Cenk Uygur who’s the star of The Young Turks youtube show has an Armenian Genocide Controversy.

Updated February 5th, 2017 (Original date was in July 9th 2015). There’s news flashes at the bottom of the page!


                Cenk wrote two times in the 90s how there was no Armenian genocide .


Cenk Uygur who is a popular host of The Young Turks youtube show has some controversy. In 1991 Cenk Uygur wrote in his college paper The Daily Pennsylvanian an article titled, “Historical Fact or Falsehood?”  He wrote how there was no Armenian genocide.  Here’s two links to the same article: http://penn.veridiansoftware.com/cgi-bin/pennsylvania?a=d&d=tdp19911122-01.2.24 and http://www.webcitation.org/68YqvmgSY He said  American scholars couldn’t see any such evidence of a genocide.  He said the U.S president Wilson used propaganda to make the Turks look bad during WWI(saying there was an Armenian genocide created by the Turkish people). He also said that The Armenians have made it all up to get land and money from the Turkish govt.


In a letter responding to Salon in 1999 he wrote again saying there was no Armenian genocide and how a Salon article got it all wrong: http://www.salon.com/1999/06/16/punk_2/


Cenk wrote again that there was no Armenia genocide on his The Young Turks website he had up from 1999-2003.


On Cenk’s  website The Young Turks from 1999-2003 he had this post/writing, which he explained that there was no Armenian genocide and what really happened was a civil war: https://web.archive.org/web/20020907100730/http://www.youngturk.com/newpage15.htm


I Imagine he took this writing off of his website due to so many complaints after a year or more of  being on Sirius radio.  I guess it wasn’t good for business. It was probably seen as too political and too upsetting. He never apologized for this writing though. I guess he thought he could sweep that under the rug and enough people didn’t see it and he can move on/the show can move on.



                     An excerpt from the History Channel about the Armenian Genocide.



Here’s an article about the Armenian genocide by The History Channel: http://www.history.com/topics/armenian-genocide   Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“On April 24, 1915, the Armenian genocide began. That day, the Turkish government arrested and executed several hundred Armenian intellectuals. After that, ordinary Armenians were turned out of their homes and sent on death marches through the Mesopotamian desert without food or water. Frequently, the marchers were stripped naked and forced to walk under the scorching sun until they dropped dead. People who stopped to rest were shot. At the same time, the Young Turks created a “Special Organization,” which in turn organized “killing squads” or “butcher battalions” to carry out, as one officer put it, “the liquidation of the Christian elements.” These killing squads were often made up of murderers and other ex-convicts. They drowned people in rivers, threw them off cliffs, crucified them and burned them alive. In short order, the Turkish countryside was littered with Armenian corpses.”

More information about The Young Turks causing the Armenian genocide is at this link:http://www.armenian-genocide.org/young_turks.html


                  Armenians protested Cenk Uygur in California in 2012.


In 2012 in San Diego California at a public political event The Armenian community were protesting Cenk Uygur, who was talking at the event. They were protesting him for what he wrote back in the 90s (his article in his university paper and his letter to Salon) and for the name of his show: http://asbarez.com/101017/armenians-protest-uygur-talk-at-democratic-convention/   He never apologized for what he wrote and said their families went through a tremendous amount of pain and mentioned a ‘historical situation’ Here’s a video showing it :.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzNhpD7U4-g  Why  couldn’t he have said, “I’m so sorry for what I wrote. I was all wrong. What happened was the Armenian genocide.” ??  For some odd reason he could not say the words Armenian genocide. ?? And he could not even acknowledge what he wrote to apologize. ?  He also said the name of his show was not to offend the Armenian community. The Young Turks is the name of the political party who committed the Armenian genocide and Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier. Cenk chose that name way back when when he was a very adamant/brazen Armenian genocide denier and that makes the name far worse.  Cenk promised to work with the Armenians to resolve this issue at a future time and never has.  Why did he make them an empty promise? Cenk was acting like a polished politician.



                                                                The name The Young Turks.


