeye’s offers pregnant woman her job back” as well as “Hot new restaurant features half-naked men as their special.” However, Kasparian did dedicate a video about it on her channel, as did TYT affiliate Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk. Cenk himself had no part in those aforementioned videos since he was in another state at the time.

A year later on April 1st, 2016, while discussing racial appropriation on the show, Kasparian mentioned the Armenian Genocide in Cenk’s presence, though he didn’t comment on it nor did he seem upset by the discussion.[28] Just two days before the 101st anniversary, Cenk posted a retraction of “the statements I made in my Daily Pennsylvanian article from 1991,” as well as “the statements I made in a letter to the editor I wrote in 1999 on the same issue,” formally retracting his earlier denial. Regarding his silence on the topic throughout the years, Cenk has said that “I am going to refrain from commenting on the topic of the Armenian Genocide, which I do not know nearly enough about.[29]

Over a month later, Ana Kasparian aired an entire segment on TYT regarding the topic when the German parliament voted on recognizing the Armenian Genocide. The video itself even went so far as including graphic images of the event, with Kasparian repeatedly and formally denouncing the genocide.[30]




Sansu the Cat’s blog post titled “The Armenian genocide is Undeniable.”




 Sansu the Cat has an excellent blog post titled, “The Armenian Genocide is Undeniable” and he writes about Cenk Uygur’s stance on it, the offensive name of his show and even Ana Kasparian in this controversy. I urge people to read this. http://sansuthecat.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-armenian-genocide-is-undeniable.html

I’ll give an excerpt of this blog post, “This state of denial has even seeped into the workings of our news networks. One such network is called “The Young Turks.” Read that again. There’s a news organization named after the racist murderers that organized the genocide. That would be the equivalent of naming your news network “The Nazis” or “The Khmer Rouge”. The name is also problematic because it obscures history. When the word “Young Turks” comes up in the minds of people these days, they’ll think not of the perpetrators of genocide, but of a progressive news show. The head on this news network is Cenk Uygur, a former anchor for MSNBC. Uygur is Turkish and unfortunately swallows his nation’s propaganda. In a piece for The Daily Pennsylvanian, he stated, “If the history of the period is examined it becomes evident that in fact no such genocide took place.” By the way, he cites Bernard Lewis in the article. In a letter to the editor of Salon (before it became obsessed with white male syndromes), Uygur shamelessly pleads, “Why is it assumed that the “Turkish studies side” has the burden of proof in overturning the verdict of Turkish guilt?” It isn’t enough for Uygur to trivialize the holocaust of nearly 1.5 million Armenians, but he must also run over the corpses by proudly bearing the name of those who brought out the extermination. One of Uygur’s defenses against this disgusting name is the claim that in the dictionary “Young Turk” means “young progressives looking to overthrow an established system.” This atrocious explanation shows that either Uygur knew little about the context behind that word (which is unlikely) or the fact that since he uses the word differently, that it suddenly erases its hurtful history. You know, if you look up “Nazi” in the dictionary, you’ll find that it means “National Socialist.” Should socialists then start calling themselves “Nazis”? I rest my case. The real paradox here is Ana Kasparian, co-host of The Young Turks and a good friend of Uygur. Not only is Kasparian an Armenian, but she also accepts that truth of the genocide. She made a video called “Remembering The Armenian Genocide”, in which she explicitly says, “And for anyone who denies this occurred, I would please beg them to put their own biases aside, research this, look into the nuances, and understand what happened to my community over a hundred years ago.” I don’t know how Kasparian came onto a show called “The Young Turks”, knowing all of this, or why she refuses to publicly raise the issue on the program. There are probably many personal disagreements between Uygur and Kasparian behind the scenes, but it’s clear that Uygur is winning. The Young Turks did virtually no coverage of the genocide’s 100th anniversary. The only thing Armenian-related they covered was Kim Kardashian, who, ironically enough, has asked Obama to recognize the genocide. Though of course, that part the story wasn’t covered. Better yet, Uygur can trot out Kasparian as his “one Armenian friend” to defend him from accusations of racism, of which he is most guilty.”

  Seems like many don’t care about Cenk being an Armenian genocide denier. And don’t care  that The Young Turks is a deplorable name. 
What I find very interesting is that a lot of fans of The Young Turks have told me that they don’t care about the Armenian genocide. Or they are completely ignorant about the historical  Young Turks and have no idea that Cenk was and is a public Armenian genocide denier. They don’t care that The Young Turks progressive parts of the definition comes from the original Young Turks who later committed the Armenian genocide (or second wave of The Young Turks). They are devout fans who wear rose colored glasses it looks like. Others just don’t get it and that information just passes over their heads like it’s just too hard to grasp. So many other liberals/progressives who aren’t die hard fans of The Young Turks don’t care at all even though they are social justice warriors too. ??? I can’t get over how bizarre this is. Yet one TYT fan asked me how can Ana Kasparian work for a show/network with the same name of the leaders/political party/the actual people who caused so much suffering to her family? And I had no idea what to say. She somehow got over the name with such a horrible history (it’s called getting ahead in her career!), which directly effected her own family (and getting over her boss being a public Armenian genocide denier).  It is very strange and would be like a Jewish woman working for a  show called the Nazis and the show is about how everyone should be strict and this Jewish woman’s boss is a public holocaust denier and even supports holoacaust denying organizations.    A Turkish American who denies the Armenian genocide shouldn’t get away with having the name The Young Turks for his show and network. It is weird how there are so many passes given and how so many liberals/progressives/SJWs  really don’t care about the Armenians (the Greeks and Assyrians are offended by this name/term too as well as many others who knows this history). These people think  overly sensitive Armenians care about this and they’re  just a tiny ethnic group and so what is their attitude. These people also think the other people who bring up Cenk being an Armenian genocide denier etc are the alt right and they only bring it all up to hurt poor innocent Cenk. They don’t think all people can be concerned about all of this. ??? They definitely don’t think liberals/progressives/SJWs should be concerned at all. ??
    These controversies have been  hush hush at The Young Turks.
This has been all hush hush at TYT. No one responds to my questions ever through emails, on Facebook and on Twitter. Why is this so quiet? Are people sworn to secrecy?
In November of 2015 Kate Nahapetian who’s the Government Affairs Director of the  Armenian National Committee of America asked Ana Kasparian point blank on Twitter if there’s citation to prove that Cenk apologized or changed his mind about the Armenian genocide and Ana never responded.  She also told Ana that Cenk has publicly supported a Turkish American organization that denies the Armenian genocide and  Ana didn’t respond (what on earth could she say?).
It seems like people at TYT  really have been sworn to secrecy.  I think The Young Turks  have clamed up about this, because they just didn’t/don’t want all of this out in the open and just wanted people to forget about it. I believe Cenk didn’t and doesn’t want people to think he’s an arrogant jerk or think he’s weak. His brand is about being strong and not bowing one’s head to the wrongs of the powerful. His brand also is for standing up to the mighty  who do wrong and especially to stand up for people who don’t have a lot of power (like the Armenians actually, but….). Yet he and his show can’t stand up for the Armenian community apparently, since they are just a small ethnic group in the States and Cenk is Turkish so..
They’ve had to be public  with these controversies, because of so many people have been and are constantly complaining and criticizing them. Their tactic of stonewalling to try to shut this down just hasn’t worked like it used to.  They haven’t handled this very well. Ana and Cenk are upset that more people know about the Armenian genocide and know about Cenk’s controversies and it makes them look bad and they cannot stand any of it. They think that they’re just being attacked and that no one cares about  the Armenian genocide and how Ana’a  family suffered etc.  Ana thinks that these people just hate Cenk.  ?????????????????? Sigh… Maybe some people do just  use this info to ‘hate on’ Cenk. Yet I think most people really do care and Ana and Cenk cant wrap their brain around that one. They just can’t see. It is weird that really Ana cant stand people caring about her own people. ?????
 One man’s views why Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier and another man’s response.
 I had a chat with a man online and this is his opinion and input on this matter is in his words, “If Cenk were to accept the Armenian Genocide in public, he could be charged by Turkish authorities for ‘insulting Turkishness’. A charge which often leads to imprisonment, used to punish people who criticise the Ottoman Empire’s human rights record. Cenk has family in Turkey whom he visits. Acknowledging the genocide publicly might jeopardise his ability to see his family without risking his freedom.”

The other man’s response is, “I call bullshit. He’s an American citizen and he’s got a political talk show in which he claims to speak truth to power. Even if the above were his motivation it wouldn’t explain why he hasn’t changed the name of the show already. If he is too weak to speak up against his own culture that he claims to be proud of then why is he talking about anyone else’s? He on his show calls people racist for a lot less than what he’s done and doing, but still he refuses to change. How is Turkey going to arrest him in the US? If they attempted arresting him in Turkey it would cause such an outrage in the media that it would actually be one of the best ways to force Turkey to change their position. Especially since they really want EU membership. I also doubt Cenk goes to Turkey much at all, probably once every few years if that. I just don’t buy it as an excuse.  As for his family’s freedom, I really doubt Turkey is arresting people for what their foreign relatives are saying on Youtube.

Sure there are instances in the country of Turkish people being arrested for speaking out, but his family in Turkey probably denies it was Genocide and I doubt they’d be arrested for Cenk’s Youtube opinions. Or for Cenk’s blog posts on TYT.”