The Young Turk(s) name/term has more than one meaning such as;  A young Turk

a. young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party.
b. young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations.
c.a member of a revolutionary party in the Ottoman Empire who carried out the revolution of 1908 and deposed the sultan Abdul Hamid II.
d. a young person eager for radical change to the established order.
e. The Young Turks were the perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. The Young Turk Movement emerged in reaction to the absolutist rule of Sultan Abdul-Hamid (Abdulhamit) II (1876-1909). With the 1878 suspension of the Ottoman Constitution, reform-minded Ottomans resorted to organizing overseas or underground.


Those progressive definitions comes from the original Young Turks who overthrew the Sultan and put in progressive changes, which I’m sure Cenk Uygur knows that history very well. The second wave of The Young Turks did the Armenian genocide. The Greeks and Assyrians were massacred/went through an ethnic cleansing by The Young Turks also and some people call what  happened to the Greeks and Assyrians were also genocides.


It’s terrible to have a show’s and network’s name be a name of the political party who caused a genocide of the Armenians while Cenk is a public Armenian genocide denier (despite the progressive and rebel definition(s)).  Cenk knew the name offends/upsets Armenians (for an obvious reason!). That would be like a holocaust denier naming his show and network the Nazis and saying, “Nazis has more than one definition. Our definition just means strict and the Jews  have got to get over the name already (as this holocaust denier supports  holocaust denying organizations).”


Cenk chose the name originally for his public cable access show in the mid 9os called The Young Turk show while being a conservative, so the progressive definition didn’t fit at all. He chose the name again the Young Turks for his website in 1999 and for his Sirius radio show in 2002 and on and on. Cenk has said that the Armenians have got to get over the name already and the definition is great, cause of it’s rebel and progressive definition(s). He’s basically said the Armenians are stupid to not get this. They’re supposed to ignore that he’s an Armenian genocide denier while choosing and having the name The Young Turks for his show and network. They’re even supposed to ignore how Cenk went on to support Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and make sure it’s not taught anywhere. Could you imagine a holocaust denier who supported holocaust denying organizations naming his show and network the Nazis? Even if he said “Nazis just means strict.”??  I don’t think that would fly very well at all.  The name the Young Turks should have been ruined forever when The Young Turks in history killed 3 million people in a genocide and ethnic cleansing of other ethnicities.


        On the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide The Young Turks did nothing.
On his show The Young Turks had no segment on the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide on April 24th 2015 (on a Friday when they do a show). Ana Kasparian who’s an Armenian American, the main co-host  went out of her way while on vacation on her own Youtube channel to talk about such a historic anniversary, which effected her family: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFBxKhADoYU  Some Youtubers made some videos about this controversy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMyfgEOoSxg   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rginnJlPlGM  Does anyone suspect why the largest online news show in the world ignored such an anniversary? This is a progressive show, which stands up for social justice etc. Cenk did promise the Armenians to resolve this issue and this would have done a lot to resolve it. The Armenian genocide was the first modern genocide of the 20th century and had an impact on Hitler for doing the Holocaust.  I guess The Young Turks that day had more pressing bullshit stories to talk about to fill in the time. I believe Cenk was on a business trip that week, so he wasn’t there (how convenient).
                                          Cenk said something interesting in 2007
 Now the weird thing is Cenk Uygur wrote in 2007 and re-posted it again in 2011 in The Huffington Post  and said the president of Iran Ahmadinejad denies the holocaust and who cares that he doesn’t believe if the holocaust happened and it shouldn’t be relevant. Also other leaders of countries deny genocides their governments committed; like  the leader of Turkey denies the Armenian genocide. There’s many leaders who deny genocides and who cares. He said some leaders of the world don’t agree with whomever’s and our version of history.  They (media and certain politicians) used Ahmadinejad’s holocaust denial as propaganda to make this/him the new boogy man and use this propaganda to make the leader of Iran look horrible and want to  inspire U.S citizens to go to war with  Iran (adding more fuel to some supposed fire to get people’s emotions turned on). Cenk said how the U.S shouldn’t invade Iran for that reason, and with that logic the U.S would have to invade all these other countries including Turkey. Again he was saying people/leaders have their version of history and so what and we shouldn’t invade them for a reason like that (Turkey denies the Armenian genocide and it shouldn’t matter to the Armenians may have been Cenk’s point too… ? ).  Here’s the proof of what he also said in this video  from The Young Turks titled “Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Set To Speak In NY in 2007“: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCEhTmR1uE0 and here is The Huffington Post article from 2007 and re-posted in 2011: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/cenk-uygur/ahmadinejad-the-new-booge_b_65735.html  He never admitted he too didn’t believe in an Armenian genocide on his show and in The Huffington Post and say how wrong he was to believe that. One person who commented on Godless Spellchecker’s blogCenk Uygur still won’t acknowledge the Armenian genocide” http://www.gspellchecker.com/2016/04/cenk-uygur-still-wont-acknowledge-the-armenian-genocide/
by the ‘name’ of Jeebus said, “He does not actually acknowledge the genocide in the article or the companion video, he merely states that Turkey denies it and that countries have “different versions of history” as part of an argument that Iran denying the holocaust is not a danger.”
                                 Something interesting from 2008
I found this question from March 2008, which was  sent to The Young Turks which was once on TYT website https://ancawr.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/tyt-uygur-statements-on-armenian-genocide.pdf asking him for an explanation regarding the Armenian genocide and how Cenk Uygur has admiration for Samantha Power who was an advocate for the Armenian genocide recognition (she became the U.S Ambassador to the U.N and he could have liked her for  multiple reasons).
             Ana said something interesting in 2009 in a comment to the Armenian Weekly.

ana said in 2009

 Cenk may have said he was wrong about the Armenian genocide on his post game show.
 I’ve seen two people online say  Cenk did admit on a post game show yrs ago, which was/is private and one had/has to pay to join to see post game shows(be a member)  that he did say he was wrong in how he believed there was no Armenian genocide. If this did really happen then  how convenient of him to say all of that on a private post game show. Why couldn’t he say that publicly on one of his normal TYT videos? Why is all of this a secret?  Or were TYT employees making this up to make Cenk look good? That could likely be the case. Someone online told me Ana  said she’d never work for an Armenian genocide denier ( she may have said that to make herself and Cenk look good.).
 This is one TYT video from I believe originally aired I think April 23rd of 2013 from a post game show, which shows Cenk talking about how the Armenians at his university were upset at him and he left out how he tried to  defund the Armenian club, so Ana was clueless.  He was upset with the Armenians for having an ad or ads saying the Armenian genocide happened in the University paper.  Later on they were upset about  the infamous article he wrote saying there was no Armenian genocide:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptFiiQk5k1Y out:https://thegenocidalturks.wordpress.com/cenk-denied-the-genocide/#Cenk_and_Armenian_Club It’s weird how  Cenk tricked Ana so much when he retold this story. ?? Why did he have to leave so much out?   Now it looked like Cenk  hinted  that the Armenian genocide happened without actually saying it. Yet one can look at this as he obviously doesn’t say the Armenian genocide happened, but understood the Armenians being upset with him anyways. A compromise was mentioned in this video, but how can there be a compromise on a genocide? Ana was saying the Armenians are upset that she works for a Turk, but I think they’re really upset that she works for a Turk who is a public Armenian genocide denier and 93% of Turks  deny the Armenian genocide, so there is the generalization that Turks deny the Armenian genocide. Ana and Cenk were really dancing around this topic. Ana mentioned that they can’t get into specifics, cause that would get them into trouble. What trouble was she talking about? Cenk and Ana just wanted the Turks and Armenians to move  on from this, yet how can that have happened when the Armenian genocide isn’t recognized and so many Turks don’t believe in that genocide?  And again how can there be a compromise on the Armenian genocide? Did they both think that certain people saying the Armenians were massacred was  good enough and close to saying genocide? I have no idea. Ana did say to another Armenian in an email in 2012 that Cenk and her have talked about the massacres that happened to the Armenians and it looked like back then Ana was fine with Cenk saying massacres and not the Armenian genocide.
 A cat had Cenk’s ‘tongue’ while he was on Reddit in 2013
Cenk says he’s so open and honest and when he was on Reddit in 2013 people did ask him about the Armenian genocide and the name of his show and he didn’t respond once to any of those questions:http://www.reddit.com/r/iama/comments/1e94kj/  All he did was stonewall those questions. I don’t understand why he feels the need to stonewall them? I find it an odd political tactic. It can only mean he’s just trying to shut the topic down.
RationalWiki.org has more recent scoop about Cenk’s Armenian genocide shiftiness.