   It looks like Cenk just doesn’t believe the Armenian genocide happened.
 In 2013 Cenk didn’t acknowledge the question on Reddit if the Armenian genocide happened. In 2014 possibly or 2015 he called what happened was a ‘slaughter-fest’ and would not say it was a genocide and wanted to drop the subject as quickly as possible (this was mentioned online, but I’m not sure where he said this and I apologize for not knowing).
 Cenk’s rescinding statement from 2016 was weak.  What’s weird is that Cenk used the word rescind and rescind’s definition is: revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement). Cenk’s university paper was not a law, order or agreement and neither was his letter to Salon so it looks like he used the wrong word on purpose. He ‘took back’ what he wrote in his university paper in 1991 and ‘took back’ what he wrote in his letter to Salon in 1999 and yet he said he can’t talk about the topic of the Armenian genocide, because he’s not a scholar of history. ???????????????????? Cenk just doesn’t know enough and claims ignorance. He knows many people died and it was beyond horrible. A blog about Cenk’s softer Armenian genocide denial is explained very well by Godless spellchecker’s blog titled “Cenk Uygur still won’t acknowledge the Armenian genocide.” https://www.gspellchecker.com/2016/04/cenk-uygur-still-wont-acknowledge-the-armenian-genocide/ Cenk pleading ignorance and how he just doesn’t know enough about this topic was really strange. He tried to make it seem like he has changed his mind, but he hasn’t (the only change is not being a strong Armenian genocide denier and the other change was pleading ignorance). ??? He did trick many with his Rescinding statement though, which is exactly what he wanted to do.
                                     All of the media won’t cover this.
It is interesting how the media will not cover this controversy or controversies.  I guess it’s not a big type of story. A man who is a public Armenian genocide denier who named his show and network The Young Turks, which is the name of the political party, which caused the Armenian genocide is just something that has been ignored and is still  ignored. They just don’t care about the Armenians at all. They didn’t care and don’t care that Cenk’s show had to ignore the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide. I doubt they know he’s publicly supported Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and if they did know I doubt they’d care or just look the other way. Cenk’s controversies are ignored, since not many people know the history of the Armenian genocide and the U.S. govt can’t even officially recognize the Armenian genocide (43 U.S states do recognize the Armenian genocide though). Generally the media on the right will never talk about this story (Fox news won’t go after him for it and the like), because the U.S govt has to officially deny the Armenian genocide. Some on the alt right have talked about  Cenk’s  controversy (from what I’ve seen certain Youtubers and countless alt right people who comment about it, yet they’re not the real alt right media).   The mainstream media and left alternative media won’t cover this story, cause Cenk Uygur is the big champion of alternative left media (they’re probably all funded by the same people too. They’re on the same team) so there is no way they’d do a story on all of this (and again the U.S govt has to deny the Armenian genocide). I guess it’s simply also the fact that not many people care about a genocide that  happened so long ago in a far off land in the Middle East/Anatolia. Maybe people in the media don’t want to upset the Turkish government on this matter. So I guess Cenk can be called the Teflon Turk.



The evidence of  Cenk Uygur publicly supporting the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) and they vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and don’t want it taught anywhere. Here’s a link that is striking:  http://www.mndaily.com/2011/03/30/judge-dismissed-blacklist-case-against-uHere .  Here’s another link:(http://armenianweekly.com/2011/01/10/critical-thinking-or-genocide-denial-tca-vs-u-of-minn/) Here’s a link showing Cenk’s support: http://www.tc-america.org/news-events/events/tca-turkish-american-youth-leadership-congress-concludes-930.htm.  In 2014 Cenk publicly supported TCA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7slE7LXSiTc  From what I can gather as to date it still looks like Cenk supports TCA.  Cenk has also supported and I believe still supports (I’m not 100% certain) the  Assembly of Turkish Americans Associates (ATAA), which also vehemently denies the Armenian genocide and they do all they can to make sure it’s not taught anywhere. ATAA’s belief is that the Armenian genocide did not happen: http://www.ataa.org/reference/difference-fein.html .  A link to Cenk’s support: http://www.ataa.org/nlc2012/.  Cenk made a video in support of ATAA:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS9Jrb5riP4.  

I got information from Lalo Dagach on his  Unsafe Speech website and the title of the article is Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, And the denial of the Armenian genocide. 

He found a gem. I’ll repeat it here for you. “Here is a statement from Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America and what he has to say about Cenk Uygur and the show’s name: ”

Denying a genocide, belittling its survivors, and then naming your political show after its perpetrators should be troubling not only to Armenian Americans but anyone concerned about human rights. Cenk Uygur not only did just this, but after hearing numerous concerns about the name of his show, went on to support two [0102] of the most virulent Armenian Genocide denying organizations (ATAAand TCA) in the country, both of which have, as primary objectives, denying the Armenian Genocide and preventing its teaching.

I’ll give you a link to Lalo’s excellent article here: http://www.ora.tv/thelowdownwithlalo/article/2016/3/30/cenk-uygur-the-young-turks-and-the-denial-of-the-armenian-genocide

So Cenk’s  denial of the Armenian genocide may also be due to being connected/ supporting these two Turkish American organizations (and maybe another). I’m sure many members of these organizations must fund The Young Turks.  So, if that is true he is even getting paid to be an Armenian genocide denier.  


I guess he thought/thinks it’s okay to deny the Armenian genocide, since not enough people know about it. Lately it looks like Ana and Cenk are upset that more people  do know about it. It’s rather twisted that Ana and Cenk seem upset that more people know about the Armenian genocide, cause they dont like the criticism.


I guess Cenk may also have ‘good reasons’ to be a public Armenian genocide denier, cause he doesn’t want the Turkish govt hassling him, he doesn’t want to upset his Turkish people, he doesn’t want to upset  his own family,  he doesn’t want to upset Turkish nationalists and he must get a lot out of being connected to these two Turkish American organizations  and possibly another Turkish American organization (politics 101). He must have gotten great business connections supporting these organizations and the people in these organizations must fun TYT . I guess Ana Kasparian  has turned a blind eye or just doesn’t care. She says she wants the Armenian genocide recognized and yet she doesn’t care at all that Cenk is a public Armenian genocide denier and has and is most likely still supporting such organizations, which does all they can to make sure her people’s genocide is not taught. ?? Ana’s disconnect is really bizarre. ??? Cenk supporting those (he must still  support them now) organizations really stunned me the most out of all of this stuff (it’s so telling).

Cenk rescinded what he wrote in the 90s on TYT Network website on  April 22, 2016


Rescinding Daily Pennsylvanian Article

Wow, this was a  huge step for Cenk considering that he has never acknowledged what he has written publicly before for so many years. It’s stunning that he has rescinded what he wrote, yet him saying, “My mistake at the time was confusing myself for a scholar of history, which I most certainly am not. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, so I am going to refrain from commenting on the topic of the Armenian Genocide, which I do not know nearly enough about” was a weird twist. This last sentence has got Cenk into a lot of hot water, since people were taken aback about how he wont comment on the  TOPIC of the Armenian genocide, which makes it look like Cenk doesn’t know if the Armenian genocide happened or not. It’s like he was trying to weasel his way out of this controversy  by trying to be clever and say his half ass odd apology to the Armenians (and many others) and then to not upset Turkish people and also sticking to his belief really that there was no Armenian genocide even though he was claiming ignorance.  He made it seem like at first that he’s changed so much and he’s grown and then yet he STILL doesn’t acknowledge the Armenian genocide happened. Others were so happy he rescinded what he wrote back then and thought he was truly apologizing and that he does believe the Armenian genocide happened. He was very tricky/crafty with that statement and he did all he could to fool people (he does know so many people suffered and died). What’s also weird was that Ana Kasparian tweeted this out and this never made it to  Cenk’s Twitter and facebook page (to date not on Ana’s facebook page either). Also this was not on  TYT‘s Twitter and Facebook page. ? So it looks like Cenk just wanted to do this for certain critics and not show this to everyone.  And it’s interesting that Ana had to tweet this and not Cenk himself. And what’s really interesting is how Cenk couldn’t acknowledge what he wrote and take back what he wrote in front of Armenians who were protesting him in San Diego in 2012 at a public political event. What’s also very interesting about all of this is how Cenk, Ana and everyone at TYT didn’t care about just the Armenians complaining and only took notice when so many other people who aren’t Armenian were complaining. That is very telling.


56 thoughts on “Cenk Uygur who’s the star of The Young Turks youtube show has an Armenian Genocide Controversy.

  1. Hi, Rachel.

    I am a Turk; and I agree and sympathise with your thoughts and feelings.

    It is only recent that I knew about Cenk Uygur and his show; and I have enjoyed most of his stuff. Then only very recently, I have heard that he denies the genocide; which came as surprising to me. I would have thought that a progressive left-winger who has lived most of his life in the US, wouldn’t deny the genocide. I guess I was wrong.

    Anyway, by the way, a growing no of people in Turkey is now accepting the genocide but sadly, we are still in the minority in Turkey.




    1. Thank you for commenting. It’s good to hear that more Turks know there was an Armenian genocide. What happens now in Turkey if people say out in open that there was an Armenian genocide? Is there still a law called “Insulting Turkishness”? Can a person still be put in jail/prison for 3 yrs for being public about the Armenian genocide? Do people who believe the Armenian genocide stay on the quiet side about it?

      I am guessing the Turkish govt changed Cenk’s tune about the Armenian genocide. Or maybe the Turkish community got upset with Cenk when he said the Turkish PM denies the Armenian genocide. It’s a mystery. He’s very quiet about being an Armenian genocide denier this time around. It’s a subject he doesn’t want to talk about. Something had to happen to make him be so quiet about it.

      Thanks again. i hope more people know about this history of that genocide.

      Take care.


      1. “It’s good to hear that more Turks know there was an Armenian genocide.”

        But if Cenk admits it, how can he continue to use the name “The Young Turks”?
        It’s like a channel named “The German Nazis” admitting the Holocaust after denying it for years, and then continuing to use the same name.

        Cenk is, without a doubt, the stupidest person I’ve ever seen, but those who follow him must be worse.


      2. Cenk is too fucking proud and stubborn and he loves the rebel and progressive definition of the Young Turks. I think he thinks it’s the original Young Turks he’s thinking of who didnt do the Armenian genocide. It was the second wave which did it. Yet it’s still extremely disrespectful to have a show named The Young Turks when Cenk is or has to be a public ARmenian genocide denier. And Ana who’s Armenian is completely fine with all of this and understands. I doubt Ana cared when Cenk supported those 2 Turkish American organizations that do all they can to make sure the Armenian genocide is not taught in the States and Canada too I think. Ana is seen as a traitor by the Armenian community. I think she’s gotten more criticism about this for over a yr and it’s really gotten to her. She knows she looks bad, but she doubles down in being a bitch to overcompensate, cause she’s the type who really cant admit she’s in the wrong.


      3. “And it’s interesting that Ana had to do this and not Cenk himself.”

        Actually it was a token act, since she claimed that Armenians have “an irrational hate for something the government did 100 years ago,” and it “didn’t happen to them personally.”

        It’s hard to understand TYT, since it’s hard to believe that anyone can be that stupid; but there it is.


      4. Cenk was too proud, arrogant and chicken shit to do it himself. He had to have his little Armenian lap dog/princess do it for him. Ana thought it was the best thing ever (the rescinding statement) and it would shut up their most vocal critics on Twitter. WEll, that backfired immediately! People saw right through that statement! Cenk used his lawyer like words in that statement and he couldn’t even say it happened! And saying TOPIC OF THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE said it all too. So I guess to be a real Turk then one has to deny the Armenian genocide. ??? There’s brave people who are Turkish in Turkey who say it happened openly despite the legal consequences and physical ones. Cenk may publicly deny it, cause maybe he gets partially funded by Turkish Americans. I wouldnt be surprised.

        Ana is a dumb and selfish cunt. She only cares about herself. She doesnt care if her own community sees her as a traitor and a low life and a selfish bitch who did everything for her career (sell out!). Ana has been kidding herself since I guess 2007. She has to live with herself somehow and that’s why she bullshits. She’s kidded herself and tries to kid/fool others. She’s pathetic. She has no integrity.


      5. How can you still insist that admitting the Armenian Genocide is a reason to get arrested in Turkey without any knowledge? It was told that admitting Armenian Genocide is totally free scot free in Turkey but you still talk like you’ve never heard of it. Come to Istanbul by the end of April, join and observe people at Genocide remembrance events on streets and please stop making false assertions.


      6. It’s on the books any ways even if it doesnt happen often. There’s also Turkish nationalists who’ve been violent with Turkish people in the past to Turkish people who said it happened. So if it’s not really a crime or it’s rarely enforced then I have no clue why Cenk cant say the ARmenian genocide happened. I guess he gets $$$$ from Turkish Americans which supports his network. Or he just doesnt believe that a genocide happened, cause he has admitted publicly that massacres happened. I guess he thinks genocide is too strong of a word. ?? Then he’s an absolute dick! And why Ana sticks to him like glue is sickening! Thanks for clearing things up! I appreciate it. 🙂


    2. Hi guys, I get that he did say that in a paper in college, but Cenk has said multiple times. Like so many times, that he had a lot of crazy beliefs when he was younger, and a republican. So yeah he probably did deny it when he was younger, he probably didn’t want to believe it was possible, but he’s changed his opinions on a whole lot of issues since the 1990s. I would image he doesn’t want to talk about it because who would want to admit that for a time they denied a genocide. I certainly wouldn’t want to talk about it.


    3. Not that Cenk admitted it, there’s escaping the fact that “The Young Turks” is a name identified with genocide; therefore to use it in the first place was not only the equivalent of Holocaust-denial, but its CONTINUED use is FLAUNTING it.

      In Canada and most of Europe, a person can be jailed for denying the Holocaust; but Cenk does the same about the Armenian Genocide and continues with the equivalent name of “The Third Reich” or “The German Nazis” and nobody cares.

      And of course even when they admit it, they claim that Armenians “have an irrational hate for something the Turkish government did 100 years ago.”

      Well the Holocaust was more than 70 years ago, why all the fuss– including the State of Israel?

      Double-standards, are worse than no standards at all.


      1. Cenk and his TYT staff laugh at people who are upset with the name The Young Turks. Ana who’s Armenian thinks those people are morons and low life morons. Cenk and Ana go by the The Young Turks definition of rebel and a group of young people wanting to overthrow the established order/put in progressive changes. Ana thinks people are morons if people think the name they have means otherwise. Yet Cenk is a public Armenian genoocide denier so that makees the name so much worse than it already is. The show got countless complaints since 2002 and Cenk and the rest just laugh amongst themselves. Sigh… I contacted every damn alternative media outlet on this subject and no one cared. It’s rather disturbing.

        Ana has said publicly on the show in a Final Judgement that the Armenian genocide happened when Germany finally recognized the Armenian genocide. Cenk did his rescinding statement and recently just took it down. ???? Cenk is playing Turkish political correctness I suppose or he’s a complete asshole. I think it’s a combination of the two. He’s said Turkish people tell him to be strong and to never to give in and believe the Armenian genocide happened. Cenk is still a citizen of Turkey and it’s a crime for a Turkish citizen to say the Armenian genocide happened. Maybe if he said it happened publicly in the States then he wouldnt be able to visit Turkey without getting arrested. If Cenk is so scared or whatever then I dont get why this cant be hinted at more. ?? Maybe Cenk’s own parents dont believe it happened and he doesnt want to upset them too. ?? I have no idea.


    4. Its reprehensible The Young Turks are the Sarah Palin of the Progressives, the Regressive Left, but they also unabashedly breath the obscenity of denying of the Armenian Genocide.

      These smiling joking Regressive Left-istas come on day after day evangelizing their politically correct objections and pronouncement when their groundwork is built on being Radical Islam apologists, partnering with the covertly anti-Semitic al Jazeera and the worst crime of all, being Armenian Holocaust deniers.

      In 1991, Cenk Uyghur, the co-founder of “The Young Turks’ wrote “Historical Fact or Falsehood”, arguing the Armenian Genocide was a myth. To this day like the right wing White Supremacists and the Islamic Fascists who deny the Jewish Holocaust Cenk, Uyghur, an ethnic Turk, pretends the Armenian Genocide never happened.

      Why would anyone with a heart who fights for Truth and Tolerance contribute to “The Young Turks”. You would be supporting Cenk Uygur’s prejudice and bias.


      1. Ana Kasparian has despite the fact that she’s said she wants her peoples’ genocide recognized. Part of Ana’s paycheck must come from hardcore Armenian genocide deniers. I read on Reddit recently that when Ana was still kind of new on The Young Turks when Ana and Cenk were on a post game show is where Ana was very upset about Cenk and all Turks not believing in the Armenian genocide. She chose to go on The Young Turks for faster career advancement. I don’t think Ana has been so criticized about being on the show as she has been starting this past year and 5 months. She’s been criticized before of course, but now it’s more people than ever. Ana must know she looks bad, but instead she’ll hurl out saying people are fucking morons to be upset with the name of the show! And she’s said she and everyone at TYT laugh at people who are upset with the name. She seems to have lied for Cenk hinting out or basically saying that Cenk isn’t an Armenian genocide denier (when he obviously is one). This show has gotten away with these controversies for far too long. I’m sick of this show/network treating the Armenian community so badly. Some say Cenk is so afraid of the Turkish govt and that is why he officially denies the Armenian genocide (I guess that’s why he just had to support two Turkish American organizations which make sure the Armenian genocide isn’t taught back in 2012). Yet Cenk has criticized the Turkish govt often enough. ???????????????????


      2. I apologize for replying so late but I just discovered this message. Everything you posted makes sense. What babbles me is Ana’s blatant collusion with her ethnic Turk boss. Can you imagine a Jewish girl – any Jewish girl sharing the stage with a Neo Nazi and pretending the Jewish Holocaust never happened? What hell is wrong with Kasparian? I’m going to keep up the pressure against the Young Turks. This silence is outrageous and unacceptable!


  2. Thanks for your comment. I agree that is a mystery regarding Cenk Uygur’s attitude towards the genocide. I also have no idea if he has been pressured by the Turkish government and/or the Turkish community in the US. It is possible, I guess. For example, sadly, many Turkish Americans are still denialists regarding the genocide. I can see that online.

    As for your questions, well, sadly, there is still the law called ‘insulting Turkishness’ but in recent years, it has been very rarely used, as far as I know. But the fact that it still exists discourages some people to talk openly about the genocide. I think many people also fear nationalist groups who often threaten people who want Turkey to accept the genocide.

    Yes, the situation is better now in this aspect than it was for example 10 years ago. BUT, for example, the government still SHOWS NO SIGN that it will ever end the denial. And, also, for example, I don’t see any local film producer/director making an honest film about the Armenian genocide, because they would be afraid of reactions and threats.

    Freedom of expression in this aspect has improved in recent years, but not to satisfactory levels yet.




    1. It’s just that it was odd for Cenk to say only on his private post game show that he was wrong about the Armenian genocide back i think in 2007. He wasn’t brave to say it on his normal show. He had to have gone back to being an Armenian genocide for some big reason. I’m sure he got an angry phone call or email from a Turkish official or Turkish person saying how upset he was for what he said about the Turkish PM denying the Armenian genocide. Maybe his own family are in denial of it.