Rationalwiki.org has good information about Cenk Uygur’s and Ana Kasparians’s and The Young Turks shiftiness about the Armenian genoicde: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/The_Young_Turks  I have an excerpt from them which says,

Armenian Genocide shiftiness

“Cenk Uygur, who is Turkish-American, has flirted with Armenian Genocide denial in 1991[17] and 1999,[18] something that the Armenian-American community protested over as recently as 2012.[19][20][21]Which isn’t that damn surprising considering he named the show after the the Turkish regime which orchestrated the ethnic cleansing of 1.5 million Armenians in WWI. Cenk claims that the show’s title is from the dictionary definition meaning “young progressives looking to overthrow an established system,” though he did not directly address his past writings.[22]

In 2009, Cenk and his co-host Ana Kasparian (Armenian-American herself) appeared side by side on RT discussing Turkish-Armenian reconciliation, with Kasparian expressing support for the idea that Turkey should reconsider the genocide.[23] Kasparian later defended Cenk on Twitter, saying “that op-ed is from 11 years ago” and that “people change their political opinions all the time.”[24]

In 2007 and 2011, Cenk has compared Erdoğan‘s denial of the Armenian Genocide with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s denial of the Holocaust.[25][26]

During a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” (2013), Cenk opted not to answer the most upvoted question in the thread, namely his opinion on the tangibility of an Armenian Genocide.[27]

In 2015, on the 100th anniversary of the atrocity, The Young Turks once again refused to broach the Armenian Genocide. They chose instead to talk about such pertinent topics as “Popeye’s offers pregnant woman her job back” as well as “Hot new restaurant features half-naked men as their special.” However, Kasparian did dedicate a video about it on her channel, as did TYT affiliate Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk. Cenk himself had no part in those aforementioned videos since he was in another state at the time.

A year later on April 1st, 2016, while discussing racial appropriation on the show, Kasparian mentioned the Armenian Genocide in Cenk’s presence, though he didn’t comment on it nor did he seem upset by the discussion.[28] Just two days before the 101st anniversary, Cenk posted a retraction of “the statements I made in my Daily Pennsylvanian article from 1991,” as well as “the statements I made in a letter to the editor I wrote in 1999 on the same issue,” formally retracting his earlier denial. Regarding his silence on the topic throughout the years, Cenk has said that “I am going to refrain from commenting on the topic of the Armenian Genocide, which I do not know nearly enough about.[29]

Over a month later, Ana Kasparian aired an entire segment on TYT regarding the topic when the German parliament voted on recognizing the Armenian Genocide. The video itself even went so far as including graphic images of the event, with Kasparian repeatedly and formally denouncing the genocide.[30]




Sansu the Cat’s blog post titled “The Armenian genocide is Undeniable.”




 Sansu the Cat has an excellent blog post titled, “The Armenian Genocide is Undeniable” and he writes about Cenk Uygur’s stance on it, the offensive name of his show and even Ana Kasparian in this controversy. I urge people to read this. http://sansuthecat.blogspot.com/2015/06/the-armenian-genocide-is-undeniable.html

I’ll give an excerpt of this blog post, “This state of denial has even seeped into the workings of our news networks. One such network is called “The Young Turks.” Read that again. There’s a news organization named after the racist murderers that organized the genocide. That would be the equivalent of naming your news network “The Nazis” or “The Khmer Rouge”. The name is also problematic because it obscures history. When the word “Young Turks” comes up in the minds of people these days, they’ll think not of the perpetrators of genocide, but of a progressive news show. The head on this news network is Cenk Uygur, a former anchor for MSNBC. Uygur is Turkish and unfortunately swallows his nation’s propaganda. In a piece for The Daily Pennsylvanian, he stated, “If the history of the period is examined it becomes evident that in fact no such genocide took place.” By the way, he cites Bernard Lewis in the article. In a letter to the editor of Salon (before it became obsessed with white male syndromes), Uygur shamelessly pleads, “Why is it assumed that the “Turkish studies side” has the burden of proof in overturning the verdict of Turkish guilt?” It isn’t enough for Uygur to trivialize the holocaust of nearly 1.5 million Armenians, but he must also run over the corpses by proudly bearing the name of those who brought out the extermination. One of Uygur’s defenses against this disgusting name is the claim that in the dictionary “Young Turk” means “young progressives looking to overthrow an established system.” This atrocious explanation shows that either Uygur knew little about the context behind that word (which is unlikely) or the fact that since he uses the word differently, that it suddenly erases its hurtful history. You know, if you look up “Nazi” in the dictionary, you’ll find that it means “National Socialist.” Should socialists then start calling themselves “Nazis”? I rest my case. The real paradox here is Ana Kasparian, co-host of The Young Turks and a good friend of Uygur. Not only is Kasparian an Armenian, but she also accepts that truth of the genocide. She made a video called “Remembering The Armenian Genocide”, in which she explicitly says, “And for anyone who denies this occurred, I would please beg them to put their own biases aside, research this, look into the nuances, and understand what happened to my community over a hundred years ago.” I don’t know how Kasparian came onto a show called “The Young Turks”, knowing all of this, or why she refuses to publicly raise the issue on the program. There are probably many personal disagreements between Uygur and Kasparian behind the scenes, but it’s clear that Uygur is winning. The Young Turks did virtually no coverage of the genocide’s 100th anniversary. The only thing Armenian-related they covered was Kim Kardashian, who, ironically enough, has asked Obama to recognize the genocide. Though of course, that part the story wasn’t covered. Better yet, Uygur can trot out Kasparian as his “one Armenian friend” to defend him from accusations of racism, of which he is most guilty.”