      He lives in L.A. where there are a lot of Armenians and he works with one. I felt badly for the Armenians who were protesting him and he wouldn’t acknowledge what he wrote in the past and called their genocide a historical situation and down played the name of his show. It seems as if he does like ‘punching down’ the Armenian community. It is rather amazing he got an Armenian to be on his show with that name and she must understand why he’s had to be an Armenian genocide denier again. I saw online somewhere that Ana said she’d never work for an Armenian genocide denier. So it looks like he has to publicly be one.

      Thanks for telling me what is going on in Turkey about this subject matter. It’s strange that national groups are what makes people more afraid than the govt. It’s good to know the govt isn’t as harsh as it once was. I know the govt doesn’t want to recognize the Armenian genocide because the don’t want to give land back to the Armenians or pay the retribution. I think it’s sad Turkey never got in trouble for that genocide and it’s still denied today. There’s even street names after the Pasha brothers. It’s very weird.

      I saw an excellent documentary about the Armenian genocide. It was very well done. I think it was called Aghet. Maybe you have seen it?

      Thanks so much again.


    2. Richard Zierman, Ana just chose to be on the show The Young Turks when she was 20 yrs was due to faster career advancement. She tricked herself into thinking the Young Turks progressive definition didn’t get ruined when the Young Turks in history killed 3 million people. Her own great-grandfather was killed by The Young Turks.

      I don’t know when she found out that Cenk Uygur denied (and denied the Armenian genocide when she met him etc) the Armenian genocide. Someone on Reddit said Ana was upset with Cenk on a post game show many many yrs ago, because he and other Turks deny the Armenian genocide. ??? Cenk may have tricked her years ago by saying he secretly does believe in the Armenian genocide to keep her on the show. Or Ana doesn’t care that Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier, cause she thinks The Young Turks is the place to be for her. Many people think Ana is there just to cover for Cenk and make him look good. In 2012 an Armenian blogger interacted with Ana and Ana said that she and Cenk have talked about the massacres (no G word mentioned) and that must have been a private conversation and possibly was on a post game show.

      Ana does believe the Armenian genocide happened. Her boss doesn’t as we know. I don’t know who else denies and believes in the Armenian genocide on the show/network. In 2012 Cenk supported two Turkish American organizations, which make sure the Armenian genocide isn’t taught anywhere. It seems obvious that these organizations must fund The Young Turks. These are the most extreme Armenian genocide deniers in the country. I doubt Ana or anyone else cares about this if part of their paychecks come from these hardcore Armenian genocide deniers.

      Ana Kasparian is just a self-centered bitch. She only cares about herself. She doesn’t give a damn about her community/people. Ana calls everyone morons if they’re upset with the name The Young Turks and she said that she and everyone at TYT laughs at these people. The Armenians have been upset for the longest time and are the most upset/hurt. I’ve never seen anyone in the public put down his/her own people like Ana has. It’s stunning. And she’s gotten away with it.

      I think the pressure has gotten to them/is still getting to them. They have not liked being so criticized about these controversies. They have thought people criticizing them about these controversies are just due to people being paid conservative/corporate trolls. Unbelievable… These people have their heads so far up their asses! Keep pressuring them. I think we’ve made a lot of headway.


      1. Ana ” I”m FUCKING better than you ” Kasparian. She has the audacity to look down on people who don’t share her political views while all the time never being critical of her associate, a biased Turk denier of mass murder perpetrated by a secular government known as “The Young Turks”

        It should be Ana “I’m a FUCKING hypocrite and Benedict Arnold” Kasparian.

        It’s not just the Young Turks that are culpable in this story of silence and denial. There’s the American government, President Obama and certain leaders of the American Jewish community who will have to face the judgement of history in their sanctioning the Turkish government’s lies and deceit.

        Thankfully Jewish leaders and organizations have rallied to acknowledge and bemoan the fate of those millions of tragic innocent Armenians who died because their religion and culture refused to be assimilated by ruthless authoritarian government of the Young Turks.

        Here is a compassionate and revealing story about organizations and governments intimidated by the Turkish government to remain silent about the Armenian Genocide.

        “Why Jews Need to Recognize the Armenian Genocide Once and for All”


  3. Thanks again.

    I feel very sad and angry (at what happened during and after the Genocide) when I watch genocide films and documentaries so I don’t normally watch them. I am sure you know what I mean.

    Anyway, feel free to e-mail me and ask anything, and discuss with me your thoughts etc on the genocide and any other issues. We might or might not agree on everything of course; but that’s life 🙂 It would be nice to have intellectually stimulating correspondence. I really enjoy your writing style, giving importance to good analysis and detail.


    As you can guess from my e-mail address, I would also be happy to discuss LGBT issues; if you are also interested in them.

    Take care,



    1. In some youtube comments, I remember someone saying that he and his family got threatened by nationalists. Nationalists previously murdered journalists, writers, etc. so threats wouldn’t be an unlikely scenario. Deriving from what Ana wrote on Twitter multiple times, I’m assuming he probably have told Ana and others that he believes that it was a genocide but he couldn’t publicly say it for safety reasons. I feel like there is more evidence that he actually acknowledges rather than the other way around.

      A second (but IMO less likely) scenario is about being Turkish. Turks -even those who accept that it was genocide- generally try to avoid/forget the whole thing. In fact, there’s even a split between the acknowledgers: Genocide-acknowledging seculars claim that gov’t ordered the deportation but tried to protect; but Islamists in the East were such zealots that they killed Christians on the way to Syria (they back this by showing the Armenian population still living in more secular parts of Turkey/Syria). Genocide-acknowledging Islamists claim that public was innocent, but government ordered both deportation and killing.

      For Armenians, it’s such a big pain that it’s part of the identity. Keeping the feeling and discussion alive helps with keeping Armenian identity. Turks on the other hand would try to forget about it and keep quiet; or blame a different type of ‘Turkish’. Call it embarrassment, call it political polarisation; but this might also be why Cenk keeps quiet.


      1. She’s in the public eye. I watched TYT for many years. I liked them at one time. So I guess when I liked them I was a horribly obsessed person like you are. Right? I saw the show tanking and learned terrible things about Cenk and Ana and the show. I was supposed to have ignored all of the bad stuff she has done (I’ll just focus on Ana on this from now on).

        Why should I turn a blind eye to Ana doing bad things, being stupid, conceited, putting down her OWN COMMUNITY? Seriously, why should I ignore any of that? Are you okay with her putting down her own community? She’s rather bad when the Armenian community considers her their Benedict Arnold. I guess you can excuse her for being so nasty to her own community though. Right? She can do no wrong in your eyes. You must be blinded by love.

        I guess you are not obsessive about her even though you are on here white knighting for her. Your kind of obsession is good! My kind of ‘obsession’ is bad. Throw me in a gulag then. Christ…

        So I randomly found some fun dirt at the TYT office out of the blue, which I found amusing. You didn’t find any humor in that? You seem rather invested in your heroine Ana Kasparian as being SUPER HUMAN!

        It’s been a fun hobby in the past to find info on this sell out (she’s admitted this as you know). She’s not the Queen of the internet/above criticism. She dishes it out ALL THE DAMN TIME, but cannot take it and neither can you. Too damn much! I can’t stand that lopsided crap. Screw that.

        And to see her how face has changed over the few years has stunned me. I’ve never seen such a young woman’s face change so much. She is obsessed with looking ‘perfect’ and I find that disturbing. The woman has issues.The woman says she hates wearing make-up and having to look perfect or whatever and I think she should be BRAVE and not wear it for a few days while she is on the show and have her feminist/empowering moment and stop worrying with having to look like a painted doll.

        I am not jealous of a sell out like Ana Kasparian at all. She is a disgrace to the Armenian community. I am not going to hunt her down and do her any harm. You don’t need to call the authorities.


      2. ” I watched TYT for many years. I liked them at one time.”

        Well that shows you have limited intelligence, but it’s better than none at all like TYT.


      3. TYT is so bad and low. They get so many stories wrong and always have and they cant admit to making mistakes or very very rarely do. They just all have a big bravado. They are so fucking arrogant. Seeing how they behaved with Alex JOnes was off the charts in crazy land. Cenk is the clown of the earth who’s an emotional volcano. Ana is a right cunt. Jimmy the spitting Dore is beyond low. The rest are not so great, but I guess they aren’t the worst ones. The show is such a damn joke. They have the deplorable name and their too proud, arrogant and dumb to ever change it. They are the most fucked up liberals to keep the name “The Young Turks” when they act like the freedom fighters for everyone, but the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians (they too were slaughtered by the Young Turks). They have absolutely no respect. ??? Then their fans are the same way when they get educated about this stuff. ?? Then you have the ignorant fans who are walking around with a genocidal regime name on their T-shirt which they love. Sigh… About a yr ago I tweeted to Ana and asked if she wears The YOung Turks t-shirt in an Armenian community? And she lost it and said she is so glad to get rid of/block a troll like me!!!! I mean she had to make it into a such a damn production. LOl! I cant stand that damn self centered/self absorbed bitch. She should just change her name to Lopez when she gets married since she’s loves HIspanic culture more so than Armenian culture and has wanted to be Hispanic since she was a kid I guess. I cant stand Cenk for being an arrogant dick who also has an ego, which blocks out the son.


      4. Richard Zierman,

        Ana has lost her damn mind. She got more fame and fortune and it surely went to her head. She is so smug/arrogant and is beyond judgmental. She’s paper thin and has no patience and I think more of the criticism she’s gotten has gone to her psyche and she lashes out more and has even less patience. Queen Ana should be her nickname. Ana got more power at the Young Turks and she sure has been exercising it. I think her attitude is a tie with Cenk’s or even is worse. I’m not sure.