  Seems like many don’t care about Cenk being an Armenian genocide denier. And don’t care  that The Young Turks is a deplorable name. 
What I find very interesting is that a lot of fans of The Young Turks have told me that they don’t care about the Armenian genocide. Or they are completely ignorant about the historical  Young Turks and have no idea that Cenk was and is a public Armenian genocide denier. They don’t care that The Young Turks progressive parts of the definition comes from the original Young Turks who later committed the Armenian genocide (or second wave of The Young Turks). They are devout fans who wear rose colored glasses it looks like. Others just don’t get it and that information just passes over their heads like it’s just too hard to grasp. So many other liberals/progressives who aren’t die hard fans of The Young Turks don’t care at all even though they are social justice warriors too. ??? I can’t get over how bizarre this is. Yet one TYT fan asked me how can Ana Kasparian work for a show/network with the same name of the leaders/political party/the actual people who caused so much suffering to her family? And I had no idea what to say. She somehow got over the name with such a horrible history (it’s called getting ahead in her career!), which directly effected her own family (and getting over her boss being a public Armenian genocide denier).  It is very strange and would be like a Jewish woman working for a  show called the Nazis and the show is about how everyone should be strict and this Jewish woman’s boss is a public holocaust denier and even supports holoacaust denying organizations.    A Turkish American who denies the Armenian genocide shouldn’t get away with having the name The Young Turks for his show and network. It is weird how there are so many passes given and how so many liberals/progressives/SJWs  really don’t care about the Armenians (the Greeks and Assyrians are offended by this name/term too as well as many others who knows this history). These people think  overly sensitive Armenians care about this and they’re  just a tiny ethnic group and so what is their attitude. These people also think the other people who bring up Cenk being an Armenian genocide denier etc are the alt right and they only bring it all up to hurt poor innocent Cenk. They don’t think all people can be concerned about all of this. ??? They definitely don’t think liberals/progressives/SJWs should be concerned at all. ??
    These controversies have been  hush hush at The Young Turks.
This has been all hush hush at TYT. No one responds to my questions ever through emails, on Facebook and on Twitter. Why is this so quiet? Are people sworn to secrecy?
In November of 2015 Kate Nahapetian who’s the Government Affairs Director of the  Armenian National Committee of America asked Ana Kasparian point blank on Twitter if there’s citation to prove that Cenk apologized or changed his mind about the Armenian genocide and Ana never responded.  She also told Ana that Cenk has publicly supported a Turkish American organization that denies the Armenian genocide and  Ana didn’t respond (what on earth could she say?).
It seems like people at TYT  really have been sworn to secrecy.  I think The Young Turks  have clamed up about this, because they just didn’t/don’t want all of this out in the open and just wanted people to forget about it. I believe Cenk didn’t and doesn’t want people to think he’s an arrogant jerk or think he’s weak. His brand is about being strong and not bowing one’s head to the wrongs of the powerful. His brand also is for standing up to the mighty  who do wrong and especially to stand up for people who don’t have a lot of power (like the Armenians actually, but….). Yet he and his show can’t stand up for the Armenian community apparently, since they are just a small ethnic group in the States and Cenk is Turkish so..
They’ve had to be public  with these controversies, because of so many people have been and are constantly complaining and criticizing them. Their tactic of stonewalling to try to shut this down just hasn’t worked like it used to.  They haven’t handled this very well. Ana and Cenk are upset that more people know about the Armenian genocide and know about Cenk’s controversies and it makes them look bad and they cannot stand any of it. They think that they’re just being attacked and that no one cares about  the Armenian genocide and how Ana’a  family suffered etc.  Ana thinks that these people just hate Cenk.  ?????????????????? Sigh… Maybe some people do just  use this info to ‘hate on’ Cenk. Yet I think most people really do care and Ana and Cenk cant wrap their brain around that one. They just can’t see. It is weird that really Ana cant stand people caring about her own people. ?????
 One man’s views why Cenk is an Armenian genocide denier and another man’s response.
 I had a chat with a man online and this is his opinion and input on this matter is in his words, “If Cenk were to accept the Armenian Genocide in public, he could be charged by Turkish authorities for ‘insulting Turkishness’. A charge which often leads to imprisonment, used to punish people who criticise the Ottoman Empire’s human rights record. Cenk has family in Turkey whom he visits. Acknowledging the genocide publicly might jeopardise his ability to see his family without risking his freedom.”

The other man’s response is, “I call bullshit. He’s an American citizen and he’s got a political talk show in which he claims to speak truth to power. Even if the above were his motivation it wouldn’t explain why he hasn’t changed the name of the show already. If he is too weak to speak up against his own culture that he claims to be proud of then why is he talking about anyone else’s? He on his show calls people racist for a lot less than what he’s done and doing, but still he refuses to change. How is Turkey going to arrest him in the US? If they attempted arresting him in Turkey it would cause such an outrage in the media that it would actually be one of the best ways to force Turkey to change their position. Especially since they really want EU membership. I also doubt Cenk goes to Turkey much at all, probably once every few years if that. I just don’t buy it as an excuse.  As for his family’s freedom, I really doubt Turkey is arresting people for what their foreign relatives are saying on Youtube.

Sure there are instances in the country of Turkish people being arrested for speaking out, but his family in Turkey probably denies it was Genocide and I doubt they’d be arrested for Cenk’s Youtube opinions. Or for Cenk’s blog posts on TYT.”