        Ana is RARELY critical of Cenk. She doesn’t kiss his ass like she used to, yet she still does to a point. Cenk loves his ass kissed so.. She has no problem that her boss is an Armenian genocide denier. She loves her career so it’s all fine in her mind, apparently.

        Cenk knew the name The YOung Turks offends the Armenians, since day one and he still chose the name. The Armenians view Ana as a Benedict Arnold. I guess she’s the number one traitor in the Armenian community who is in the public eye. She can’t stand their criticism, so I think that’s the real reason she has called them morons due to her frustration. That’s not the way to go about it though.

        the U.S denies the Armenian genocide. Israel denies it. Many countries deny it due to their ties to Turkey. Turkey has many countries by the balls. Those Turkish American organizations in the U.S make sure the Armenian genocide isn’t taught anywhere in the U.s and I think Canada too. Turkey flipped out when the German govt recognized the Armenian genocide. Turkey is crazy on this subject. It’s on the books that it’s a crime in Turkey to say the Armenian genocide happened.

        Some have hinted that Cenk is scared to say the Armenian genocide happened, cause he’s still a citizen of Turkey (he has dual citizenship w/ the States too obviously). People say he could get arrested in Turkey if he said the Armenian genocide happened while in the United States (like if he visited Turkey after he said it). Others say he’d be banned from entering Turkey if he said it happened in the States. Others have even said Cenk’s family and friends in Turkey would be harassed and arrested if Cenk publicly said the Armenian genocide happened while he was in the United States. I have no clue if any of that is true. Supposedly the Turkish govt has gone after people in the media who say the Armenian genocide happened (they tend to ignore other people in Turkey who say it happened). A lot of these questions need to be answered.


      5. History and National interests are the primary factors of the United States and Israel kowtowing to the Turks. During the Cold War Turkey was an extremely important partner to America during the Cold War being secular, anti- Communnist and next door to the Soviet Union where we had offensive nuclear missiles stationed in Turkey, This was the primary reason Nikita Khrushchev agreed to transfer offensive nuclear missiles to Fidel Castro triggering the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. As the singular Muslim ally of the United States Turkey has been the staging area of our wars against Saddam Hussein. Turkey happens to be the only Muslim country with a degree of tolerance that neither financially or militarily supports terror groups fighting Israel.

        That being said we’re going to be judged by History by our actions. Geopolitical expediency does not transcend humanity. If we collaborate with the Turkish government by denying the Armenian genocide we are repeating the sins of the German people who looked the other way as Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party were rising in Germany. What do our treaties with Turkey matter when read accounts of this brutality and murder, view pictures of starving Armenian children and see groups of people hanging from trees? We committed genocide against the Native Americans. How many years did we deny that sad chapter of our history? We, the People, have to speak out and do the right thing. Some day in the future the President of the United States and the Congress are going to publicly declare there was an Armenian Holocaust. There will be motion pictures, documentaries and more books written on the subject until even the government of Turkey will have to admit to the whole world what happened from 1915 to 1917.

        OK. I got that off of my chest. Now its time to return to the immediate glaring problem of the gruesome twosome of Cenk, who wants to take over the Democratic Party and Ana, who wants to be a combination of Hillary and a Hollywood glamor girl.

        Cenk n Ana.
        Remember your history?
        What we’ve got here is a latter day Don Quixote and his faithful sidekick, Sancho Panza, fighting windmills on youtube. 🙂


  4. I’ve just seen this article and needed to respond it. I did not know about Cenk Uygur before this article but I must say that many of statements in your article are based on superficial prejudices and genarilisations.
    1-) Turkey has been ruled by a very authoritarian right wing government for years but openly accepting Armenian Genocide is not a matter of crime that gets you arrested or judged in Turkey. Insulting Turkishness issue is a controversial and disgraceful issue in our constitution but it was toooo rarely used to assimilate a few intellectuals which were considered threatening to the official ideology of the regime. So being called by Turkish officialls about your remarks on genocude does not make you worry about your or your family members’ safety/freedom. In Azerbaijan, it does but not in Turkey. Turkey is not a democratic country at all, but there is no pressure on expressing your reviews on this topic. For example Selahattin Demirtas, who is leader of Turkey’s 4th major party with 10% of total votes clearly accepted the genocide on a tv broadcast.
    2-) Believe it or not, but Armenian Genocide is not like Holocaust. There is not a black or white type of truth about it. There are many aspects of the events and plenty of reasons to both accept it or deny it. Armed Armenian forces were also massacring Turks at the same period. There was a battle for saving their existence between nations at the beginning but then things got weird. Biggest sin of the government was including Anatolian Armenians of western region of Anatolia. Then greed and brutality of Anatolian people involved and events occurred. For sure what happened back in 1915 was not an issue to be proud of for Turkish nation. What I want to say is, denying and not naming these events Genocide does not make you a psychopath or skinhead. Defending Turkish side is not irrational or groundless. And I must say that the number of 1.5 million Armenian fatalities mentioned is of highly exaggeration and disinformational. I do not think so many Armenians were living in Anatolia that time.
    3-) Young Turks were the progressive and enlighted Turks which were educated in Europe and they were the core staff of Turkish modernisation and westernisation. They are not like Nazis, not motivated by irrational rhetorics like Turkish supremacy or etc. They had a struggle and they were idealist to stick with it until death. Of course they were nationalists, which matches late- 19th century spirit but they were not killing squads or evil masterminds. They built Progress and Union Party and took off the sultan, imposed the constitution and reopened the senate, which there were Armenian senators too. And their minister of foreign affairs was also Armenian. They suppressed an uprising brutally, that’s for sure. But they are not racist fanatic psychos. Or they are bot like Khmer Rouge. Finding the name Young Turks offensive makes no sense. As a Turk of Bosniak ancestry, I know that Young Turks gave all the best efforts for our nation.


  5. Thanks for commenting. I have seen a very detailed documentary about the Armenian genocide. I’ve seen another historic video about how Enver Pasha wanted his army to go into Russia in the dead of winter I think during WW1. He didnt have this army well equipped and many died just due from the cold and not wearing the right clothes (and I think not having enough to eat). They didnt die in battle (I believe 25% died this way). Pasha needed a scapegoat and blamed the Armenians. The Young Turks did round up as many Armenians (Greeks and Asyrians too) took their possessions, marched people in the desert where people starved to death, put some men in work camps I believe, hung people, crucified some, strangled and drowned people. Many women and girls were forced to be sex slaves. I have a family member who’s best friend is Armenian and her father had to escape Anatolia to avoid being killed when he was only 17 yrs old. I’ll have to find those videos for you later.

    I know the name the young turks has varying histories. I’ve read that the name the young turks in the beginning were the true impatient rebels who overthrew the Sultan and put in so much progressive changes. I read that some Young Turks splintered off and formed the CUP and it was the CUP who did the Armenian genocide (yet that’s kind of like splitting hairs). The CuP was popularly known as the young turks. All Armenians I’ve talked to think the name The Young Turks is deplorable.

    I’ve heard of some Turkish nationalists who have killed outspoken Turkish intellectuals who have said the Armenian genocide happened. I have heard it’s rare for the govt to arrest anyone for saying the Armenian genocide happened. I think this is a controversial subject in Turkiye.

    I find Cenk Uygur’s flip flops and back tracking interesting to say the least.

    Again, I’ll get back to you with the information I have seen. I’m sorry I’m not detailed enough right now. I just need to try to get some sleep. 🙂


    1. Armenian question in Ottoman Empire was not a made-up scapegoat story like Nazi era jews. They were really a major threat to existence of Muslims in Eastern Anatolia. The reason was that Ottoman Empire was in a period of decline and losing lands in Middle east and Balkans. Armenians thought that their time had come after Greeks, Serbs, Bulgarians all revolted and becane independent countries. But there was a nuance, Armenian community was ecerywhere in Anatolia, but they were majority in nowhere. They were armed by Russians in eastern front and carried out mass murders with the intention of ethnic cleansing. In every city that Armenians call “Armenian city”, Muslims were majority of population, even in Van. Armenians took a very big risk to hain more than they deserved and lost all they had. When you are defenseless and your fate is in your enemies’ hands these outcomes are inevitable. I do not approve that but Turks and Kurds did what Armenians could not find the opportunity to do. Destroying all Armenian heritage and exiling them including the ones living in non threatened areas was harsh and it was an attempt to homogenise Anatolia’s demographics. It is similar to the situation Muslims faced in Balkans a few years before 1915. Genocide is a legal term and in some aspects it covers what happened in Anatolia against Armenians. But constantly asking Turks about their thoughts on this matter and naming all their arguments opposite of naming it genocide “offensive” covers a political term called “fascism”. The real thing that disgusts me about this American style political correctness concept is, you can not immure someone’s thoughts between political correctness and feeling offended barriers. It is totally against free speech. When you say that they always ask “What about Nazis?”. You can not associate the political movements that you don’t like with Nazis or Khmer Rouge by a few superficial arguments. I do not ask all the Americans that I meet whether they are ashamed of some issues in their history or not. Making people suffer under cover of being sensitive to people’s suffering is insincere. Armenian Genocide is not properly discussed between both sides and one is free to name it genocide or not and argue about it.

      Of course some Armenians might find the expression Young Turks deplorable but we can not base on only Armenian thoughts. Armenians and Turks are generally hysterical about this matter. Some of them find “Turk” or “Armenian” expressions deplorable. Especially Armenians are normally very sensitive about this matter. It is normal that saying Young Turks evokes an Armenian individual of a history of massacres and brutality but for a scholar who works on Ottoman history it would probably remind of Turkish patriotism, nationalism, enlightment, positivism and a war that destroyed their own country because of their stupid fantasies. An era with all positive and negative sides. Like other political movements. What happened in Iraq or Vietnam does not make “Republican” deplorable. Prejudical statements should be avoided I think.

      And last thing I want to say is, in 2007 an Armenian intellectual author, Hrant Dink was assassinated in Istanbul and it was protested by large demonstrations in Istanbul, as it should be. People chanted “We are all Armenians” and drew reactions of fascists. But after the trials of this homicide, only three people was arrested and now just two in jail. The killer and instigator of him. The real clique of high ranked officials who masterminded the homicide as we believe were never exposed or tried, that is a big frustration for Turkey. On every anniversary of his assassination he is remembred by thousands with demonstrations in Sisli, Istanbul in front of AGOS newspaper’s building, where he wrote. And also on every 24th of April there is a ceremony held fir Armenian Gsnocide remembrance where anyone can attend. I told about these, just to express that there is not an Iron Curtain-like environmont about this Genocide issue. I know that Cenk Uygur was not concerned about his visits to Turkey or his family members.

      Armenians have been persecuted in Turkey and it did not change now. I know a family changed their surnames to an ordinary Turkish name to avoid discrimination. Life is very hard for an Armenian in Turkey especially if he does not live in a metropole, living in countryside with being openly Armenian is a total fantasy. Also our government does nothing to correct the situation. Descendants of exiled or killed Armenians should be given right of citizenship and relocation. Destroyed elements of Armenian heritage should be restored. 1925 campaign should be teached in schools, but not blaming Armenians this time. A common sense and respect should be restored but it is a dream too far to the truths present.


    2. Richard Zierman,thanks for the information. Turkey has had a lot of power for many years. The Turkisih govt is very crazy about stating no Armenian genocide happened and having so many countries by the balls (that these countries cant say the Armenian genocide happened). It’s sad that Turkey operates like this and so many have to deny it due to Turkey’s sway. I think the Turkish govt refuses to recognize the Armenian genocide, cause then I think they’d have to give land back to the Armenians and pay them reperations.

      Turkish people in the States and in Turkey too have tried to make sure the Hollywood movie done by an Armenian called “The Promise”, which is about the Armenian genocide wont be able to be seen all across the United States. It never ends.

      Who knows if Cenk is too scared to say the Armenian genocide happened. Or if he does believe it didn’t happen and he’s tricked Ana. It’s one of those mysteries. Cenk would be the type to get a rise out of tricking Ana all of these yrs. I don’t know what the Turkish govt would do to Cenk if Cenk was in Turkey if Cenk said the Armenian genocide happened when he was in the United States. Would they arrest him or ban him and go after his friend and family in Turkey (it seems very far fetched that his family and friends in Turkey would be harassed and arrested). I guess it is possible that the Turkish govt could ban Cenk or arrest Cenk if he went to Turkey. Supposedly the Turkish govt has and does go after Turks in the media who say the Armenian genocide happened (and I guess Turkish nationalists too).

      “…the gruesome twosome of Cenk, who wants to take over the Democratic Party and Ana, who wants to be a combination of Hillary and a Hollywood glamor girl.” OH my god, you said this all perfectly! Ana has spent a small fortune to look like a glamour girl, cause it looks like she’s gotten two nose jobs and god knows what else she got done to her face. She works out like crazy every day to be in shape. I think her nose job or jobs gave her more confidence and her new face inflated her ego somewhat. She is so intense, self righteous, judgmental, sanctimonious, obnoxious, emotional, and high-strung. Her ego is now enormous and she is so damn smug. She really is Queen Ana. She used to try to reign her craziness and intensity in, but she sure let that go. She’s going to be who she is as she says. People think Cenk Ugyur’s personality also has rubbed off onto Ana. She used to be the reasonable and down to earth one back in the day! Those days are long gone. Cenk thinks he’s the smartest man when it comes to politics when he is so biased and often clueless and he can’t admit to being wrong. Even Keith Olbermann said Cenk was far too biased. Cenk is so smug and obnoxious. He acts like such a douche bag and he acts like the biggest clown in the media. And he thinks he’s Mr. cool. Good lord. He’s also the most emotional man in the media. He can get away with being so emotional I guess due to being a man (????).

      His show gets so many stories wrong due to their poor research and bias. They are a joke far too often. Cenk will do too many strawmans and adhoms, which is ridiculous for a show which says the TRUTH!!!!! ???? Their truth is biased too much and barely researched. Ana and Cenk have declared that the U.S will go to war with Iran. ?????????????? That was sloppy commentary! Yet they’ll get away with it like always.

      I think half of TYT’s viewers watch the show to mainly laugh at and I guess TYT doesn’t care, cause they’re getting the views. Yet eventually those half who watch TYT for the LOLs will stop watching. I think the only person who’s saving TYT is their reporter Jordan Chariton. He’s much too good for that network.


  6. Thanks for the information you provided. i know this is a complex history. I’ve heard many sides to this story. I’ve heard the Armenians were second class citizens under the Ottomon empire. I’m not surprised they wanted their own country. I’ll tell you what I know below.

    The Battle of Sarikamish was an engagement between the Russian and Ottoman empires during World War I. It took place from December 22, 1914 to January 17, 1915 as part of the Caucasus Campaign.

    The outcome was a Russian victory. The Ottomans employed a strategy which demanded that their troops be highly mobile and to arrive at specified objectives at precise times. This approach was based both on German and Napoleonic tactics. The Ottoman troops, ill-prepared for winter conditions, suffered major casualties in the Allahuekber Mountains.

    Afterward, Ottoman leader Enver Pasha publicly blamed his defeat on Armenians and the battle was a prelude to the Armenian Genocide.

    This video explains the lead up to the Armenian genocide titled, “The Armenian genocide The Great War”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J1mpAQDMII

    This is a documentary about the Armenian genocide called Aget:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLyrpaTKCCE

    An article titled: U.S. Politicians and Scholars Are Helping Turkey Cover up WWI Armenian http://www.alternet.org/story/87223/u.s._politicians_and_scholars_are_helping_turkey_cover_up_wwi_armenian_genocide

    Turkiye has done everything they can to say the Armenian genocide did not happen. They dont want to give land back to the Armenians and they dont want to pay them retributions. The Turkish govt said they’re not the type of people to have committed a genocide.


  7. Anyone who’s serious about this, should make a video calling out Cenk Uygur and The Young Turks for denying the Armenian Genocide, as well as calling out the US Senators who voted against the Resolution to recognize it.


    1. I’ve heard by that the Young Turks show has never gotten so many complaints about the name of the show and about Cenk being an ARmenian genocide denier. Supposedly, they’re losing their smartest fans. Back in November Ana freaked out on air about people complaining about the name of the show and she crazily said that people were saying Cenk himself cause the Armenian genocide. ?? Ana’ co-hosts (John and Hasan) thought she lost it. She said, “THE NAME THE YOUNG TURKS MEANS REBEL!!! PEOPLE ARE MORONS!!! THEY NEED TO GET A DICTIONARY!!!!”

      A one woman told me why Cenk chose the name The Young Turks and why he went back to being an Armenian genocide denier. He chose the name cause he knew the history very well. The original Young Turks who overthrew the Sultan and put in progressive changes were separate from the later political group who did the ARmenian genocide. So when Cenk said the name of the show has no historical connection to the Armenian genocide could be seen as accurate. Later on some from the Young Turks branched off and formed a new party called the CUP and it was the CUP and the three Pasha brothers who planned the Armenian genocide. Yet the CUP was still POPULARLY KNOWN AS THE YOUNG TURKS. That’s why Armenians and others are disgusted by the name the Young Turks and also sees it as deplorable. Now it looks like Cenk had to backpeddle and be an Armenian genocide denier was cause he was afraid for his family in Turkey. The year of 2007 is when he said on Huff po and on his show that the leader of Turkey denies the Armenian genocide. The prominent Turkish-Armenian journalist Hrant Dink was assassinated in Istanbul on January 19, 2007. That is what scared Cenk to go back to being an Armenian genocide denier. He’s still a Turkish citizen too I believe. I think he’s hinted that he has gotten into trouble with Turkey for speaking so freely. I dont think he can change the name of his show cause he’d be telling the Turkish govt that there was an Armenian genocide so I think Cenk is in a rock and a hard place. Why Cenk and his co-hosts and others at the Young Turks cant hint at any of this if this is the case is baffling. They can just say “he’s Turkish okay” and that’d be it. They dont make one hint. People have to figure this out on their own or digging or people randomly finding details or a hypothesis. I think some U.S senators wanted to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, but the govt of Turkey laid down the hammer. They said if the U.S does that then they’ll kick out all of the U.S military bases in their countries. Turkey doesnt want to recognize the Armenian genocide due to not wanting to give land back to the ARmenians or payment.


    2. I’ve been showing up on youtube videos by the Young Turks and leaving little love letters about their indefensible denial of the Armenian genocide blasting both Ugur and Kasparian resulting in a lot flac from their little dysfunctional fans club. They don’t like their heroes besmirched. 🙂


  8. This is just a possibility, but as most foreign born citizens, he probably has a dual-citizenship, like my family does with Canada. If that is the case, publicly speaking-out on this topic may cause him to either lose his citizenship, be exiled, or imprisoned if he ever returns to the country. As he probably has family there, and also as a reporter; maybe it’s in his best interest to leave it at that? Does that make sense?