   It looks like Cenk just doesn’t believe the Armenian genocide happened.
 In 2013 Cenk didn’t acknowledge the question on Reddit if the Armenian genocide happened. In 2014 possibly or 2015 he called what happened was a ‘slaughter-fest’ and would not say it was a genocide and wanted to drop the subject as quickly as possible (this was mentioned online, but I’m not sure where he said this and I apologize for not knowing).
 Cenk’s rescinding statement from 2016 was weak.  What’s weird is that Cenk used the word rescind and rescind’s definition is: revoke, cancel, or repeal (a law, order, or agreement). Cenk’s university paper was not a law, order or agreement and neither was his letter to Salon so it looks like he used the wrong word on purpose. He ‘took back’ what he wrote in his university paper in 1991 and ‘took back’ what he wrote in his letter to Salon in 1999 and yet he said he can’t talk about the topic of the Armenian genocide, because he’s not a scholar of history. ???????????????????? Cenk just doesn’t know enough and claims ignorance. He knows many people died and it was beyond horrible. A blog about Cenk’s softer Armenian genocide denial is explained very well by Godless spellchecker’s blog titled “Cenk Uygur still won’t acknowledge the Armenian genocide.” https://www.gspellchecker.com/2016/04/cenk-uygur-still-wont-acknowledge-the-armenian-genocide/ Cenk pleading ignorance and how he just doesn’t know enough about this topic was really strange. He tried to make it seem like he has changed his mind, but he hasn’t (the only change is not being a strong Armenian genocide denier and the other change was pleading ignorance). ??? He did trick many with his Rescinding statement though, which is exactly what he wanted to do.
                                     All of the media won’t cover this.
It is interesting how the media will not cover this controversy or controversies.  I guess it’s not a big type of story. A man who is a public Armenian genocide denier who named his show and network The Young Turks, which is the name of the political party, which caused the Armenian genocide is just something that has been ignored and is still  ignored. They just don’t care about the Armenians at all. They didn’t care and don’t care that Cenk’s show had to ignore the 100th yr anniversary of the Armenian genocide. I doubt they know he’s publicly supported Turkish American organizations, which vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and if they did know I doubt they’d care or just look the other way. Cenk’s controversies are ignored, since not many people know the history of the Armenian genocide and the U.S. govt can’t even officially recognize the Armenian genocide (43 U.S states do recognize the Armenian genocide though). Generally the media on the right will never talk about this story (Fox news won’t go after him for it and the like), because the U.S govt has to officially deny the Armenian genocide. Some on the alt right have talked about  Cenk’s  controversy (from what I’ve seen certain Youtubers and countless alt right people who comment about it, yet they’re not the real alt right media).   The mainstream media and left alternative media won’t cover this story, cause Cenk Uygur is the big champion of alternative left media (they’re probably all funded by the same people too. They’re on the same team) so there is no way they’d do a story on all of this (and again the U.S govt has to deny the Armenian genocide). I guess it’s simply also the fact that not many people care about a genocide that  happened so long ago in a far off land in the Middle East/Anatolia. Maybe people in the media don’t want to upset the Turkish government on this matter. So I guess Cenk can be called the Teflon Turk.



The evidence of  Cenk Uygur publicly supporting the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) and they vehemently deny the Armenian genocide and don’t want it taught anywhere. Here’s a link that is striking:  http://www.mndaily.com/2011/03/30/judge-dismissed-blacklist-case-against-uHere .  Here’s another link:(http://armenianweekly.com/2011/01/10/critical-thinking-or-genocide-denial-tca-vs-u-of-minn/) Here’s a link showing Cenk’s support: http://www.tc-america.org/news-events/events/tca-turkish-american-youth-leadership-congress-concludes-930.htm.  In 2014 Cenk publicly supported TCA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7slE7LXSiTc  From what I can gather as to date it still looks like Cenk supports TCA.  Cenk has also supported and I believe still supports (I’m not 100% certain) the  Assembly of Turkish Americans Associates (ATAA), which also vehemently denies the Armenian genocide and they do all they can to make sure it’s not taught anywhere. ATAA’s belief is that the Armenian genocide did not happen: http://www.ataa.org/reference/difference-fein.html .  A link to Cenk’s support: http://www.ataa.org/nlc2012/.  Cenk made a video in support of ATAA:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mS9Jrb5riP4.  

I got information from Lalo Dagach on his  Unsafe Speech website and the title of the article is Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks, And the denial of the Armenian genocide. 