      1. Richard Zierman, I think their fan club is more like a cult. They cant handle any facts, which make their GodKing, Queen etc look bad. It’s bizarre! I’ve shown these people evidence of Cenk having no clue what a flogging does to the human body and how Cenk made a sexual joke about it and his fans couldnt see anything wrong with what Cenk said. That was/is some serious sheep there! You can show them all types of examples of Cenk etc being all wrong and bad and these fans/sheep cannot see and they get so defensive. They were even okay with Cenk, Ana and Jimmy Dore losing their minds on Alex Jones like they should have been on a Jerry Springer show. Good god… People get duped watching TYT and Cenk has made it very very tribal/cult like.


      1. You’re welcome. I could be wrong but some of your comments lead me to believe you are Armenian. Maybe not, it doesn’t matter. What I can’t fathom is why the Armenian American community is not up in arms about this obscenity, the Young Turks. I can’t imagine some politically based youtube organization naming itself the Young Aryans and the co-founder, Hans Dusseldorf, denying the Jewish Holocaust of 1938-1945. Would the Jewish American community be apathetic? Still this issue does not belong to the Armenian community alone. Everybody in the United States should be of one accord about feeling the horror, tragedy and outrage of a shameful incident of History when an entire people were the victims of an attempted extermination.

        And the incredible conundrum remains. Why would intelligent, compassionate Progressives like the Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian continue their Jihad of silence and denial of one of the monumental catastrophes of the 20th Century?


  9. Cenk, Ana and everyone on the Young Turks are are bunch of hypocritical bullies. They trash talk republicans and pretend to be into Black Lives Matter. But the name “The Young Turks” is like being called “The Ku Klux Klan.” I don’t think KKK is a good name for a pseudo-news outlet so I don’t like The Young Turks either.


    1. Cenk really chose the worst name for his show and network. More people need to be educated about this. Plus Cenk denying the Armenian genocide makes him look very bad. He may just deny it publicly for whatever reason or reasons and he does believe it happened privately, yet who knows for sure. Ana the Armenian is okay with it all, cause of her career and she knows Armenians are ignored. She’s really low. They both are and so are the rest. They act like they care about all people and respect them, but they don’t. They’re really low to laugh at Armenians and others who are offended by the name. Ana calling people morons and lowlife morons when they’re upset with the name is just crazy and she’s putting down her own people. ?? She was being a bully when she had said that and I think she still stands behind that too (she is a mega cunt).


    2. I’m not Armenian. I didn’t know about the Armenian genocide til I watched Kyle Kulinski’s show Secular talk on April 24th 2015. He was talking about the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Someone under that video in the youtube comments told me and showed me that Cenk was/is an Armenian genocide denier and I was FLOORED. That just didn’t match up with Cenk’s rhetoric of standing up for all people etc. Then I learned how awful the name is and how the name is even worse, since Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier. That’s when I had it with The Young Turks. I was giving them way too many passes for other reasons when they screwed up etc, which was stupid of me.

      The Young Turks flip out over the name The Red skins and they see no hypocrisy. ??? They just think their name is perfect due to it’s ‘progressive definition’. And if people complain about the name then they are morons according to Ana Kasparian. She said she and EVERYONE at TYT laugh at these people. She’s just a cunt. She knows she’s in the wrong and that is how she’s dealt with all of the criticism.

      She thinks she’s so smart and strong, but she’d not at all. She’s just shown herself to be a self-centered bitch/cunt who doesn’t give a damn about her own people. She has seriously wanted the Armenian community to bow down and worship her/praise her. She is screwed up. She has said often enough that she knows the Armenian genocide happened and has no problem working for a public Armenian genocide denier who’s supported ( in 2012 and probably now) two of the most hardcore Armenian genocide denying organizations in the United States (ATAA Assembly of Turkish American associations and TCA Turkish Coalition of America).

      I was very surprised about how so many liberals/progressives/SJWS of all people do not care about any of this. They wear blinders. They love Cenk, so they cant see his wrongs. One even told me to get hit by a car. Many think it’s not a big deal. Who cares? A few others have said “Cenk is a citizen of Turkey so he has to publicly deny it.” I thought all people especially liberals/progressives cared about all genocides, but I was wrong. Some have even said that the Armenian genocide didn’t happen so why on earth should Cenk say it did?

      I’ve voiced my criticism about this since April 24th or April 25th of 2015. It doesn’t leave me. I’ve just wanted answers. It was STUNNING when Cenk did his rescinding statement in April of 2016 about what he wrote in his University paper, but he didn’t say the Armenian genocide happened. He just tried to run away from the Armenian genocide subject completely. He said he wasn’t a scholar and couldnt tak about the topic of the Armenian genocide. He basically denied it again on a youtube libertarian show interview in August of 2016.

      It just looks like Cenk has never believed the Armenian genocide happened. He may have later on tricked Ana acting like he believed it privately to keep her on his show. I think he’d be the type to do that. Why on earth in 2012 would he support the most hardcore Armenian genocide denying organizations in the United States if in his heart/secretly he believes the Armenian genocide happened?


    1. It took him like 24 and a half yrs to rescind what he wrote in college and 17 yrs to rescind what he wrote to Salon. He could have said that to protesting Armenians at a political function in 2012. Most people get upset when they hear someone was a genocide denier and never publicly apologized for it. In his rescinding statement, Cenk mentioned feelings and something about how he shouldn’t have hurt people (something to that affect). He said he can’t talk about the topic of the Armenian genocide, cause he’s not a scholar. Um, okay… ? So he took back what he wrote and basically said he has no idea if that genocide happened or not. Some think Cenk is scared of the Turkish govt and Turkish nationalists and that’s why he won’t publicly say the Armenian genocide happened. I’m sure he gets a lot of Turkish funding who do not the believe the Armenian genocide happened at all. Cenk is also very tribal and he loves his Turkish people and I’m sure he doesn’t want to upset them on this subject. So, I think he has many reasons to deny the Armenian genocide TODAY.


    1. There’s rumors out there that Cenk has to be a public Armenian genocide denier, cause his family and friends would get be harassed in Turkey. ? One TYT employee said on twitter that he’d be banned from entering Turkey if he said the Armenian genocide happened while in the United States and he also said the same thing that Cenk’s family and friends in Turkey would be harassed. ? This man who works for TYT said people like me and others are so stupid to not know this information, since it’s so easy to find on Google. The only thing I’ve found on Google is an article from 2013 and the quote said that the Armenian genocide isn’t a taboo like it once was and all of the Turkish media can talk about it without any worries. Now maybe things have changed drastically after that. Going after innocent family members is insane if true. ? I left a comment under a Young Turks Youtube video why Cenk had to support hardcore Armenian genocide denying organizations in the United States? I actually got an answer from whomever and he or she said, “REASONS.” And that was it. What the hell were the reasons? I asked that and no one responded. If Cenk is truly a victim and he has to bow his head and deny the Armenian genocide out of fear then I think people would understand that. The Turks seem to have to have this group think and be so damn tribal. If no one can prove that Cenk is some kind of victim and he has no choice, but to be an Armenian genocide denier then we all will know he’s a true Armenian genocide denier and that is not acceptable. I just want to know if it’s true that Cenk has to be an Armenian genocide denier or else. i dont know. Maybe Turkish politics and even Turkish American politics isn’t easy. Or maybe all of this is a smokescreen. I’d like to know for certain.

      Also Cenk just recently said that the Armenians have got to get over the name already. He’s still an arrogant smug prick about that. One shouldn’t get away with being a public Armenian genocide denier while having that name for one’s show and network.


  10. Yes, I totally agree. The name will always remind Armenians of the Genocide the “young turks” committed while they were in power in 1915.

    As, I have often said in my blogs, who would name their show the “nazis” then have the gall to tell Jews they need to get over it.

    I am more than sure he is a fraud.

    Many Turks in Turkey recognize openly. They can’t put them all in jail.

    He has such a big month, while trying to prove he is passionate on what ever the topic of the day is, so why doesn’t he take on Turkey’s denial. No he rather exploit is family and use them as an excuse in hopes Armenians won’t be ridicule, and judge him harshly for being a Genocide denier, and as a result ruin his popularity.

    So, personally I think he is so full of crap, and on top of that a low life coward. And Ana is a disgrace to humanity. Working side by side with a renown Genocide denier is where respectable people draw the line.

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    1. I think he obviously named his show The Young Turks to stick to the Armenians and it was due to his Turkish pride and his way of saying The Armenian genocide didn’t happen! He knew the name was offensive and chose it anyways. Then he and his TYT staff act annoyed and act like the victims. I even heard TYT people in the background laugh about people being offended by the name The Young Turks. These people are just low. They act like the Armenian community is so stupid and uncultured to not know the OTHER progressive definition. These people have drank the kool aid so to speak. Wow… ?

      There have been Turkish people in Turkey who say openly that the Armenian genocide happened. I know they get some push back to an extent and no one is ever jailed for it even though it’s on the books (I dont think anyone loses their jobs etc. Cenk’s employee and I guess other employee throwing out how Cenk is really a victim is odd, since this supposed info on Google is not easy to find (they keep saying that Google is my friend. They’ve even thought I’m a paid corporate troll). This TYT employee said Cenk and his family would ‘get it more’ since Cenk’s show and network is so enormously popular! ??? WTH? Like Cenk saying the Armenian genocide happened while in the United States would upset the Turkish govt to such a degree? I’ve had progressive Turks say that they dont understand why Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier when he’s been in the United States since he was 8 yrs old. Hmmm.. ? I talked to another Turk about this situation and asked, “have family members been harassed if a Turk in the media says the Armenian genocide happened?” and this Turk had no clue what I was even talking about. I just dont see the evidence of innocent family members getting harassed at all. ? Maybe Cenk would be banned from entering Turkey. Yet how could that be proven?