He found a gem. I’ll repeat it here for you. “Here is a statement from Aram Hamparian, Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee of America and what he has to say about Cenk Uygur and the show’s name: ”

Denying a genocide, belittling its survivors, and then naming your political show after its perpetrators should be troubling not only to Armenian Americans but anyone concerned about human rights. Cenk Uygur not only did just this, but after hearing numerous concerns about the name of his show, went on to support two [0102] of the most virulent Armenian Genocide denying organizations (ATAAand TCA) in the country, both of which have, as primary objectives, denying the Armenian Genocide and preventing its teaching.

I’ll give you a link to Lalo’s excellent article here: http://www.ora.tv/thelowdownwithlalo/article/2016/3/30/cenk-uygur-the-young-turks-and-the-denial-of-the-armenian-genocide

So Cenk’s  denial of the Armenian genocide may also be due to being connected/ supporting these two Turkish American organizations (and maybe another). I’m sure many members of these organizations must fund The Young Turks.  So, if that is true he is even getting paid to be an Armenian genocide denier.  


I guess he thought/thinks it’s okay to deny the Armenian genocide, since not enough people know about it. Lately it looks like Ana and Cenk are upset that more people  do know about it. It’s rather twisted that Ana and Cenk seem upset that more people know about the Armenian genocide, cause they dont like the criticism.


I guess Cenk may also have ‘good reasons’ to be a public Armenian genocide denier, cause he doesn’t want the Turkish govt hassling him, he doesn’t want to upset his Turkish people, he doesn’t want to upset  his own family,  he doesn’t want to upset Turkish nationalists and he must get a lot out of being connected to these two Turkish American organizations  and possibly another Turkish American organization (politics 101). He must have gotten great business connections supporting these organizations and the people in these organizations must fun TYT . I guess Ana Kasparian  has turned a blind eye or just doesn’t care. She says she wants the Armenian genocide recognized and yet she doesn’t care at all that Cenk is a public Armenian genocide denier and has and is most likely still supporting such organizations, which does all they can to make sure her people’s genocide is not taught. ?? Ana’s disconnect is really bizarre. ??? Cenk supporting those (he must still  support them now) organizations really stunned me the most out of all of this stuff (it’s so telling).

Cenk rescinded what he wrote in the 90s on TYT Network website on  April 22, 2016


Rescinding Daily Pennsylvanian Article

Wow, this was a  huge step for Cenk considering that he has never acknowledged what he has written publicly before for so many years. It’s stunning that he has rescinded what he wrote, yet him saying, “My mistake at the time was confusing myself for a scholar of history, which I most certainly am not. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, so I am going to refrain from commenting on the topic of the Armenian Genocide, which I do not know nearly enough about” was a weird twist. This last sentence has got Cenk into a lot of hot water, since people were taken aback about how he wont comment on the  TOPIC of the Armenian genocide, which makes it look like Cenk doesn’t know if the Armenian genocide happened or not. It’s like he was trying to weasel his way out of this controversy  by trying to be clever and say his half ass odd apology to the Armenians (and many others) and then to not upset Turkish people and also sticking to his belief really that there was no Armenian genocide even though he was claiming ignorance.  He made it seem like at first that he’s changed so much and he’s grown and then yet he STILL doesn’t acknowledge the Armenian genocide happened. Others were so happy he rescinded what he wrote back then and thought he was truly apologizing and that he does believe the Armenian genocide happened. He was very tricky/crafty with that statement and he did all he could to fool people (he does know so many people suffered and died). What’s also weird was that Ana Kasparian tweeted this out and this never made it to  Cenk’s Twitter and facebook page (to date not on Ana’s facebook page either). Also this was not on  TYT‘s Twitter and Facebook page. ? So it looks like Cenk just wanted to do this for certain critics and not show this to everyone.  And it’s interesting that Ana had to tweet this and not Cenk himself. And what’s really interesting is how Cenk couldn’t acknowledge what he wrote and take back what he wrote in front of Armenians who were protesting him in San Diego in 2012 at a public political event. What’s also very interesting about all of this is how Cenk, Ana and everyone at TYT didn’t care about just the Armenians complaining and only took notice when so many other people who aren’t Armenian were complaining. That is very telling.