      Plus what on earth could the REASONS be why he had to support two of the most hardcore Armenian genocide denying organizations in the United States? Would the Turkish business elite try to black ball Cenk’s network? LIke would they try to destroy him somehow? ??? WTF is that supposedly about if true? I think Cenk just really likes his Turkish American business connections so he can get a lot of funding from these people and have other perks due to these connections ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$).

      Now Ana is an absolute cunt. She really is one and I dont like throwing that word around at women, but she fits the description. She comes off as QUEEN ANA. She throws her own community under the bus and spits on them with a proud smile on her face. She has serious fucking issues. I’ve never seen anyone throw their own people/community under the bus for one’s career like Ana has. For her to call her own people morons and says how she laughs at them is really sick. She’s basically dishonoring her ancestors and people being the way she is. She thinks she’s so smart, powerful and strong and again she’s just really sick and deplorable (when she’s on her high horse thinking she’s some moral Queen of humanity).

      Yeah Cenk tried to trick people with his rescinding Statement from April of 2016 and sadly it’s worked on many. Even explaining it all to these people has made me feel like I’m banging my head against the wall. They cant see reality and it frustrates me. Cenk must laugh that he’s tricked so many and he must be frustrated that he couldnt trick the rest.

      Cenk’s team and fans think we’re just attacking him and we are the alt right when we criticize Cenk over the name of his show and network and being an Armenian genocide denier and supporting Armenian genocide denying organizations and they try to dismiss us and attack us. Cenk and company are throwing everything out there to twist things around and play games and politics. We’ve made a lot of head way though. TYT havent been so criticized about all of these controversies by such a large amount of people. They cant ignore all of us.

      They used to just ignore these matters, they didnt care about just the Armenians complaining and criticizing them at all. It’s taken a lot of other people too to make them take notice, which is really sad by the way. The Armenians should have been enough yet it’s great that so many who arent Armenians have been involved and that’s what’s stunned them the most. This SJW/lib/progressive show and network which dismisses and has disdain for an ethnic group is really loathsome. Thanks again for your input and work!

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      1. I think it’s very possible that Cenk has tricked his entire staff in private saying, “Oh I believe the Armenian genocide happened. 😉 Oh Ana I know your ancestors suffered/people suffered. I know it should be recognized. ;)” Ana is very good PR for Cenk Uygur. Or it’s also possible his staff just say he’s said the Armenian genocide happened in private and on post game shows (that there’s never any evidence of these videos etc). We’ve demanded proof and they can never give us any. Ana has lied and said Cenk isn’t an Armenian genocide denier when his rescinding statement still shows he’s an Armenian genocide denier. I saw one video which is a post game video from TYT from like nearly 4 yrs ago now and it looks like Cenk was agreeing with her that an Armenian genocide happened but he never said The Armenian genocide. He just said “What happened.” Like it seemed like he was being very clever and he left out how he tried to defund the Armenian club at the University that he was attending. He just made it seem like the Armenians went after him and didn’t like him for no good reason and that they should try to compromise (compromise on a genocide?). He did mention that he was raised to believe that no Armenian genocide happened and he handled things wrong or whatever. This is as close Cenk has come to privately recognizing the Armenian genocide. Here’s the video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptFiiQk5k1Y Tell me what you think of this video. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks again for everything.


      2. “There’s got to be a compromise’? What? Do ancestors of WWII Germans ask Jews to discuss some kind of compromise about what happened from 1938 to 1945? This is not a question of bias against the entire Turkish people but hostility against individual Turks and the present day Turkish government who pretend the Genocide never happened. As far as Sultan Cenk and his Armenian concubine are concerned we are simply pleading that as spokespeople for their Progressive Political organization they thoroughly explore and acknowledge the heinous acts of genocide perpetrated by the Young Turks government of 1915 to 1917. History teaches us American Communists for decades refused to condemn or acknowledged the genocide perpetrated by Stalin and his murderous Secret Police. How many so called moderate Muslims refuse to acknowledge the violence committed by ISIS and other extremist groups acting in the name of Allah and Muhammad? How many loyal Democrats refuse to acknowledge the lies, corruption, money laundering of Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State who wanted to assassinate Julian Assange? How many Trump supporters will acknowledge their leader’s bullying, selfishness and power?


      3. I guess his compromise is that massacres happened and not an Armenian genocide. ? I dont know.I guess you didnt like that post game video all that much of TYT’s from April of 2013. Ana acknowledges it of course. Wes Clark has. I’m not sure of any others in TYT. Ignoring the wrongs of the past make the wrongs of the present easier to happen. I don’t get the blind allegiance to people/groups etc. ?

        Check out the beaut that I saw under a TYT video about someone defending Cenk etc:
        Dude, I came out of a war in 1993, where my own ethnic group almost eradicated my family. Two years earlier I supported that same ethnic group in attacking people who are essentially my people, but with a different name, just because of some fucking retarded idea about patriotism that was sold to me as a kid, which the people I supported turned out wanted to take a giant dump on anyway. If I didn’t experience it first hand, I would still be the moron that I was back then. I can almost taste it now. Cenk was a fucking moron back then, just like I was, but he never experienced what a turd the side he believed in was first hand. Most Serbs I know from Serbia, who never experienced what was done in Bosnia, are next to impossible to talk to about these issues. That non-apology, as you call it, is actually pretty big put in context of what nationalistic backward fuckery does to a person. To get a believing right-winger to change his stance as much as Cenk did on almost everything is huge, it takes oceans of time and, most importantly, love. He is the sort that will let a good friend present evidence to him and in 20 years time he will internalize it, given facts and experience etc. Now, why do I say this is the right way with Cenk, instead of attacking him? Three reasons: First, he isn’t lying to you. There is no political anti-Armenian agenda in there, he isn’t acting on someone else’s account and because of someone else’s pressure, so no amount of pressure from other sides, name-calling or anything else of the sort, will change his position. Only experience, facts, reason and a true friend. Second, because Cenk wouldn’t be powerhouse that he is, if it didn’t take this much to turn him. TYT wouldn’t exist, none of it would be anywhere, if the guy wasn’t stubborn as a fucking mule and his faith didn’t need decades of molding and evidence, in order to get it on the right path. You’re just not going to do it with these bullshit websites with him hugging skulls and shit. That’s not how he works. Third and most important, TYT are no more Turkish than they are Indonesian. They’re American. They focus on American issues, American politics, American vocabulary and American values. And on most American issues, they are spot fucking on. If he was jabbering about Turks and Armenians 24/7 and that was a significant portion of what they did, I’d say attack was exactly right, because they would be taking a dump on Armenian Americans and be just another right wing crapfest online. But they don’t and they aren’t. I’ll give you an example why the last point should matter to you. Chomsky often talks shit about the war in Bosnia that I totally disagree with and I know he’s wrong on many related issues, but that’s not important to me, because today Chomsky fights for progressive values and against the corrupt system where he lives, in the USA, and that’s all that matters. Fighters like that aren’t dime-a-dozen and we can’t afford to discard them based on their dumbass antics about unrelated issues that are super-important to just me. On the other hand, you should keep up your activism, because that’s what Cenk would do – you fight for what you believe in. Just change your fucking tactics, because this isn’t working on anyone, but the right-wing retards, who don’t really give a fuck about Armenians, but would like to use anything they can find to thrash progressives.


      4. Initially her proposal seems reasonable until you realize why should we halt our grievances with Sultan Cenk until the long awaited day in the future he comes to his senses. Why should we have to wait on him? He’s had over two decades to see the light. Sultan Cenk in all that time has not read the plethora of accounts of the victims, children of victims and the lucky minority that escaped the mass murder? How long must we excuse the Young Turks spending more time and resources warning us about the injustice if Islamophobia than finally exposing the horror of the Armenian Genocide? We’re dealing with Time – over 100 years ago. There is no Statute of Limitation on Mass Murder!

        “““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““““about Islamaphobia than


  11. RICHARD ZIERMAN, i have yet to see that Cenk has to be a public Armenian genocide denier out of Turkish political correctness. There’s no evidence that I can find so far online on any websites/in any articles anywhere that Turkish media people who say the Armenian genocide happened get harassed and their innocent family members get harassed (if that info is out there on Google then I have yet to find it). I talked to a Turk about this a month ago and he had no idea what i was even talking about. I looked at two articles online about this subject from 3 and a half yrs ago to under 2 yrs ago and both said that Turks in the media and all Turks can say the Armenian genocide happened. It might not be popular, but I saw no mention of harassment and innocent family members being harassed (like no one gets fired from their jobs etc). There is a minority of Turkish people who protest every yr saying the Armenian genocide happened. Now Cenk also has publicly supported hardcore Armenian genocide denying organizations that reside in the United States and they’re also Turkish American organizations. Now why Cenk had to support them beats me. I think he supported them cause he loves his Turkish American people, he likes the perks he must get out of supporting them like connections and getting money for his show and network. I don’t see evidence yet of Cenk being a victim and that he has to be an Armenian genocide denier or else all hell will break lose for Cenk (due to Turkish politics and even TURKISH AMERICAN politics). Another Turk told me that Turkish officials have told Turkish migrants in Germany to be upset with the German govt for recognizing the Armenian genocide and that the Turkish officials see what the German government did as a sign of treason or something to that effect. ??


  12. RICHARD ZIERMAN, there’s a genocide going on right now in Yemen due the Saudis using U.S weapons. THe U.S military have used their drones on the people of Yemen too. There’s been a genocide happening in Iraq. i have no idea how we stop this madness? The Congo has been going through a long war too I believe for so long and I’m sure genocides have happened there or in the least ethnic cleansing has. It is so frustrating.


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